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Kristran Application Sheet (DECEASED)

:icondomain-of-the-wolf: **Design adopted form Sparkanine from this sheet! He's number two!
:bulletred:Kris'tran is now deceased and is CLOSED for RPs!:bulletred:
RP Guidelines and Limitations

Name: Kris'tran (Spelled Kris’tran – means Hearted Spirit in Pyr’rinian)

Nickname: Kris
Age: Young Adult (~3 years upon his death)
Gender: Male
Height: 32” (His growth was stunted)
Weight: 85lbs
Build: A noble body with a well toned frame – not too muscular and not too slim. He holds his head high and dignified with average sized ears and a wedge shaped head. His paws are larger than average due to the fact his growth was stunted from malnutrition and abuse. This gives him an awkward and pup-like appearance. His fur is not overly thick, though his ruff is where his fur is thickest. His fur is dark and mostly brown with a white diamond on his chest. His eyes have a haunted look to them most of the time.
Territory: Aryn
Family: N/A
Rank: Delta Courser

Personality: His past greatly affects his reactions with others. Males – he is extremely frightened of and horribly withdrawn toward. He will flee an advancing male and would avoid male pack wolves if possible. Females he will be more open, noble and dignified with, especially any female he decides to attach himself to for protection. He views females as a source of protection (because of his background) rather than in any romantic light currently. But in between these two extremes, he is a noble wolf who speaks courteously to all wolves, even if the speech may be strained because of the other wolf’s gender. He doesn’t look to rank up – instead he only looks toward what he can do to contribute to the group. Kris doesn’t see himself in any positive light so when it comes to praise he almost invariably plays down what he did in response. There is little he can understand of other wolves when it comes to some words – as his education in other tongues was limited to direct translation, so he sometimes can be confused or come off as confusing to others when he speaks. He is afraid of very little that isn’t another male wolf however and has a high sense of chivalry, which may get him in trouble with other wolves of the pack. He also tends to take on more than he can handle, setting up the wolf for repeated failure (which makes his self-esteem even lower) much to his chagrin. His heart is won by pups however – especially considering his abusive upbringing. If a pup may be in danger, or needs to be cared for, he would leap to the opportunity – and beat the living daylights out of any wolf who dared even look at a pup wrong.

Pre-Group History: Kristran was born to the Alpha female in a pack far to the west and south where females were known to hold and keep the Alpha role, even in the absence of a male mate. And this Alpha female fell in love with a male who had come from far, far away. She loved his noble nature and the ways he shared of his long shattered pack. But their love was not to be so. Shortly after consecrating their mating, the male died protecting the pack from a bear. The female was devastated – but she knew her role as an Alpha meant she needed a new mate. She quickly chose another mate and hope that the pups born would be able to live with their new father.


But the new father was a jealous soul. And when the pups were born his anger seethed within his heart – not a single pup was from his loins! All the pups sported dark pelts and sharp eyes of the noble wolf that had died fighting the bear. This rage became the source of all of Kristran’s problems. At first the male wolf tried to kill the pups – but the female threatened to drive the new Alpha male away if he did. Then he tried physically abusing the pups – and again the female threatened and subsequently had the male beaten for his transgressions. Finally, the male decided to keep his abuses hidden.


All Kristran knew was the anger and hatred of his father. He would tell the young pup how worthless he was, and any abuse he dealt to the youngster was done so that the young wolf would sport no scars – but the wounds were still clear in the pup’s fright and haunted look. He didn’t know why his mother did nothing to stop their father – but she had no idea what was really going on. Kris’s abuses were even to the point of molestation and he feared any male getting close to him. But finally the end to his long, harsh life of abuse came when the male began to look hungrily at Kristran’s sisters. The Alpha female had had enough. She killed her new mate before he could dare mount one of her precious children before her eyes, not knowing it was already too late.


By this point Kris was a year old and now that his father was gone he took his leave of his mother. She daren’t hold him back – she could see the haunted look in his eyes and that he could never trust whomever her new mate would be. She bade him good luck as he padded out of the territory – never to be seen again.


He wandered, looking for a life as a loner but he soon realized that it was to difficult for him to live alone. So he began to look at packs where females ruled the wolves, but few he found, until he met a female at the borders of a pack called Aryn. He wondered if here he could finally find the peace and meaning to life he so desperately searched for.

Group History: Summary of his Life: After finding his way to Aryn, Kris'tran battles with his fear of his own packmates, but gradually becomes easier and much more comfortable in their presence. And though war breaks out against a neighboring pack, Kris had been insulated from the worst of the fight. The battle ends with the disbandment of Blutwald and many events happen in Aryn but Kris remains insulated from the worst of it as he meets the wolf who will change his life forever - Moth. He also adopts a young pup during this time named Seven. In winter, the start of a troubling pain begins to itch at Kris'tran's chest and he seeks out the help of Vicar Songheim who assists him to little avail. As time passes, Kris'tran realizes that he has some feelings for Moth but also the worsening of his chest pain continues and Songheim sends him into a panic and he flees Aryn temporarily to seek refuge with Moth. Moth frightens him away but the two make amends and become mates. Then the earthquake came; horror and pain reached its peak when Fellfang is destroyed and Moth must leave him - but Kris'tran chooses to follow her instead, returning to tell Seven goodbye. However, the mysterious pain turns out to be more than pain and Kris'tran dies while Seven watches helplessly. Kris'tran finally had a happy life - only to lose it to cardiac arrest due to a heart attack.

    -    Joined on May 30th, 2015 +2
    -    Kris'tran Joins Aryn (RP 06/12/15) +1
    -    DotW: Braving New Friendship
(RP 06/28/15) +1
(-3 Promotion to Delta Courser)
    -    DotW: Heart Brothers (RP 07/01/15) +1
    -    DotW: Water Games (RP 08/13/15) +1
    -    DotW: Courser Tour (RP 09/24/2015) +1
    -    DotW: New Friends and Moss Balls (RP 07/11/15) +1
    -    A Tentative Savior (RP 07/28/2015) +1
    -    Happiness (MSE 09/30/2015) +2
    -    DotW RP: Timid Courser (RP 11/13/15) +1
    -    DotW: On the Plains (RP 11/17/15) +1
    -    Meals Shared and Promises Made (RP 01/16/2016) +1
    -    A Troubling Pain (STORY 01/04/16) +1
    -    DotW: Meeting on the Verge (RP 02/23/16) +1
    -    Guidance of the One (STORY 02/09/16) +1
    -    Careless Stumbling (Bella and Kris'tran) (RP 03/09/16) +1
    -    A Mysterious Stranger (STORY 02/29/16) +1
    -    I Pray for Mercy (STORY MSE CREDIT 03/08/2016) +2
    -    The One Who Saves (STORY 03/11/2016) +1
    -    Comfort in the Storm (RP 06/05/2016) +1
    -    A Chance Reunion (RP 06/05/2016) +1
    (-14 Bones for purchase of Roan's character slot)
    -    A Strange Run-in (RP 03/14/2016) +1
    -    The Great Hunt - Part 1 and Part 2 (RP May 2016) +1
    -    The Monsters Inside Me (STORY 06/12/2016) +1
    -    Solace and Fear (RP 07/07/2016) +1
    -    Don't Want To Be Afraid (RP 08/15/2016) +1
    (-12 Bones for becoming mates to Moth and pregnancy)
    -    Love and Pain (STORY 08/24/2016) +1
    -    I'll Follow You (RP 08/31/2016) +1
    -    It's Not Supposed to Go Like That (RP 09/06/2016) DEATH

    -    Pairing Meme (08/21/2015) +1
    -    Collab Meme (MSE 08/31/2015) +2
    -    Kris x Moth Valentine's Meme (MSE 02/28/2016) +2
    -    Kris x Teia Valentine's Meme (02/27/2016) +1
    -    Ragha x Kris Valentine's Meme (02/28/2016) +1

Total: Not Applicable - DECEASED


            -           His actual accent is incredibly complicated to write, so I have simplified it for the sake of the RP. Adjectives don’t really exist as they do in our language – instead they are formed by conjugating two nouns together with an ‘ in between the two. They would be translated with the “ed” added to the end of the noun. There are also many different forms of pronouns (like I (regal, formal, semi-formal, informal, rude) – much like in Japanese) that he may use. However, he will use the same sentence structure as English, rather than his native language. The language is a fictional language I created for my world of Ver’ra – Pyir’rinian.

            -           He adores all pups and would take them in/protect them if he found abandoned pups by/in Aryn. If you'd like Kris to find/adopt your pup, please note me - lilwyverngirl and we can work something out. :) Just know if it's a boy, Kris will distrust your character once they become an adult.

            -           He suffered from a blood clotting disorder during life called Factor V Leiden disorder and he was homozygous for the gene for it. Blood clots continually formed in his lungs causing his pain and also were the reason why no treatments helped him. In the end, a lung was completely blocked, preventing blood flow to his heart and he subsequently had a heart attack and died. The disorder he lived with is similar to my own and thus his death RP was based on my own experiences when I had a heart attack (I luckily did not have it lead to cardiac arrest) as a sort of "what if" for myself and to communicate my experiences. I loved Kris'tran a lot and it meant a great deal to recount my own experiences through him. Rest in peace Kris'tran.

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