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Blackwater mermaid

By lily-fox
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The way Raja Gemini moves is so fluid and minky, like some divine blackwater eel mermaid.

I'm SUPER happy with this! It turned out better than I pictured. My only regret is leaving out her tattoos, but like... where would a mermaid get tattoos?
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Very lovely mermaid!  The black as the background makes her look like she's floating in ominous space and it compliments her black and dark grey tail!
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MerboyProfessional Writer
So you're telling me that creature as divine as Raja in mermaid form can get bracelets and rings and pearls, show up in full hair and makeup, but there's no where she can get inked? Come, come now, lilylove. You know there's got to be some pit-crew that's, like, half-octopus that can share some ink for tatooing under the sea.

Lol. Beautifully done. Raja would and should be deeply flattered by this gorgeous piece. Well done! <3
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No, you're totally right. I just forgot her tattoos and was like, ahhh fuck it. Nowadays I would NEVER forget her tattoos. They're part of her beauty!
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puppet-soulHobbyist Digital Artist
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DreamPigmentProfessional Digital Artist
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Gorgeous! YAAASS QWEEN!! I love Raja.
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An-archeeHobbyist General Artist
As soon as I saw this I was like:


You've captured her perfectly, this is a beautiful piece! She would love this, you should tweet/insta/something to her.
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She liked it on Instagram! (And posted one of my other drawings of her yesterday.) Thank you! I'm really happy with this. Tho that's four times I've drawn her without drawing her gorgeous legs!
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An-archeeHobbyist General Artist
That's fantastic! Hopefully you just not drawing her legs now means more fabulous tribute work to her in the future :P
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Where would a mermaid get her tattoos? Duh. With magic. Like at a sea witch tattoo parlor.
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Same place she'd get boatloads of makeup, I guess.
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Water proof makeup at that.
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I'd say that a mermaid would mostly have tattoos on her arms and back. Would also work as some kind of camouflage in shadowy surroundings. ;)

Very beautiful design btw! Mostly mermaids are designed colourful but this grey/black colouring looks really nice on her! 
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Kimopoleis Digital Artist
Elegant! Great job! :meow:
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Absolutely Stunning!
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AnastasiyProfessional Digital Artist
Beautiful work! I love the atmopshere
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TastesLikeToxyHobbyist Digital Artist
Good golly, this is fabulous!
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Lady-CobwebHobbyist General Artist
Gorgeous, Lily!  I love the pose you gave her, so coy and coquettish, yet her stare is so seductive and FIERCE at the same time.  And the movement of the hair and pearls, her dark gold halo... Stunning miss Lily, just STUNNING.  :)
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I didn't know minky could be an adjective!
stunning work :]
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Nice ! She looks like Mazikeen in Lucifer TV series ! 
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