Project Educate: Designs and Interfaces - Day 6

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This week at projecteducate is Designs & Interfaces Week brought to you by Lilyas.

Welcome everybody! During the next few days I will try to bring Designs & Interfaces a bit closer to you. This category has a special status on DA because the focus is not on the art but on functionality, usability and purpose.

Below there is the schedule for this week. If you have any suggestions or things to add please feel free to comment. I appreciate your feedback.


May, 23: Monday

May, 24: Tuesday

May, 25: Wednesday

May, 26: Thursday

May, 27: Friday

May, 28: Saturday

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This is going to be great - If we can help in any way - let us know :)
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Want to introduce your contest on Saturday, together with a little interview?
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Are you sending questions or is this a live chat? If it's a live chat - I may have a problem depending on time of day.
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No, I think about some questions and will post them after you have answered them. But not today anymore.
LordIlpilazzo's avatar
Cool - Looking forward to it :)
Lilyas's avatar
Sorry, it seems I hadn't enough time to prepare an interview. We make this extra.
LordIlpilazzo's avatar
:) No worries - just let me know what I can do
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Whoot, looking forward to this!
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Ohhh, your turn now? :eager:
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