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June flowers

By lily-fox
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The more I learn about Sutan Amrull/Raja Gemini, the more I love them. This is an early birthday drawing for her, sweet summer child that she is. May her 43rd summer be as lovely as she herself 💛

I cannot believe I am 34 years old and have never bought Kyle T Webster Photoshop brushes. I have wasted my LIFE. I thought, why bother? I have perfectly good brushes I get for free. NO. No. KTW brushes are like... eating fucking Great Value brand cheap-shit easy mac your whole life and then finally eating Kenji Lopez-Alt's perfect baked macaroni & cheese. It's like masturbating with a dry hand and then getting good oral. The pencil work is actual pencil on paper here, but the watercolor is KTW brush. My mouth literally dropped open as I was using them.

So please, for the love of god, if you do digital art and use Photoshop and you aren't already using some KTW brushes, buy yourself some. You will use them, it will be worth it, don't second-guess yourself. You have everything to gain.
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sylvainArtistProfessional Traditional Artist
nicely done :clap:
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Very beautiful!
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This is amazing.
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SoSo-PieHobbyist Digital Artist
She looks like Cher...Omg she's so pretty
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pikapikashuichiHobbyist Traditional Artist
I know, right?? My life changed with his brushes. And this painting is gorgeous!
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KayisokHobbyist Traditional Artist
so fabulous!!!
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CourtNouveauHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my god, that color scheme... the delicacy of the lines... the watercolor quality of what looks to be pencil (or actually is watercolor... either way, fantastic)... I'm melting with adoration.
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It's actually pencil, and the watercolor is the Kyle Webster PS brushes I can't shut up about. 🙂 Thank you!
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conwaysuccessHobbyist Traditional Artist
She looks like Raja. Love it!!
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I mean, it's supposed to be Raja, so...? Good? 😀
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conwaysuccessHobbyist Traditional Artist
I didn't realize til after when I looked at your other Raja work. I was like, dang you're good!!
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Oh shoots, you saw this without knowing it was Raja and thought, That looks like Raja? :D That's awesome!!!
conwaysuccess's avatar
conwaysuccessHobbyist Traditional Artist
That! Exactly. Shows how much of a badass you are!!
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sissyrobertaHobbyist Digital Artist
Simply Heavenly !
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Really Beautiful Piece I think I've fainted. 
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