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Little Brother Little Sister
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Published: September 28, 2010
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EDIT...again: HOLY SHIZ. I didn't think this would get so much attention, since it's a lazy piece of work (for the most part) But thanks, guys! :D

EDIT: Edited the Little brother a bit more and fixed up the info on him.

I've been playing Bioshock 1 and 2. Friggin' love the games, definately one of the best I've ever played! :heart: I would've drawn a Big Daddy but they look hard...>_>;;

The Little Brother design and concept was inspired and based off :iconaqua-taco:'s

If they did exist, I think Little Brothers would scavange around with the Little Sisters and Big Daddies, often attempting to help Big Daddy fend off Splicers using his baseball bat. Since they're far more aggressive then their female counterparts they're more than capable of defending themselves and remain in the company of Little Sisters to share the blood harvested. Unfortunately, they don't gather nearly enough Adam as the Little Sisters, so they are very uncommon to come across.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who was wondering why there were no Little Brothers in either games, nor a real explanation for their absences. 8D

Bioshock (c) 2K Games
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asari13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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NichSzanProductionsStudent Digital Artist
I wonder how they would work in the gameplay. Maybe they could serve to get in tight spaces we couldn't reach to see if they could find supplies or something.
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"Look little brother, it's an Angle!"
"Indeed Little Sister! (Pulls out bat) I'll help daddy knock em out so you can get the Adam"
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Invaderskull1995Hobbyist General Artist
Hey that's kinda cute :)
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slshimerdlaProfessional Digital Artist
Love it! Neat idea :)
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What do you think of the little brother with the big sister?
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Lily-pilyHobbyist Artist
I like the concept, she'd probably be out to protect him like the little sisters. 
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Yeah:) can you do a pic of that?
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Lily-pilyHobbyist Artist
I probably will sometime in the future 
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BenjaminHopkinsHobbyist Digital Artist
Don't ask me why, but the slugs that create ADAM only like to bond to little girls. They tried the opposite sex, but it just made the boys way too aggro...
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Lily-pilyHobbyist Artist
Yeah, so I've heard. Which is why in the description, they're considered very violent. But their violence also gets most of the little brothers killed off because they attack anything with aggression, thus meet their demise. :P 
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shadowqueen375Hobbyist General Artist
In the upside down house song poem, there a face in the window that the little sisters drew, a lot of them think that it was a little brother. Love this picture by the way it's super cute!
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xminxicatHobbyist Digital Artist
I think they didnt put the boys in there because
maybe they wanted to make the player feel sorry for them
and most likely the little sisters do that.....
I dont know if i wouldnt harvest a little brat who wanted to hit me with a baseball bat xD
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mabeye they would if you adopt a little sister it would help ypu fend of the splicers
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AgentKay004Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think I read somewhere that there are Little Brothers in the game. You can even find beds where the Little Sisters slept in with names, and one bed has a boy's name.
The reason the Little Brothers are absent within the game, though, are because they came out more unstable and aggressive. They just didn't work as well as their female counterparts.

That is, if memory serves me right.

Anyways, your picture is cool. It's quite difficult to find pictures of Little Brothers, at least for me. Good job. Aww, if there were one in the game, I'd want to hold him and carry one throughout the game if I could. My nephew would be just like one: cute and really (childish) violent.
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DausenMoore-Art Digital Artist
They should add little brothers if they make another game.
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I can tell that if the Little Brothers are in the game. they will try to attack you... though their attacks are not that effective but I would worried that the Big Daddy might show up....
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Trinitas127Hobbyist Writer
Trin: SO ADORABLE!!! :iconmonkeyloveplz:
Niko: AND SADISTIC!!! :iconlaplz:
YAY!!! :iconepichighfiveplz:
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KartoonMikeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I would love to see this be implemented in Bioshock 3 or the upcoming psvita bioshock! This is soo awesome!
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PraetorianwarriorHobbyist Traditional Artist
Creepy, but cool.

...Still very creepy.
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tokyoMONST3RStudent Traditional Artist
my bro loves Bisohock! I can want to tell him that he can cosplay little brother!
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Lily-pilyHobbyist Artist
I'd love to see photos if you do! :D
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