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Feeling so sad because I lost track of my family!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 27, 2018, 7:05 AM

A heartfelt hello to everybody here! :heart: rvmp :blowkiss: revision :blowkiss: revamp
It's seems such a long time ago that I was really active at this place!!! And I also miss it so much to be around, to view my friends' new art, have conversations, creeate and post my own new art! Tears  How on earth could that happen? My last journal was posted last year in June, my last persosnal piece of art was posted in April - and it wasn't even comepletely new, I haven't touched my camera for many months - I didn't take any macro or rose shots this year! It's ages ago that I really checked my inbox for new art on DA, read and commented on any journals or deviations, I am not lurking and hanging around here anymore! Why? I never really think about that because life is so busy and full of changes but today it's breaking my heart!!! :sad:

It feels like the DA world has forgotten me, like I lost my family, my friends, my drive to create new art! This is really sad! :cry: 

What happened?
Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that I had a boyfriend for the whole past year. A lot of my attention and energy was bound in that relationship. Now that it is over I feel somewhat relieved because I couln't really live my own life anymore. But the released time and resources didn't bring me back to DA right away. New projects, new tasks, new ideas were filling the free spots. Also my business needs more attention again! I planned to finish the Mandala Calendar from last year to make it available for 2019. I didn't succeed yet.  :blush: remake  So many other things to do, so much time spent on the road moving around! Yes, those are my years of wandering, no permanent residence, no real home to go back to. This is probably one of the other reasons why I lost track of my daily Internet routines. Only doing the necessary things..

My Birthday recently
The comment section on my profile looked like abandoned for quite some time but on my Birthday October, 13 many people left a Happy Birthday comment for me. Of course it lifted my spirits when I saw them. Finally today I found the time and the mood to read and thank them all. Reading those comments had triggered this sadness in me because the majority of the commenters I didn't know at all although they are all my watchers. sad  Only three or four old friends from earlier days on DA were among them. I realized that I had lost contact to my friends and watchers and didn't know anymore what is going on here.

There is nothing to be done except starting over, make new contacts, make new experiences, make new art. I am sorry! Please have me back, DeviantArt!

:love: Thank you for listening, friends! :hug


Some Links and Pictures
A D D   M Y   F A C E B O O K   P A G E S:
:iconfbplz: Personal Page :iconfbplz: Lilyas Art Page :iconfbplz: Lilyas Fanclub

Highly Impressive Art of all Kind

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 7, 2017, 4:11 PM

Hello people,
I won't make a lot of words for what follows. I just share a collection of awesome artworks from various categories with you. Everything in this list is adorable seen from a professional point of view. So don't miss it.
I hope you enjoy! :love:

Digital Painting

Bazar by cornacchia-art <da:thumb id="470608797"/>  Rose Fairy by telthona  
You're more than that by cyberaeon  Mayhem Angel by shizen1102  Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine by daRoz 
Dawdrake's Egg by TrollGirl  Amalurra by Sarima  Artemis- by Vasylina 


Traditional Art

Abstract Art


Fractured by Velvet--Glove Mandala of the Crystal Palace by Lakandiwa Solstice by MintyFreshThoughts
C O N E D by deTate Mandala fractal png by dreamlikestock Mandala Design 223 by Philluppus
PS-16122015-1 by jhantares Latest Collaboration with Hadas by Mandala-Jim We Are All Connected - Acrylic and Paper Painting by andromeda
collaboration with Lou-in-Canada by hadas64 Indulgence by ChaoticatCreations<da:thumb id="283388126"/>

Macro Photography

Rose Photography

Spiritual Art

The Tree by The-Pagan-Gallery World Mother Angel by DivineLightAngels Hand by MagickSquare
Ascension by farboart Holographic Altar by farboart Shiva's dance by JOSIPCSOOR 
<da:thumb id="424172095"/> kali after the kill by thandav Liberty Of Soul by Ascending-Storm

Fractal Art

Many Thanks go to these Deviants

... for supporting me lately by faving, wachting and commenting.....

CarinaPiplup, Sel-Diora, Acidcaedis, Espeon5543, ComRandom, NotEvenuseful, Fading-Feather, DarlaK7, Jack-O-AllTrades, Jack-O-AllTrades, Icey-Kreyo813, aciddmaus23, vendaahmck, Mochashi, aetherbug, SaltyyNaCl, SweetTari, MalortComics, CasperKun, Bluestarskye-otaku, JesusFreakBlue, Romarcadia926, Deaaanbl, Riare14, IAmADerpCake, EnchantedDraws, SilverTox, Pawzkat, Glass-Clouds, ArtyShab, RaspberryJames, Rosegold05, Gingermew, KhaZWolfs, sambrackish, finakiyomo, finakiyomo, Jaeger-the-Great, BlackSpiralDancer1, xxBrookieCookiexx, MNTTSDrawings, EvgenijBorya, Suki-Rainbow, IhasJessie-Kat, hollygalah, Wren12, UndeadCoyMolly, YukkiGoesCosplaying, jood55, DiamondPastel, Floofly-AJ, YukkiGoesCosplaying, B3nBlinger, DaniShine, truc2272004, RestlessInferno, Penvains, TrainerPi, TheRaceOfTheRoxys, Mysterys-Adopt-Shop, WillTC, ClassAnimations, LucieRibeiro, xXInsaneGoatChildXx, Bana-Berry-Milk, Keistew, Pashuo, skylerderp101, skylerderp101, JustAStrangeGal, KumoriNinja08, JudyJonkers, leifgarret, 20Tourniquet02, xXNanaXx11, lily1oo18, TheGreenyIdiot, Kanriee, SamCelia, atlanto, SilverKitsuneSakura

Art Feature for Lakandiwa

Journal Entry: Wed May 31, 2017, 6:06 AM

Hi my friends,

I haven't posted a journal for some time. Today I do it because of Lakandiwa - John Paul 'Lakan' Olivares from the Philippines. He is traditional artist doing amazing spiritual art. He is mostly using metallic gel pens on illustration board. I am so deeply touched that I am doing this art feature for him today.
Enjoy the magic! Sparkle out of the hat 

The Art of Lakandiwa

WithLove by KmyGraphic
Check my Business Website

Happy New Year Everybody!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 28, 2016, 6:04 AM

My dear friends,

I wish you all and all your loved ones a very happy and joyful new year 2017! Thank you for all the feedback, the support and the friendship in the past year. I am looking forward to all the new projects and other things that will come!

I send you all my love and my best regards! Pixel gemstones - Amethyst 


Cosmic Love Calendar for 2017

I have published the calendar in a small edition by myself (printed in Germany) and sell it on ebay for $19.95. But I am also selling this calendar (slightly different format than on DA - A4, 27,9 cm x 21 cm) on my personal website for a very reasonable price. Get this calendar for € 17.90, this is about USD 19.00) plus € 8.00 (USD 8.50) for shipping and handling.

So if you are interested please go to my website and order the calendar:

Cosmic Love Calendar - € 17.90   Pixel gemstones - Amethyst
+ € 8.00 international shipping and handling

The buying process is in German but I am sure you will manage. If not simply send me an email with your order or buy on ebay.

Thank you everyone!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 5, 2016, 4:57 PM

Hello friends,

this is just a short note to say thanks to all the people who sent me nice birthday wishes last month! That was awesome and sweetened my day! To save some time I reply to all comments at once instead of individually or not at all.

<da:thumb id="587835497"/> My heartfelt thanks go to:

birthdays, WhimsicalBlue, MichaelPuschinski, Tigles1Artistry, sesam-is-open, Larathain, JAWXable, NoxSiedel, futuremoon, RTNightmare, Jasperinity, JackJr12, charbycharby, AngShadow, SuperMarioFan65, Niaarts459, SaltyLittleMidget, akarith , Nennai, PeriodicFable, DumbBlond101, KittySib, mecengineer, LunaLovesLife, LuluShy152, Iheartknucklejoe, foreshadow10, Ingelore, poca2hontas, wiwionart, Azure-Dragon-Seiryu, Icedragon300, Celuthien, finakiyomo, batjorge, sharperofthefew, Shadoweddancer, boot-cheese-3000 , SweetteeStanley18, JJJMadness, divinegypsy, mouseanderson, TrueMefista, MissVeronici, darquiel, Limaria, AntiCodex, thegirlcansmile, marijeberting, moulinrougegirl77, Engleheart, KariLiimatainen, FloraLoveNL, PaintedOnMySoul, finakiyomo, coolmarvin, jarleynygmobblepot, Da-Night-rk , SilvieTepes, whiteowl152, Icy-HeartProductions, VSConcepts, LoloAlien, GioArturi, boxingglovehands, timemit, oracleprincess, Sopheirion, KmyGraphic, shanblue, MelanAnime, gxfan537, oboudiart, maxlake2, Destroyer77, Cinnamoncandy, Oleg-Bardenkov, LUCILALEYLA, Colin-Bentham, Meztli72, isider, sylverface, TheGalleryOfEve, Dieffi, ami-hikaru, LUCILALEYLA, WhimsicalBlue, holymacro, burningrage8-13, tmpst24myst, GabrielBB, darkc3po, thegirlcansmile, gala2025, achipps, HappyZenArt, SaltyLittleMidget

Recent Artworks

Look what I found today!!!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 10, 2016, 4:06 AM

He folks,

today I do a little feature for an artist from Hong Kong. LAIliklik :iconlailiklik:

He/she is a tradtional painter with an original drawing style but very little recognition on her art so I am featuring some of her drawings here in my journal. Please flock to her page and give him/her some love! Here we go:

Join this Game | Win 500 points - WINNERS

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 13, 2016, 7:24 PM

Update April 26 - 50,000th COMMENT GIVEN

Yeah, it finally happened, I reached 50,000 comments!!! :dance: I gave it to Sopheirion who received 100 points just because of it. But he/she wasn't the one who guessed the date right. There are two people who did. So the winners of the 500 points prize are:


Oh dear, I was quicker than I thought. :OMFG:  I exceeded the 49,950 comments mark so the contest is closed now which means now we can only wait and see when I complete the 50,000.

Update April 17

When will I make my 50,000th comment? I am at 49,900 comments now. Only 50 comments left until this contest will be closed for entries. Make your guess now!

Thu Apr 14, 2016, 4:24 AM

Hello together,

a very rare anniversary is approaching. Soon I will give my 50,000th comment and this is quite something. My general gallery stats as of today say the following:

Lilyas has 2,468,868 pageviews in total; their 325 journals and the 531 deviations in their gallery were viewed 8,775,850 times. Lilyas watches 968 deviants, while 23,759 deviants watch Lilyas.

Overall, their deviations received 67,009 comments and were added to deviants' favourites 607,235 times, while Lilyas made 49,840 comments, about 12.06 comments per day since joining DeviantArt. This means that Lilyas received 13 comments for every 10 that they gave.

The deviation with the most comments is Perfection with 2,154 comments, while the most favourited one is Luxury, with 35,300 favourites. The most viewed deviation is Luxury with 490,277 views.

91 favourites were given for every 10 comments.

Every 7.7 days Lilyas uploads a new deviation, and it's usually on a Wednesday, when 87 (16%) of deviations were submitted.

The busiest month was May 2008 when 25 (5%) deviations were submitted.

The majority of deviations are submitted to the photography gallery (239), while the favourite category was nature > flora with 80 deviations.

Comments per deviation: 126
Favourites per deviation: 1143
Views per deviation: 16,527
Comments per day: 16
Favourites per day: 146
Deviation views per day: 2123
Pageviews per day: 597

The 50,000th Comment

Make your guess about how many days it will take until I make my 50,000th comment. The stats are saying that I gave about 12 comments per day since I joined DA. Be aware that I don't comment that much anymore these days! I will keep my stats visible so that you can follow my activities. The deviant who comes closest with their guess will win

500 points :points: 

Rules of Participation

  1. Comment in this journal.
  2. Include the predicted date (and optionally the amount of remaining days) in your comment.
  3. You can only make ONE comment that contains a guess. If you guess more than once you will be disqualified.
  4. It's not permitted to edit your guess.
  5. As soon as I have given my 49,950th comment the raffle will be closed and guesses can't be made anymore.
  6. In case there is more than one person who makes the same best guess the prize will be split among them.

Good luck to all! Good Luck :bademoticon:  :crossfingers: revision 

Remembering two late friends | A new DD

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 23, 2016, 8:21 AM

Dear friends,

I am not writing a lot of journals anymore because of the lack of time though I am still regularly around. Today I want to remember two of my good DA friends who died recently: AnnaKirsten († Jan 2016) and Nameda. († Apr 2015?) I am still in shock and disbelief about their passing.

Anna was a close friend of mine for the long time. We knew each other since 2006 and we personally met on Christmas 2007 in her home in England. We shared the love for fractal art, photography and cats. She was a very talented, loving and funny lady. She also was the founder of t he successful group Creative-Obsessions. For a long time she struggled with poor health. In the end her life was claimed by cancer after a short battle. She will be forever in my heart! THANK YOU for the time we had, dear Anna! :hug:

Natasha was from Germany, like me. We also were friends for a long time. We often exchanged views on technical stuff like Photoshop. She was the creator of this wonderful project called "Angel without Wings". She gave this title as an award to people who have rendered helpful services to the community. This project is now in the hands of DMD-CT. I knew she wasn't well at times but the message of her death shook me up. I don't even know when exactly she passed away. Her DA friends learned about her passing in December 2015 but we haven't heard of her since April 2015. I hope you are in peace, dear Natasha, wherever you are now! :hug:

What I really want to do is to create two artworks in Anna's and Natasha's memory but at the moment there is not enough time to make personal creations. In the meantime I'll share some of the artworks of Anna and Natasha. May they rest in peace.

Please also read im memoriam posts by CaroleHumphreys - In honour of our group's founder: Anna Kirsten :blackrose: and DMD-CT - In Loving Memory of Nameda :blackrose:

:iconannakirsten: AnnaKirsten

:iconnameda: Nameda

On a lighter note...

I received a new Daily Deviation today. That came out of the blue since I am not very creative in recent times anymore. So especially thank you to GeorgeXVII for suggesting my artwork Liquid Autumn for a Daily Deviation and also thanks to MarcosRodriguez for giving the feature!

Liquid Autumn by Lilyas

Awarded as Daily Deviation on Feb 23, 2016

Journal Design and CSS by Lilyas
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2 M Pageview Party - Winner

Thu May 21, 2015, 1:15 PM

Hello friends!  :iconappleblossomplz:

Update July 15, around 9 am Central Europ. Time...

Tadaaaa, we have a winner!!! The last 3000 views went so quickly that I didn't even see it coming. :faint: A few people from the US stayed up half the night to monitor my profile. Wow, thanks for your enthusiasm! :D The first one who sent in a screenshot showing the magic number is....

CastleGraphics :iconcastlegraphics:

You won 250 Points  :points: 

Thanks to everyone who joined the game! It was fun. :love:

I hope you all enjoy the wonderful summer time! Nature is blooming and spreading... yay! :cherryblossom: 

Update May, 30: 80,000 PV to go.....

Update June 8: 60,000 PV to go.....

Update June 29: 30,000 PV to go.....

Update July 4: 20,000 PV to go.....

Update July 11: 10,000 PV to go.....

Now my little game goes into the last round. Only 10,000 views left until the counter exceeds the 2 million mark so stay tuned!!! :eager: It goes down to the wire!!!

Update July 13: 5,000 PV to go.....

Oh my God, how exciting!!! :excited:  Omg I gets present  Ultra Excitement
Only 5,000 views left. Don't leave a screen anymore now. :evillaugh: revamp
If you join and catch the magic number make sure that you make a screencap, upoload it to your and post the link to my DA notes. Good luck!!! :heart:

Update July 14: 3,000 PV to go.....

Can't take very much longer anymore now. Extreme OMG 

May 21, 2015

I want to invite you to party with me and catch my 2,000,000th pageview.  The first one who sends me a screenshot of my profile page showing this number wins 250 points. I know it's still almost 100K away but my pageviews seem to run quickly lately. Funny how things change. Look at my pageview statistic:

Since then I stopped counting. I have this strange feeling it won't need 7 months for the last 100K views as it did in 2007. Giggle  So the first million of views within 6 ½ years on DeviantART and the second million in the following 4 years. Nice.  Love 

I wish you good luck with this little game that I haven't done in ages!

PS: Don't try to cheat, my profile will be monitored and changed! :wink: rvmp 

:iconappleblossomplz: Features

Blossom by Incantata
spring by DanielaUhlig  the divide by ugalamania  Magical day II by CindysArt
Spring Blossoms by ElaineValerie  Spring Stamp foreground by luisbc  Eye Love Spring by Lilyas
::SPRING:: by onixa  Hana no Haru by PetitPhantomhive  red blossom by URM
spring by monika-es
Green Heart by Lilyas

10 Years on DeviantArt | Merry Christmas

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 24, 2014, 5:11 PM

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :merry christmas: fella Gift (Party) 

Dear friends,

Congratulations to me - now it's 10 years ago that I joined DeviantArt. That is a long time. I was a newbie when I started here and I have learned so much since then!!! I wouldn't be were I am if it hadn't been for DA and all the friends and fellow artists over all the years. A lot of things happened, many things have changed. You might be interested to read some of my first journal entries in 2005 and 2006:

My first DD: Daily Deviation!!!
Release of Apophysis 2.04: New Apophysis - RELEASED!!!
Reach of 10,000 pageviews:
10.000 pageviews!
community campaign: Petition for respectful cooperation...
DA people collage: New Edition of DeviantART People

It's insane how I improved as an artist (and human being of course). If you like I'll take you on a little tour through years of my creations. (Scroll down) I started with fractals, fractal collages, photography and photmanipulations.

Thank you to all my DA friends and supporters who accompanied me through the years!

Thank You by KmyGraphic WithLove by KmyGraphic

To name just a few:

:iconerosa: :iconthecanterburyfails: :iconamberwind: :iconaryaart: :iconstarlightprincess: :iconangeleslaveau: :icononedaynight: :iconj-a-v-i-e-r: :iconelfstar: :iconartwithin: :iconsome-fool: :iconbluesman219: :iconbaba49: :iconamelo14: :iconpinchecl: :iconnmsmith: :icondansch: :icondenise-g: :icongillsdigitalworld: :iconfanficbug: :iconviperv6: :iconartistinwaiting: :iconfiberfiend: :iconpsion005: :iconpaulocunha: :icondeborah-valentine: :iconwelshwench: :icondwalker1047: :iconjim373: :iconpoetafingitore: :iconninazdesign: :iconwingless-one: :icontanyasimpson: :iconprincessmorgan: :icondandellion: :iconpantoja: :iconsparx222: :iconkjherstin: :iconjalentorn: :iconwolfsorcerer: :icondigitalwiz: :iconone-tough-one: :iconlgmac: :iconzethara: :iconfensterer: :iconvulcania: :iconleoniezurakowsky: :iconsophquest: :iconfrostfire101: :iconsilverb: :iconfat-turkey: :iconmelonlogic: :iconbutch123: :icongrinagog: :iconunicorngraphics: :icon3mox: :iconellygator: :iconvhaidra: :iconersi: :iconsilver-dew-drop: :iconlaurengary: :iconadigunpolack: :iconnaamah-sith: :iconskoriginals: :iconbeesknees67: :iconimaginedmoments: :iconcazzanova: :iconanubis: :iconarrioch: :iconjustravelin: :iconpitkon: :iconlittledeviltoo: :iconzerostrange: :iconcmptrwhz: :icono0tron0o: :iconnataliekelsey: :iconsiamjai: :iconmattsma: :iconkovowolf: :iconphysiologoius: :iconnellis-eketorp: :iconidalarsenart: :iconsortvind: :iconenzudes1gn: :iconryus-girl: :iconannakirsten: :iconhellfirediva: :iconsun-seeker: :iconelandria: :iconoibyrd: :icongromyko: :iconjobobarikan: :iconsilwenka: :iconmoniquette: :iconguarani: :iconsheldon-rueben: :iconmelgama: :iconfantasio: :iconthelma1:

Lilyas Art 2004 - today

Black Hole Sun by Lilyas Back to the Future by Lilyas

Fruit of Life - Metatron's Cube II by Lilyas Zodiac Revamp by Lilyas Lotus Om Mandala PRINT by Lilyas

Journal Design and CSS by Lilyas
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I am in Serious Trouble - A Call for Help

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 29, 2014, 7:51 PM

Update: I want to say a heartfelt thanks to all my friends and supporters, who are helping me now in my unfortunate situation! Your response is overwhelming. It means very much to me!

Update 2: I made a new friend recently, Anne. She was very kind to post an article about me on her blog. There are many more details about me, my home and my situation.

Update 3: Hi dear friends, meanwhile we have a settled day for the hearing: August 19, 2014. Until that day nothing more will happen. And that means any more news will be after that. Please send us your prayers and good energies that the judge will have a good clear view on the situation and is willing to help us. I am not feeling very positive at the moment because there are other events and issues in my life that add to my current problems. The question how I will be able to pay the rent without taking on new inmates is only one of them. But I trust and courageously go the way of love.

Sorry for not being on DA lately. It's all a bit too much at the moment. Thank you for your continuing support!

Dear friends,

normally I don't come out if something is wrong. I am that kind of person who deals with their problems on their own. But this time I really need help otherwise I will not make it. So that's why I am reaching out to you.

Learn about my Story

Since a few years I live and work in a house together with a few other people in a living community. Now the landlord wants to get rid of us and filed a lawsuit. It's not that we have done anything wrong, we always paid the rent and kept the house in order. Maybe just not the way the owner has imagined? Now found a flaw in the lease contract and uses it in court. He claims that he hasn't given permission to sublease the rooms and unfortunately the lease contract doesn't say otherwise. But sublease was the base of the agreement and the common practice from the beginning: I am the main tenant and all other housemates are subtenants. Why would I rent a big house with 8 rooms for me alone? But the law says I need a written permission and the landlord never handed one over. Though there is proof enough that the owner agreed on sublease I lost the lawsuit in the first instance. If I don't appeal to the next higher authority I am about to lose my home, my workplace (my office is at home), my whole existence in the next weeks and I have to pay all cost for the lawsuit and the involved lawyers because I am the only person in charge.

How you can help
  • Help spreading the word by sharing this story in your journal, blog or social network.
  • Support the fundraising on where you can read more about the story and donate for me. Any amount is most welcome. All you need is a Paypal account or a credit card.
  • Buy my prints or other products on eBay or my website store.

I can't thank you enough for your help!

Print Shop

:shop34140762: :shop32836017: :shop15090559: :shop33820432: :shop26819081: :shop8870163: :shop35615801: :shop32909254: :shop22418169: :shop9651140:

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Deviousness - I am honored and overwhelmed

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 1, 2014, 11:00 AM

My dear friends,

I don't know what to say. I was bestowed the amazing Deviousness Award. I am really overwhelmed to be given such a great honor.

Thank you so much for this great appreciation! :LongStemRose: by a-kid-at-heart :iconheartforyoupls:

I am overjoyed with emotion! :squee: Happy Bouncing Lily :happybounce: Spread More Love Emote - PLZ  :blowkiss: revamp   :happycry 

Thank-you-for-your-appreciation by KmyGraphic With Love by KmyGraphic Love by Sugaree-33 from Lily!

Please visit my website!

Beautiful Autumn Feature

Wed Oct 23, 2013, 3:40 PM
Unknown Germany pt. XXXVIII by TheChosenPesssimist

Hello friends,

I haven't done a journal feature in a long time. Now I am inspired by the beautiful colors of autumn so I wanted to share my favourite artworks with you. Please enjoy the collection!



  Halloween 2008: Glamour by littlemewhatever eye of a nymph, by iheartsomersby Beautiful autumn by PixieCold
Autumn Eye by Slow-Chemical-Design

Capricorn eye by ftourini Persephone by Lilyas Dryad by Lilyas


Bright Rose by xOronar All beauty must die by ValentinaKallias Welcome to my rose-colored world by Kami-no-kuroi-namida
.crystal. by xSacred-Dreamsx Color experiment by EliseEnchanted Roses splash. by AlexandraF

Autumn Rose by Anileya

White Rose by emmil Dazzle Me. by kaboomachu Rose. by lorenmc123 
Vampire Rose by kaboomachu cold by Franiuk J e w e l by Aeternum-designs


Angel heart by Tullamore Love Hurts by CoffeeToffeeSquirrel Gothic valentine by ukapala
Hearts by EldarZakirov Hot Love by DigitalDean<da:thumb id="100575924"/>
The Heart Of India by Brigitte-Fredensborg Design Heart by DigitalDean Take My Heart - WP by Lilyas

Digital Paintings

Nimue by Dianae