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Update: Uploaded a larger print......

I hope you all enjoyed the merry month of May! :heart:

I haven't been online for quite some time. Sorry, guys, real life issues absorb me again. Here is a new postcard subject I was working on and I thought it's time to share something here again. Hope you like it.

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As an astrology lover, I find this one of THE MOST beautiful pictures in the entire universe!!!! I mean it...

Because, the detail in it is very warming and really looks like auras from out of space! And the colours in this picture are perfect too!!! It's also pretty because the colours match to the horoscopes (I know because I'm a Capricorn and my colour is blue XD) Also, the texture is perfect! The stars, the design, the lighting, it's beautiful! That's probably the best word I can describe it as.

In conclusion, this piece is amazing and would be great on anything! Like cards, calendars, or even posters! Great job! 10,000/10! XD
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Thank you utterly for this wonderful comment! I am very glad that you like my work that much. And you are right, I should make it a card, a poster and part of a calendar. And I will, promised. Actually it was created for this purpose. I already have about 200 copies printed as a postcard and if you are interested I can send you one for free to your place (you pay me the shipping 0,75 Euro) or any card more than that for 1 Euro each.

Thank you very much again! :heart:
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You're so welcome!!! XD I'll keep a lookout! XD
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I love the way that they drew this it has a stunning yet powerful background that stands out yet doesn't overpower the brightly colored zodiac symbols. I love the diffrent textures that are present in this piece.I couldn't ask for anything better it's the most origanal zodica peice of the ones i've seen while maintaining it's ancient origins. The pattern inside the circle it's self must have taken hours judging by how exquisitely it's drawn. At first glance this masterpiece left me speachless, the technique is beautiful it has a immediant impact on whoever looks upon it. I especially love how it incorperates all the bright vivid colors of the rainbow.
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
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I think dots numbers are not pure coinsidence they are 12x5=70=7 very good work. The colors are made good and the shape is taken correct. Think all signs must be happy with such representation. Stars on back showing the fact of signs great meaning and power. Overall this work deserves good critique tho I dont know author. As good there are bad sides... the size for example. Painting could be a bit bigger to setisfy eye... and light theme is a bit misleading. Number of light waves on top and on bottom takes 18 wich is 9 wich is scorpio's lucky number. If i would be some other sign (then Scorpio) maybe I would write something else about this art but for now thats all I can say.
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coincidence* :P
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:33< and i thought 8 was scorpio's lucky number :| (Blank Stare) 
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well... the sign is 8th but the lucky number 9 and all numbers that added are 9 like 81  (8+1=9)

i know twins number is 5 and all numbers added that are 5 like 41(4+1)

dont know much about other signs yet)))

i born on 5th november and my mom is twins... so im born on her lucky date.))
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I love the colors :D
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Omg I'm a libra and the sign is my favorite color
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Reminds me of homestuck
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Heard that before.
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Whoah nice !
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What a beautiful zodiac wheel ! :clap: I like it very much ! :love:
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This would look good on my office wall as a mantra of celectial power. :winner:
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Well, you can indeed have it if you like. ;)
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