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Sherlock + John's Very Silly Disneyworld Adventure



I did this a couple weeks ago and totally forgot to put it up here. It is very silly. And this file is HUGE.

This is for Alex and Devin, the ladies who run fuckyeahjohnlockfanfic on Tumblr. They read and thoughtfully review hundreds and hundreds of stories for our benefit. Certainly for mine, since accidentally running across angst can ruin my whole day, and they always have a good fluff recommendation when your heart is hurting from some Reichenbach shenanigans. They both also happen to be very talented, thoughtful, brilliant and bighearted girls, and recently helped someone who was contemplating suicide. So I thought I would do something nice for them, because they put a lot of time and effort in just to make us all happy.

Alex is seated on the left and Devin on the right, and they have a special love for Disney World. I really should’ve given somebody mouse ears.

And I know this is totally ridiculous. I mean, come on. Sherlock would never go out without his gloves.

This was a present for fun, so no concrit, please. As usual, rude comments will getcha blocked. Nobody likes a party pooper.

materials: pencil, paper + PS8
Please do not reproduce without my explicit permission.
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John's like "lmao wanted to do that anyway"
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