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FoD Week 3: The Search
Cynric flew ahead on his broad wings with his extravagant tail fanned for balance. Roswell, Carro and Wick followed closely behind while Valencia, Lanetal and Saurenai with Jacqueline on her back too up the rear. The eidos hazel aerial seemed to know just what he was doing as he led them away from the Statue of Death to the stalls of the Festival, his bright magenta eyes seemingly focused on searching as they explored the empty market area. Jackie should have known something was odd when they’d first come through but now things were making sense. A lot of individuals had made their ways out into the fields and mountains to search for the soul fragments of Death while Jackie and her band of misfits followed after Cynric through the stalls. Roswell seemed to be skeptical of this aerial still, his face grim and unapproving. Carro and Wick seemed eager to help however, their eyes focused on the emperor-feathered aerial as he led them forward. Carro and Wick wanted to help revive Deat
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WoLF RP: Loss of the Alkir
The bitter taste still in the back of his mouth after the first wolf to speak out against him tasted like bile. But it was a reaction that Artemis himself had prepared for. He didn’t think everyone would be okay with what had transpired and had expected nothing less from the young wolf Caspar - especially since the golden wolf had moved well past the other wolf in rank since their first encounter. Still, Artemis would have preferred a different exchange instead of so soon after he had spoken.
Now he felt physically drained as well as mentally drained from the encounter.
He wanted to return to his den, but couldn’t. He still had duties to attend to at this point after such a brash show of disapproval from a member. His blue eyes turned toward the other wolves and sighed dipping his head respectfully to the wolf he saw nearby. Ragnar, he thought he remembered this wolf’s name.
“May Solaris shine upon you Asgard
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.:Purple Beauty:. by lilwyverngirl .:Purple Beauty:. :iconlilwyverngirl:lilwyverngirl 4 0 .:A Mother's Love:. by lilwyverngirl .:A Mother's Love:. :iconlilwyverngirl:lilwyverngirl 4 6 Miles Wolf App by lilwyverngirl Miles Wolf App :iconlilwyverngirl:lilwyverngirl 13 7
.:Enter the Kindergarten:.
Horizon had been expecting this day, though she was not sure that any of her pups had. Azimuth was not the brightest pup, but she would do much better once she was trapped in the caves of the Kindergarten. The two pelted pup would learn quickly just what kind of wolf she had the potential to be within the confines of the Kindergarten. And Horizon had the pleasure of having Anakin, Credence and Marrow in her team of pups as well - only the best pups to be realistic. She could care less what happened to her other pups, soft as they were. They didn’t seem to enjoy the touch of blood nor the bleeding out of prey as much as her two favorite pups did. And here she could teach them quickly about the dangers of the ways of the outside and the wonder of following the beliefs of the Cult. The Sanguis Gods would surely love what Horizon had in store for Azimuth, Anakin, Credence and Marrow.
Beside her, Azimuth grumbled and growled at nothing in particular, her two differently colored eyes s
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.:Wanderer's Compromise:.
Cassandra and Jezebel had been wandering together for months and though things seemed to be going relatively well for a while, but the winter storms had seen a lot of damage to the den Cassandra and Jezebel had shared for a while - the den that had once been Cassandra’s and Alemoi’s. The heavy rains had weakened the den roof and finally, a couple months later when a spring downpour broke out, the structure collapsed upon itself. There was really nothing left to salvage and Cassie had spent a couple hours trying to salvage the den before giving up at the gentle solace from Jezebel. The earth was too soft now and not sticky enough to hold its shape anymore. The grey wolf and the black and gold follower would have to find somewhere else to live.
The weight of the loss of Alemoi weighed heavily on Cassie’s mind and she began to wonder to herself if it had been her fault that her mate had left or died. Was her insistence to escape the world around her been the reason for h
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.:The Follower:.
It had been a week since the death of Ha’an and Ronan was happily on his journey to get as far away from the location of his old home as possible. However, Ronan was not alone on this journey. Despite the fact that Ronan had warned against following him… despite the fact that he refused to share his meals with his follower… despite violent threats… Iliad continued to follow in Ronan’s wake like some stubborn wraith looking to feed on his corpse. Except Iliad was no beastly creature - merely a skinny, starving wolf that likely only had fluff for brains at this point. And Ronan was starting to lose his patience for the young wolf. He didn’t care that she was family; he was a wolf who liked to be alone and having anyone along for his journey didn’t really suit his needs.
Hearing her heavy wheezing in his wake was starting to curdle his blood as he padded along. So with patience wearing thin, Ronan whirled on the thin wolf with his teeth bared in a
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FoD Week 2: Aerial Appearance
The next morning seemed to come sooner than Jackie’s aching body had hoped as the early morning paling of the sky signalled that dawn was near. Stretching languidly for a moment like a content cat, the amber-hued anthro limbered up her limbs before finally rolling out of her pallet and quickly dressing for the day ahead. She could hear Roswell already chattering irritably from the stables as the painted emperor rook was already awake and ready for the day ahead. Excited whining followed his voice and it was clear that Lanetal was awake as well. This meant that it wouldn’t be long before Saurenai, Carro, Wick and Valencia joined them in wakefulness. Sighing, Jackie rushed down the stairs to the front of the inn, sliding the innkeeper his coin before rounding out of the front of the inn toward the stables.
It seemed as though the morning stablehands had heard the commotion from Lanetal and Roswell, so they were already helping the two creatures get ready for the day ahead. Ca
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Aurai WoLF App by lilwyverngirl Aurai WoLF App :iconlilwyverngirl:lilwyverngirl 16 0
FoD: The Funeral Procession
As the Festival of Death rolled around once again, Jackie couldn’t help but feel a pull to return to the site after the events of the Carnival of Life. She knew that deep down her kukuris had been affected by the events of that day - especially the loss of one of their loafmates to the contamination. Carro was still not the same after being forced to fight against him and even Roswell, who helped fend off the mind-lost kukuri felt somehow responsible. Wick, though not present for the Carnival of Life, had seen the horrors of the shroomies in the last Festival of Death and knowing that he had lost a loafmate to one of those creatures still haunted the poor gentle soul’s dreams. Valencia did her best to comfort her friend while Saurenai and Lanetal from the last Festival of Death knew that everyone was on edge, sympathizing with the other creatures of their pack and their longtime handlers. Fabian himself didn’t feel like being exposed to so much sadness considering the
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WoLF RP: Puppy Play Fight
Tiny white paws would shuffle through the evergreen foliage, as Ostelinda had once more managed to awaken before the sunset, having in mind to sneak away some more. "If it were someone other than me, they might have eaten you..." Why did the words of the stranger keep pestering her mind? Maybe she really should be watching out? She was no food though! She had to be able to defend herself should an eater occur within one of her journeys. And who knew, maybe one day she would even protect her friend Quill or her family! And then it occurred to her, that she should learn how to fight. Who to challenge, who to challenge...
Ostelinda would trot over to her younger siblings, unaware whether they were nestled in a deep slumber or awake like her. Regardless, the young girl would begin nibbling at her sister's ear tip, making efforts to draw her attention while murmuring. "Biiiiiird" she would blabber, now beginning to pu
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Desert Battle Inks Only by lilwyverngirl Desert Battle Inks Only :iconlilwyverngirl:lilwyverngirl 19 2
WoLF RP: Introductions PT2
“Then let’s go! We will check the forest at the south of the main gathering area.It has some patchy areas where grass and bushes grown so I’m sure some mother hid her fawns in there “Zarahalt turned quickly to the south flicking her tail as a signal to follow her.
Riker’s statement about the difficulty of being the only hunter of the pack caught her off guard. She hadn't really thought about It having spent most of her life as loner hunting alone was just as common as the sun rising everyday. Yet some part of her began to sink some doubt at the sudden realization, was really enough with just one hunter?.
“Oh I . . . I mean yeah! It can be hard” The she-wolf shook her head as to wash away the doubtful thoughts on her mind. “But I’m used to it! Way before joining Onni I was a loner so hunting alone is crucial! Also . . the pack is pretty small and wolves seem to just
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Mature content
.:Herald to the Gods:. :iconlilwyverngirl:lilwyverngirl 7 2
Songbird Pup App by lilwyverngirl Songbird Pup App :iconlilwyverngirl:lilwyverngirl 15 8

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Hi everyone! It's your friendly wyvern coming in and finally posting up the Raffle you sillies voted for. XD I'm not sure why you want an art Raffle but okay. It was your call! So here's how it's gonna go:

All entrants will receive a headshot sketch of a character of their choice in traditional media (monochrome only). The sketches will likely be of a quality such as these with markings outlined: Thomas Sketches. Will be in pen however so may be a bit messier/have more mistakes than this one. :'D
Two entrants will receive a fullbody colored/shaded image/pagedoll of a character of their choice in either digital or traditional media (monochrome accepted). I don't have any good examples of traditional pagedolls but here's a traditional bookmarks for reference: Brendan and Jujubee Bookmarks and here's an example of my current pagedolls: Seffen Pagedoll. Traditional will likely be messier but higher quality. Colored with colored pencils images may be of lower quality only because my colors are severely limited. ;w;/ Time for image completion will require 1-2 weeks for traditional and 1+ months for digital. 
One entrant will receive a fullbody colored/shaded image with a background of one character of their choice in either digital or traditional media (monochrome accepted). Here's an example of a colored traditional media: Secret Santa Uasho-Lynx and here's one of an inks only: Desert Battle Inks Only. Inks only images will be of higher quality than colored pencils as my colors are severely limited. ;w;/ Here's an example of of digital art piece with one character: Alone. Time for image completion will require approximately 1 month for traditional and 8-10+ weeks for digital cause digital is the bane of my existence RIP. :'D
One entrant will receive a fullbody colored/shaded image with a background of two characters of their choice in either digital or traditional media (monochrome accepted). I don't have an example of a colored traditional piece with two or more characters but I do have an inks only version: .:Just One Night:. and the most recent submission: Desert Battle Inks Only. Here's an example of a digital art piece with 2+ characters: MQ: It's Cold Outside. Inks only images will be of higher quality than colored pencils as my colors are severely limited. ;w;/ Time for image completion will require approximately twice as much time as the single character images :'D

Now to the rules of the entrance into the raffle! You must be listed as a current watcher from this very timestamp of this journal~! New watchers or passersby will not be eligible to enter. For watchers, you must comment on this journal the following:
Link your favorite emergency services/military YouTube LipSync Challenge video! Police LipSync Challenge videos are obviously the go-to's but don't forget Ambulatory and Fire Departments too! Here's some examples of what you should be looking for (Can't use these three - sorry!):

That's it! Have fun and good luck~ <3


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am three decades old oh my goodness where did the time go?! Professionally I work at a train station though previously I was a Bus Operator.~ :dummy: I've been operating buses on and off for seven years. I went to the University of California, Davis and currently trying to save money to go back. I found my love of driving buses at the University through the miracle that is Unitrans and I do not regret my change of profession at all. I have Factor V Leiden - so I have many doctor appointments and many doctors; as a result my free time may be severely hampered sometimes as I try to juggle work and life. Unprofessionally, I am a writer, artist and singer who is continuing the struggle to improve as I've never taken a real art course ever! I am hoping to dabble in fabrics and crafts too but that costs money... money I do not have. I have become less of a shy person, so feel free to comment or note me if you have a question. I do not take requests from anyone though - I do give gifts or art in a continuing storyline with friends though.

I'm in debt beyond my ears so I do take commissions but only when they are opened.


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