My Ex-boyfriend is a crook!

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:target: Translation of this text for my German friends!

First of all I am sorry to all my friends and watchers here on DA for staying out and being inactive lately! I have to deal with some serious problem in my life. Normally I don't speak too much about my private life in public but now I feel so lost and I am suffering a great deal that I cannot keep the things to myself anymore.

I had a relationship with a guy who disrespected me completely, treated me like a slave, like a inferior subject. Although he still pretends to love me he never cared for me, for my needs and wishes. If we ever came across a difficult situation he wasn’t willing to solve it or to give in. His only reactions to disagreements were apologies and nasty words. I broke up with him after he topped all spitefulness he has done to me before. He abstracted my purse including my ID card, debit card and money but lying to my face I would have lost it on the street. Only by outsmarting him I could make him admitting that he has taken my stuff and giving it back to me. You may ask how someone can do such a outrageous stupid thing. I believe he just can’t bear it not to be able to domineer over me and it was his poor primitive way to try to pressure me. But now it’s enough!

Unfortunately I live with him in the same appartment. We both have the same rights to be there but I don’t want to play his barbaric war game and so I will move out as soon as possible. I wished I could go tomorrow but  I don’t know where to go yet. I hope I will find help in my circle of friends and acquaintances. I feel very exhausted and weak and I am in desperate need for some caring and encouraging words. I am also open for advice! It’s very hard for me to find back to my strength and to go this way all alone. I hope you all will understand that I have to cut down with my normal activities and creative work for now.

I thank you very much for your patience and understanding!
With love, Lily

Personal note to Anna

Dearest friend!

I am so glad to see you decided to come back to DA! I hope you won't regret it after you had to bear injustice and disregard. Welcome back to the community!
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I wish you the best of luck with whatever you do
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I was in an abusive relationship between ages 15-19, and when I finally left him it took a couple of months to sink in, all that had happened.
It's two and a half years since, and I'm finally almost over it all, and I promise all the hard times that you are having now and might have in the next months will be worth it - you will be a stronger person soon, and wiser.
I know we are strangers, but I will be thinking of you. I hope you will have somewhere else to live soon (if not already), and that you will rebuild your life with only you in charge. :)
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Thanks for sharing your experience with me! The things are sorted out now and I am well again. Thanks also for your support! :hug:
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you deserve someone better
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I'm really sorry to hear about your situation! My heart goes out to you. Just know that you have loving and caring friends here on DA. Many people here don't care who you are or what you do... They care anyhow. That's the way it should be. If you ever feel like you're in a spot you can't get out of, just come on over to DA and I'm sure anyone would be more than happy to lend an ear and offer some advice. Hang in there!
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Thank you! :heart: I am very grateful for all the wonderful people who have sent me so much love and support! I can tell you it helped me a lot to go through with my decision. Thank you very much for being one of these people! :hug:
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No problem! I'm glad I was there.
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I will be praying - I hope things get better for you my friend - you deserve MUCH better than that ape.
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Thank you so much! Soon we will see.......
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Happy dA Loving Day!!

Oh dear!!!!
I hope you could move soon. And i hope that when you'll read this you'll have moved!

I know how you feel. It's always a hard time to pass through. but i think you took the right decision to leave. It's not being weak, on the contrary : YOU took the decision to leave him and to leave the flat, it is COURAGE!!!!
Be sure of that!

My mom was beated by my father, he tried to kill her several time. It took 12 years to her to leave him.
And so believe me when i say that this is courage and the sign that you're controlling now again your life!

You'll go up.

Be strong!

:heart: August 9th is the dA Loving Day! Spread the Love :heart:

New Contest : Yellow Love Story (inspired by Alice In wonderland)! Create and participate!
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It's a wonderful project you administrate here, Kare! And you come to me on this very special day, that's truly awsome! Thanks for spreading love and support, I am definitely in need for that at the moment. Your words encourage me even more to realize my plan. It's only two days away.....

Thank you kindly, my dear! :hug:

You are one of many others who told me about horrible stories of personal experiences these days. I am sorry to hear that also in your family atrocious things have happened. I hope you were spared of the abuse by your father!!!
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Dear the most important is to think about yourself in these days!
from what i read in your journal i really think you're a STRONG woman!
And keep being like this!!!!
you really have strenght inside of you.
So don't doubt about yourself!!!!
I've put your journal entry in the dA Loving day journal entry a few days ago when one of your firend told me about it!
I hope you get supports!!!!
You need it!
sometimes even if these are short mesage from people you don't know, words can be a real great support when we pass through hard times!
giving a hand is really important!!

Many luck to you, but i trust in you!!!!

sorry for my english!


:heart: :hug: :love: :heart: :hug: :love: :heart: :hug: :love: :heart: :hug:

New Contest : Yellow Love Story (inspired by Alice In wonderland)! Create and participate!
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Finally all is done! I have safely moved now. :D Thanks for everything, Kare! :hug:
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I can understand what your going through, it happend to my sister, at least something similar. with her bf making her do some twisted things.
The sooner your able to move out of there and find somewhere to go the better :hug: :hug:

read a comment saying you'd rented a truck and got out? Hope you have managed too ^_^
and sorry if this is coming a bit late, just got back to the net after a week.
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Thank you for coming here to give me support! Sorry to hear about your sister! :hug:

Yes, I rented a truck. If you read my newest journal you will find all news! Oh, and thanks for the watch! :w00t:
Kael-Thas-Sunstrider's avatar
shes well out of it now, and I'm glad to hear your the same ^_^
your welcome, i'll try and take a look at ya journal, if i can cut down my devs watch, 10k + atm lol.
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Been there... i understand how you feel, and i hope everything will be ok for you. Be strong :hug:

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I will. Thank you kindly! :hug:
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Very, very best of luck to you! And you are wise -- get out of this relationship NOW!!!

Let me know if you make it to your friends safely. And let me know where to send money! :hug:
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Hello my dear!

Thank you so much for coming and sending me love and care. :heart: :blackrose: You people are so supportive and nice, it's just amazing! You already donated a subsciption for me lately and you still want to do more? You are a wonderful lady, Lucia! :hug: But if you do that you need to get a personal CSS design from me! :nod: I have a Paypal account, my email address can be found on my profile page.

Hugs and love, Lily
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It's good to hear that you're out and doing alright. I can't help financially at the moment (again, because I'm staying with my hubby's parents and he starts a new job next week... usually I do try to help DA folks when stuff like this comes up) but I do have a suggestion that might help. You could offer custom CSS for folks for donations, and explain your situation. Even small donations add up quickly! I'll help spread the word if you make a post about it, and sign up for one once my dearest gets his first check. (I'm not really sure when that will be, though.) You may also want to set up a PayPal account if you don't have one already, so that you can arrange payment. Of course, it's just a suggestion, but I hate seeing anyone suffer when they've had the courage to do the right thing.
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Thank you for your great suggestion! You are right, offering CSS designs for donations is a useful idea. Only I don't have personal designs to offer at the moment. I mean I have to create them first and as you can imagine there is no time at the moment. But generally a good thought.

Some people already donated money to help me and I must say I was able to pay the truck hire from it. So I was supported excellent already! :D

Good luck for your own situation, my friend! :hug:
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