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Two months ago in December 2009 I made a poll asking you Which of your works do you think deserves a DD and that I would suggest the pieces that I like. The response to this was so overwhelming (over 400 comments with approximately 1000 deviation links!!!) that it was impossible for me to view ALL deviations until Christmas which I actually planned to make you a nice Christmas gift. Now I am finally finished with my task and have chosen my favourites. Thanks to all who submitted their work!

:iconhrtplz: These are the deviations that I have suggested to the according Gallery Moderators:

See if you can I find YOUR work among them. Good luck!!!

:thumb109337483: :thumb131719049: .:.Dahlia.:. by Ailedda
Perspective by AmethystUnderwood In a Rush by Tormeh Forest lace by dev1n
:thumb124748551: Perspective by AmethystUnderwood Through the Woods by kcebertxela
Red Tree by dark4Maxine DayDreamer by WishmasterAlchemist
Enchanted by RaBBiTKa Lost In Colors by MarcoHeisler Agamemnon by jvrichardson
:thumb87482159: Gloves by dev1n A Hand full of Screws by Thrife
Rainbow Island by Faded--Euphoria Brunei Darussalam by Miriam1989 Somewhere a Clock is Ticking by little-spacey
Break Away by randomstarlight A little bird told me by bruno-sousa Deep Inside the Ruins by UniversalKinase
Cherries Jubilee by laurengary Apo Rainbow Garden by wolfepaw Blue and Gold Lace by WyrdWolf
Cliff face stock - Dubrovnik by Deaths-stock Storm Dragon in Sunshine by MamaLucia fancy fish by karincharlotte
Nightspirits by karincharlotte

Mature Content

You Are a Sacred Work of Art. by AdigunPolack
Isla Sorna water closeup by HANxOPX

Aurora Borealis Fresh by TitusBoy25 :thumb137039198: :thumb126713881:

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Thanks for suggesting Cherries Jubilee Lily hon !! :heart:
Lilyas's avatar
Ah, my pleasure! :hug:
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Wow!! :wow: Thanks so much for the feature and thank you for suggesting Apo Rainbow Garden for a DD. I probably won't ever get another one (I did get 1 once, I was so thrilled), but I thank you so much for the support and for putting together these wonderful images and suggesting them. I'm sure the artists are very appreciative of your support and the time you took to go through ALL of those deviations. That's a lot of work.

So, thank you, Lilyas! That was very nice of you.
Lilyas's avatar
It was totally my pleasure! :hug:
TheTine's avatar
ooooo.... pretty!
MamaLucia's avatar
:aww: Thanks, sweetie!!!! :love: :heart: :hug:

FABULOUS selections!!!!!! :w00t:
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Also da hast Du ja mal wieder eine wirklich schöne Auswahl zusammen gestellt und ich kam mal wieder nicht drum herum einiges davon in meine Favouriten aufzunehmen.

Über 1000 Deviations durchzugehen ist natürlich echt eine richtig schwere Arbeit und ich denke mal da hast du wirklich eine großartige Arbeit geleistet.

Mal so ganz nebenbei musst ich eben etwas blöd gucken, als ich sah das sich der Mauszeiger verändert sobald man auf dein Journal geht. Ich find die Idee echt witzig und frage mich mal wieder wie du das gemacht hast :)

Lieben Gruß,
Lilyas's avatar
Danke, Süße!

Das mit dem Mauszeiger ist ein einfacher Code im CSS. Schau mal nach, vielleicht findest du ja den Eintrag. ;)
HANxOPX's avatar
Oh now I know where I'm getting all the favs! thank you so much!
Lilyas's avatar
TitusBoy25's avatar
I actually got a DD...thank you so,so much!:hug:
Lilyas's avatar
Congratulations!!! :dance:
TitusBoy25's avatar
Many thanks,this made my day!:):hug:
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Atrixfromice's avatar
Oh pal that's so cool!!! :dance: It's really nice of you to take the time to see all these deviations to making a gift :aww:
It's a shame I missed the poll...maybe was because I was very busy in December with the year-end statements....
Oh *sigh*….I’ve never received a DD since I subscribed here, and sometimes that makes me thing my drawings aren’t very original or creative, since all DD’s I’ve seen are the most creative and awesome pics……You will make another poll like this by chance?...:excited::eager:..
Oh well, anyway, I totally would love to participate in this, it’s really cool!! And I think it was a very sweet gesture, and the pics you chose are very pretty :D are the pics I also would choose :boogie: I can see new favorites :D :D :D it’s great to see we have the same tastes :)
So congrats to the chosen ones!! :D :w00t: they deserved a DD!
Lilyas's avatar
I probably won't do a poll like that again. I was so flooded with comments that I couldn't keep up with them. But of course I will go on suggesting beautiful art as DDs that deserves more attention.
Atrixfromice's avatar
O wow hehe! I guess that's why people don't ask that very often :giggle:
I just wish you can visit my gallery someday!:excited: and tell me if you think at least one of my pic can be a DD...
Oh, and by the way, congrats a lot for your salsa classes mate :dance: :hug:
Your last journal touched my heart <3
Lilyas's avatar

I think you draw a lot of nice characters but you also have many sketches in your gallery that can't be considered. But Orko The Great for example is very cute or the portrait of Dr. Cockroach. I also think your drawings should be a little more defined with more depth and sharpness and more attention to the details. Don't stop practising and get yourself a lot of inspiration from other artists! This way you will get better and better.
Atrixfromice's avatar
Awwee! :hug: it was beautiful the fact you shared all these things with us my dear :aww: I think I touch my soul so much cos I kinda found myself in these lines too <3…
Thanks a lot to take your time to see my gallery!! :glomp: And give me your advice! :excited: It’s funny but…I always thought I was very detailed with my drawings! :wow: So it was surprising to me you said that! :lol: cos Indeed I do care much about it, I love details so much :excited: and I’m very observer! Although many people don’t! :lol:… but yeah maybe my art is lacking of sharpeness :nod: and I’m really glad you give me your advice! Thanks a lot! :hug: It inspired me to practice more!! :excited:
Oh well, I know, my sketches are very rough often...And most of my drawings are sketchy-like cos I usually don’t have time to make a “finished drawing” or cos I make sketches to paint digitally, and I don't have time to paint a real good digital pic of them later, but well, I draw to express myself and have fun! :D I’m devoted to art!! :excited: and I love every and each of my drawings cos I make them with love and devotion. …But of course some of them are better than others :lol There are some of my pics I’m quite pleased with, If you wish you can see them :excited: This [link] I loved it cos it’s another new vision of him. And this [link] because I think it’s very original even if it was for a contest, I think no one had made an abyssal fish as a Halloween costume! :lol: or these [link] [link] cos are a great perspective and concept. This [link] it came out very elegant. Or this one [link] cos it’s really another style! :XD: it’s one of my personal favorites :giggle:
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Wow, thank you so much for suggesting my piece "through the woods!" With that many you had to choose from I feel honored, again thank you so much!
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and I will add : a thrilling occasion to mass fave awesome stuff that otherwise I would have not seen before the next 10 years ! lol

:blush: and I'm more than grateful for the double feature - :wow: omg :happycry: :tighthug: I'm really moved :love:
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