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Back to the Future

I mixed two renders, an UF fractal and an Apophysis flame, and framed it in PS.

Full view definitely recommended! ;p
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Beautifu. The color and movement are intoxicating
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I like this! Beautiful colors together..
And I also like your signature :) fits me also...
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I see.. Frolicking ghosts. =P
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Wow! This is beautiful. The colors are marvelous, and I love how the design in the middle looks like it was made by a real paintbrush and paint. Great piece!:worship:
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gorgeous colors and shapes! is that main shape a fractalia? i played with the formula once, but found it very difficult to handle.
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Yes, it's a fractal or better two of them. Thank you very much.
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This image has been added to my latest journal [link] (I apologise, the CSS isn't working, explanation here [link] so this means scrolling down a long way to the features!
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Hm, I have heard of this side-wide bug but it didn't affect me yet. Sorry that you have to live without CSS at the moment. That's not nice. But thank you for featuring some of my works, Anna! This is always appreciated!!!

PS: The tutorial is almost finished. I hope I can upload it tonight! :dance:
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Lily, just be aware that the next time you update your journal, the same might happen to you. This only happened to me today, but it's been gradually happening to others leading up to this. Someone said they saw my CSS all at the bottom of my journal - is that TRUE???
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Oh, so let's hope they get that fixed soon!!! :o I can't see anything of your CSS in your current journal. :no: The bug seems to be unsteady and capricious. ;p
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Yip and it got me!!!
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Nasty beast!!!

Go and have a look at the tutorial, he he! I finally made it! :phew:
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Excellent - I've downloaded it. I'll put the link to it in my journal just as soon as I can get that darned thing sorted out! I reckon that bug got into the system with the last dA upgrade a few weeks back - it's been chewing up people's friends lists and all sorts too!
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I have feature it in my Journal [link] hope thats ok for you.
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No, that's great. Thank you! I appreciate that very much.
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What a beautiful artwork to behold! ...the lovely blending of stunning colors in an awesome swirling movement. May I add this to my fave?
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Please, if you like. I appreciate it. It's one of my oldest deviations here. I am happy that still some people are fond of it! :D
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This is very beautiful, not only shapes and colours, but the sense of movement as if it is spinning through time and space. Very well done. :+fav:
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Wow, thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment and adding this to your favs! :D
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You are so welcome. I found your gallery via Deb Walker's journal page, and you have many amazing images.
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Wow, great! I didn't know she featured one of my works! :lol:
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Looks nice. I like this one. Good Job !
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Thanks a lot! I appreciate your comment!
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