The Pageview Fraud, PLEASE READ!

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Hi there!

This is important for everyone to know. A few months back some people started to have insanely high pageviews and we wondered how that can be. Well, it's incredibly easy, those people are running a simple php script called a "bot" to manipulate the DeviantART pageview counter. Well, if people can polish their self esteem with it, fine. But now something else is going on with those pageview bots. Some very clever people now offer pageviews for points and real money and you know what? PEOPLE ACTUALLY DO THAT!!!

Deviants, are you really that blind? The page views you get are no actual page views, it's JUST A NUMBER without any real visitor coming to your page.

What is a bot?

A 'bot' is a simplified term for 'robot', it's a piece of software designed to complete tasks and / or simulate human activity. They are capable of performing these tasks at speeds that are simply impossible for people to do. There are many different types of bots and several types of common Internet bots that are called web crawlers or web spiders.

More details on What is a bot?

How it works:

You pay your points or send money to paypal and after a while the con merchant runs the script on your page. It costs him a few seconds and there you have your 1.000 or 10.000 or whatever page views in no time, depending what you payed for. Ok, now you have an increased number sitting on your pageview statistics, nothing more. No more visitors as usual have seen your art, nobody gave you favs or commented your art or watched you. It's just an ordinary number. So if you are really that desperate go on and spend your money for a number. It won't change anything for you but at least you got rid of your points or money.

But please be aware: The pageview merchants don't sell pageviews, they merely sell the ILLUSION OF PAGEVIEWS. I know what you really want is ATTENTION, RECOGNITION AND FEEDBACK. You will not find what you seek by paying someone for increasing your pageview counter.

To anyone who is offering or thinks about offering such a service like running a script for money: You think you are clever but what you do is fraud. I know you don't care but you distort the website statistics of whole DeviantART and destroy the meaning of it. As long as you are manipulating your own page or the page of others just for fun - fine. It may be annoying but it seems not to be against DA policy. But if you start selling automated use actions on this site to dewy eyed people - or in other words: making profit with the artlessness and foolishness of the people - that's abuse of the system. I know you think these pageview whores want it and you only give them what they want. But it's not true. People want ATTENTION! And that's not what you sell and you keep it  a secret what you really do.

To all others who still want more real pageviews come to me and I will help you to get REAL PAGEVIEWS! (=real visits of real people)  Just leave me a note. And if you STILL want to spend money for real attention please read alexiuss' journal, he gives away different kind of features for points. For example if you give him 5000 points he will post your painting in his gallery with a link to your own page! A feature that I have done occasionally myself but for free of course.

Please spread this journal and the associated News Article if you agree that this practice must be stopped!

Featured Artist of the Month

ChibiWorks was answering my call to ask for free pageviews so I selected her to be featured here in my journal and my profile page. Dana is doing very sweet little artisan craft thingies. But see for yourself and visit her page and leave some nice comments and favs! :D

BunBun Cookies Anyone? by ChibiWorks   BunBun Cookie by ChibiWorks

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I like your Blog very much. I want to share my website details with you please give me some information to increase performance like as your website.I loved it! Love  <
NefariousSovereign's avatar
Yeah im starting to think no ones an honest artist anymore....
hck112's avatar
I shall serve you for pageviews and artwork views for free. I take no shit point, watch or favor back.
Rabban12's avatar
I just had a page view merchant fave one of my deviations on my other account, I could not belive they actaully exist. They thrive only on the stupidity of people who think it means anything, and anyone with brains knows that page views do not equal skill in art or whatever, since most come form 12 yr old kids random faving pictures, adding random ppl to their watch or commenting pointless crap.
ainq's avatar
what if i release the script i've been using? (i give lots of pageviews for free). would that decrease the importance of pageviews?
surfender's avatar
how about taking pageviews off? all this proves that more pageviews doesn't equal good art. everybody thinks about his/her own pageviews. try to think about the artist you admire here on dA. would you not visit their page if it had less views? would you not like someones art just because it has 3 views and 1 fav? i'm not agaisnt favs and comments, but pageviews and llamas and all that other bullshit are just stupid. imagine if facebook had pageviews... that day wil be the end of the world.
Cadillac-Blood's avatar
Now, no criticism here, but I saw someone selling pageviews a while back. At the time, I was curious about this phenomenon known as points for pageviews. It got my interest. Already, I had 63,000+ pageviews, and over 690 watchers (this took place about two months ago, and I currently have over 750 watchers) so I really didn't NEED the pageviews. But a user was doing this, and they had a disclaimer saying that it wasn't real people visiting. But because I was curious, and had 50 points from a commission I did, I decided to go for it and try it out. I donated the points and about an hour later, my pageviews went UP from 63,000+ to 69,000+ and I was astounded. In the long run, I was like, "the pageviews often play a factor in some people's recognition"... especially if you keep your stats hidden like I do. XD But It just astounded me how easily they did that. I won't do it again, but I will say that there's nothing wrong with it. Some people like enjoying the idea of being "deviantART-famous" in the way of pageviews. So, I say let them use their points for pageviews and make themselves feel even a little good. If it makes THEM happy, then let THEM do it. Don't wish to take away their happiness just because you dislike it, mm'kay? ^^
ZeFlyingMuppet's avatar
some examples of VERY desperate people for pageviews: [link] and [link]
surfender's avatar
you made me give them each one more pageview, lol
ZeFlyingMuppet's avatar
Pharaoh-Ink's avatar
The pageviews are one thing- but have you seen the people who BUY favorites? It's the same principle- they pay someone points to go through their gallery and fave their work. Now that's just sad. XD Paying someone to like your art.
Mew-Sumomo's avatar
I wouldn't even buy REAL pageviews for real money.
Violetessa's avatar
wow, da spar ich mir das geld lieber für "richtige" dinge ;D
AlecsV's avatar
best option ever on deviantart:

Settings -> Personal -> Browsing -> UnTick See Pageviews

You also get a cool badge for doing this ;)
WeisseEdelweiss's avatar
I hear you. If people would do this, then this topic wouldn't exist.
If you don't like it, don't look.
I'd rather the cool badge if this offended me anyway. : )
Lilyas's avatar
I know this option but I'd rather hide my own pageviews from others.
AlecsV's avatar
i think this option is also available, by hiding you're activity on the website
Lilyas's avatar
Doesn't work. :no:
Somebodylost's avatar
This really annoys me. The same with giving away favs. Well, I don't mind if someone to favs my work, but I want them to fav it because they liked it, not because they paid me or I paid them.
scrattletrap's avatar
I'm so glad I'm blind to pageviews.
Drawing-Beast's avatar
:no: these people are desperate
GeraldII's avatar
Great article and I agree with you. I would rather earn the views through people actually stopping by or through features. It is much more satisfying that way.
basikoncept's avatar
You can say that again. Kudos!
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