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Zodiac Revamp


:iconstop-plz: This design is copyrighted. You may share it but you are not allowed to use, alter, sell or abuse it  in any other way!

Available as Sticker:

Oct 2014: Finally this design is in the process of printing as sticker and window sticker.</b> :dance:

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I created a new and better version of my Zodiac design. The signs are bigger now and can be easily seen on small stickers, too. Will be available in my website and eBay shop soon. Enjoy! :iconlilheartplz2:

I know it features the colors of
Homestuck, I have been told many times. I didn't know that when I created the design in 2012.

Color Wheel  Other Zodiac and Mandala designs from my gallery

Flower of Life Fractal Star of David by Lilyas Flower of Life Tetrahedron by Lilyas Purple Flower of Life by Lilyas Zodiac Revision by Lilyas Zodiac by Lilyas Zodiac - Sticker by Lilyas

© Copyright by Lily A. Seidel 2014. All rights reserved. You may not use my work without my written permission.
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© 2014 - 2021 Lilyas
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Now these are their true colors.

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Cool design, though I disagree with the colour wheel association, it should be according to seasons, for instance July and August should be by definition the warmest in the colour spectrum.

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I see what you mean. Could have thought of that.
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This is cool. Have you heard of the different astrologies? Babylonian, Zoroastrian, I think Persia has one, the Jews have one. Big secret you know. They want religious people to believe this is evil. Haha. So they think it is evil, but it might be the enemy who is making them think that. Lol. Yeah, it looks like the man who is known to be the wisest king of the bible king Solomon was a very great wizard. Not kidding. Look up the pentacles of Solomon. Lol. Have a good day
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I like this. Reminds me a bit of Chakras. How did you create this?
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Well, I did it in Photoshop and Illustrator. Thanks.
rbmagic8's avatar
Have you seen my work?
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rbmagic8's avatar
I do a lot of digital work, I would love to know what you think
Lilyas's avatar
I looked but I don't have an opinion.
slytherinsane's avatar
I love zodiac things so much. Astrology/astronomy are some of my absolute favorite things. Very, very beautiful, just like the rest of your artwork ;-;
Lilyas's avatar
Thanks so much! :hug:
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Beautiful color and detail!
ZoevanRumt's avatar
beautiful work!
ItsukiSakura's avatar
this is really pretty, and very intricate!!
JuliaSanchezz's avatar
I like your artwork a lot!
Mladavid's avatar
Great! Bravo!Clap  
Stewie106's avatar
This is frickin amazing!! AWESOME JOB!
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Thanks, he he.
Stewie106's avatar
You're welcome ^-^
Ghosty-galaxy's avatar
is this based off of homestuck? because your useing the zodiacs and the hemospectrum.

if not, its still a really nice piece. :3
Lilyas's avatar
It's based on Zodiac and rainbow colors. I don't know homestuck.
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