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Noodles for Snape

Years ago, my sister did this adorable drawing of Snape having noodles in a noodle shop, and I forgot that she had it in her gallery. I was in the mood to see Snape eatin' noodles, so here you go. :)

I have a thing about seeing people eating. I love people when they're enjoying food; it makes me want to hug and kiss them. I could almost cry.

My all-time favorite comfort food is what you see: udon in duck broth, charsiu fried rice, gyoza and pickled vegetables. Every time I've had that udon has been a very romantic occasion, and every time I get really heartbroken, I get me some of that charsiu rice from my favorite noodle joint. Snape's got plenty of reasons to drown his sorrows in noodles and hot tea.

What's your favorite comfort food?

(Mousen-Heath wrote this wonderful little story inspired by Noodles for Snape: Everything's Better With Noodles)

props: Snape © J.K. Rowling
materials: ink, paper + PS8
music: The Be Good Tanyas, "Scattered Leaves"
Please do not reproduce without my explicit permission.
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