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Felidemar Cat Size Chart




I really can't credit any source for this except the Guiness Book of World Records. :'D I used the two heights (largest and smallest cats in the world) edited up the smallest cat height to the nearest inch and then measured my own cat's height because she is an average cat height/weight and extrapolated those sizes as well. The rest was just filling in the rest of the ranges. :meow: I included the minimum and maximum ranges for cats with dwarfism as well. I hope you find this informative~!

Edit: I forgot to mention most cats/cat breeds fall within the "medium" size with average weights between 9-11lbs. The rule of thumb is that a cat weighs about as much as it is tall give or take up to 2lbs with rare exceptions. Bigger-boned breeds can have a higher variance on the heavier side while smaller breeds may have higher variance on the lighter side in regard to height.

Lineart created by EachSun and used with permission
Information and display compiled by lilwyverngirl Please do not claim as your own.
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Thank you for this! Sometimes it's difficult for me to conceptualize things.