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Something totally different from my side. I had this work sitting in my WIP folder for quite some time now and thought I could give it another try. It is a mixture of digital painting, graphic design and fractal collage. I hope you like it.

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© Copyright by Lily A. Seidel 2009. All rights reserved. You may not use my work without my written permission.
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After reading your comment about the globe being a spaceship, I start to see your vision. From my original perspective thought, I believed it to be an artificial planet with the "windows" being reflections from nearby stars.

I love color and you have lots of it here and I believe the pallet to be quite beautiful.

I love the fog/mist on the bottom half of this piece but believe that the blurring around the fractal object to be a bit much and think that the image would be much appealing if you let a bit more of the star background to show through. Though to rebuttal my own statement, maybe you meant the blurring to signify a sense of extreme energy pull much like a black hole relating to the fractal.

Thanks for another great image for me to add to my favorites, and putting the time and effort to share it with the world!
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The smoothness and warmth of the colors bring a peaceful aura to this artwork.

Looking closer, the rainbow, leading from the sphere is beautiful. Though, it could have lead up to the fractal object, but where it is, is fine and doesn't really take from the image.

The sphere itself is very lovely and well done. If it were sharper, rather than blurred, I feel it would have had more impact. However, maybe it's supposed to be spinning?

The fractal image in the sky/space is very nice. The colors of it work well into the universe background.

I have to say that this is very beautiful, just like we've come to know from other works by `Lilyas. ^^
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Thank you for your nice comment!

Concerning the blurred parts of the sphere: it is surrounded by fog which creates this effect. Also the downsizing added to the loss of quality. The sphere is meant to be a space ship by the way. See all the illuminated little windows? ;) I am glad you like this.
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As you said it - we are all connected.
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What you do is amazing, I love the use of colours of your artworks :D
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Absolutely breathtaking,the colors, the shapes, I am in love with the dramatic sense of this.
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wow, I don´t know what to say. Your work is just amazing!!! Really cool!!
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your work is spectacular.. im not words to expresing my feelings
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This is so cool. :D
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Connection... and it's rainbows...
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:jawdrop: Holy crap... This is awe-inspiring! I love your entire gallery! Such beautiful works! :worship:
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thats a wicked piece!!
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really cool, great job :#1:
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Three words: "Beautiful as always"
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This is so awesome! :XD:
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It looks so great :D
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This is beautiful work, dear Lily ~ it reminds me once again how multi-talented you are! :deviation: :rose: Coco
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Beautiful work Lily :)
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Wow, this one is really awesome ! :D

I'm really amazed ! :o
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This is just gorgeous =D
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it's a pretty!:heart:
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This is magnificent! Great colors, marvelous work! I adore it WHOLEHEARTEDLY!
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