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Meet Desi

By lily-toy
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Introducing Desi ! 
Hoping you like her...

Thanks to Soup-Sammich for the freebie dforce dress and material pulled from this shawl i think they worked well together !……

and thank to Second Circle for the freebie iray lighting set up ! 

Rendered in Daz3d with iray and dforce no post work

As always Thanks for watching !!!
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Nicely done!  I do like the way my OSD drapes, and the shawl texture looks great on it!  :D:D:D
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I found it interesting that the item drapes yet also clings, I had expected with dforce it would  drape from her breasts rather than cling to them
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That’s due to my adjustments of the dForce Expansion-Contraction ratio. I found that if I didn’t make the dress tighter, it wouldn’t conform to her figure as nicely. Instead of draping from her breasts it would just kind of sag from them. But only from her breasts, the cloth over her cleavage wouldn’t hang at the same distance, and it looked pretty terrible. You can adjust the Expansion-Contraction ratio back to the center (a 100 value I think?) and re-drape to see what I mean...
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hmm  I think i get it, will have to play about ...
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Have fun! :D

Also, I haven’t had the best luck in tweaking the shader settings on my garments... I think it might have something to do with how Marvelous Designer does their polygon layouts in the mesh... It makes for beautiful folds, but doesn’t seem to be so great for dForce...
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Desi looks good!  :)
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