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Flower of Life Fractal Star of David

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Next Flower of Life design with hexagram of my new series. :shakejudaism: Will be printed and sold as sticker and hardboard coaster. I think it's the best so far.

Update: The sticker is now available on eBay at an affordable advertising price. Yellow Square Bullet See offer here.

Fruit of Life - Metatron's Cube II by Lilyas Flower of Life Tetrahedron by Lilyas Lotus Om Mandala PRINT by Lilyas Purple Flower of Life by Lilyas Sri Yantra Healing Mandala by Lilyas

The Flower of Life symbol is considered to be sacred among many cultures around the world, both ancient and modern. Within this symbol can be found all the building blocks of the universe that we call the Platonic Solids. The symbol can be used as a metaphor to illustrate the connectedness of all life and spirit within the universe. 

In sacred geometry, the six-pointed star is known as Star Tetrahedron and Spiritually, it is called a Mer (rotating light) Ka (Soul or Spirit) (Ba) Physical Body. We have the opportunity to bring into greater alignment our body, mind, heart into relationship with Soul.
The Star of David, also known as the Seal of Solomon is an esoteric symbol. In India, the six pointed star has been associating with Shiva/Shakti interconnection or Divine Masculine/Feminine in harmony and union. When the triangles merge with each other to form the shape of a hexagon, it can be seen as a state of manifestation. Star of David is an unusual alignment that opens a gateway into Consciousness.

:iconshining-heart: Other Flower of Life and Merkabah designs:

    Flower of Life Postcard dark by Lilyas Flower of Life Postcard by Lilyas Ascension by Lilyas Rainbow Eye: Love and Light by Lilyas Flower of Life 2# by Lilyas

:iconpointright: MY :iconblue-mplz::iconblue-aplz::iconblue-nplz::iconblue-dplz::iconblue-aplz::iconblue-lplz::iconblue-aplz: COLLECTION

© Copyright by Lily A. Seidel 2014. All rights reserved. You may not use my work without my written permission.
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Dankex's avatar
Amazing peace of work 😍
OfficerMark's avatar
It has a very spiritual essence going on ... it is like the harmony of Buddhist and Jewish cosmology intersecting. Am I overly intellectualizing this?
Lilyas's avatar
I don't know. You feel or think what you feel or think.
MomoMondblume's avatar
Traumhaft! +fav +fav +fav 
Lilyas's avatar
cemac's avatar
I have included this amazing artwork in the new feature for December 2017 on the front of the :icondigitaldelights: journal. Please :+fav: the journal so that more members may see your art, and thank you for being a member.:heart:
Lilyas's avatar
cemac's avatar
Always a pleasure to feature your art :heart:

Wishing you a very safe and Happy New Year and may 2018 be a year filled with health, happiness, and creativity.
Lilyas's avatar
And the same to you, thank you! :heart:
AliDee33's avatar
Hey, sorry to comment again again, I was looking close at the copy I have of this- and I was wondering if a peacock feather was the inspiration of this design. I do believe you captured the elegant and beautiful delicacy of a peacock feather in this piece whether or not you were trying to. I also love your photography of such feathers!
Lilyas's avatar
No, not really. The base of this mandala is a fractal. Glad you like your copy. :D
AliDee33's avatar
Actually my new friend, I would like to purchase a copy today!
My wonderful boyfriend has bought me points, so I hope I have enough to cover shipping too!
I am very excited to have an actual copy of your art to put in a nice frame and have a positive energy hanging in my home.
Lilyas's avatar
That's wonderful! If DA is too expensive for you I can print it for you for a small price.
AliDee33's avatar
Again, you are so sweet and thoughtful- any way I can help support you I am willing. It can only be a little a week- and I may try to support other artist as well some weeks, but yours I will certainly ALWAYS come back to. You are my favourite ever on here!
Lilyas's avatar
You are so sweet yourself! :smooch:
AliDee33's avatar
One more thing...I was looking and looking at this picture, as I SWEAR I have seen it before... and I have... I googled "flower of life" images on google, months ago, and came across this one (not knowing who you were at the time) And I used it as my "cover photo" on facebook because I loved how it matched my page... and now here I meet the artist and chat with you... I saw your art and loved it months ago without knowing I would meet you one day, how cool?? I will CERTAINLY credit you, and give a link to your page, unless you would rather I take it down.. I did not ever take credit for it, and said I didn't know who the wonderful artist was, and it DOES have your watermark. Again, I will either remove it, or advertise for you page with a link to you, whichever you would like. I did not intend on ever selling it, or taking credit for it.
Lilyas's avatar
Yeah, that's really cool. It's fine that you use it on your FB. Send me a friends request. ;) See my facebook links in the description. I have stickers of this mandala. Go and fetch it from one of these ebay offers:
AliDee33's avatar
You got it!!! Thanks SO MUCH again!
Lilyas's avatar
AliDee33's avatar
I love the way you explain everything.. I am fascinated with this stuff, and you know every single detail about it!
It makes me want to learn even more about all this.
Thanks for the inspiration and great in depth explaination!
Lilyas's avatar
You are welcome! I am glad you like this art. :D
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