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self harm

By lilwinry121
Self harm is a forbidden topic in most social situations and when it is mentioned or found out, it is more often than not seen as attention seeking. Sometimes that is the case, but when it is the case, that person Needs that attention. They need help. We all do. Self harm is a bad coping mechanism, one for relief, to feel something, an escape.. there are endless reasons why but in reality it comes down to having bad mental health and not having the help we need.
If you are suffering from self harm like I did in the past, please contact a medical professional, talk to those close to you and find a different form of coping. You dont deserve the scars, you do not deserve the pain. You are incredible and worth so much more than what society has told you

I love all of you. you are all so amazing and you all have stories to tell, not all good but all worth listening to.

the quote at the top was wrote by please go look at their work if you like this.

I hope you understand and like this picture

*~:EDIT:~* I will be re- doing this piece in 2019 hopefully. its long overdue but I feel like Im in the right place for this now 
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You're welcome hunny I hope this picture has helped you I'm glad you appriciate what I was trying to do and saw the message I was putting across <3 
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well, u did well! i did a couple inspired by urs!
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I have been trying to stop its just too hard for me ,but im still hanging on to the ropes :)
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hey hunny if you need help and support I'd gladly be there for you ^^ drop me a note if so~
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Wow, this actually brought tears to my eyes... Thank you so much for sharing it. It is a lot of inspiration for me, especially since I'm trying to stop and it's been a couple months, but it's hard everyday, I'm always tempted to go back... 
It doesn't really help that none of my friends are understanding of it... None of them know what I do, but they have made their views on self harm clear enough that I'm afraid of what they will think of me if I do tell them... 
Anyways, thanks for the inspiration to stop.
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youre most welcome my dear Im glad that you are trying your best to stop
look at the road ahead like a path of stepping stones, each day is one but some are more slippy stones than others. If you do slip up its okay, when you are ready stand back up, look how far you got and then try again this time aiming to get further than before and one day you will completely make it out of the darkness
there may be storm clouds ahead but whats a little rain if you can see a rainbow after it all?
Im sorry to hear about your friends if you ever need someone to talk to about this please message me on here or kik (if you have it, please note me your username)
*hugs* I wish you the best on your journey through life darling stay well x 
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I don't want attention but, This saved me. My friend took my hand and helped me. I still feel like breaking down but, I feel better. I just need someone to talk to</3
lilwinry121's avatar
if you ever eed someone to talk to im here for you hun my kik is: lilhotaru121
Puppylovertaylor12's avatar
Okay<3 I dont have kik yet, but i'm getting it 
lilwinry121's avatar
when you get it you can message me there dear *hugs* ill be waiting ^-^ 
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You have no idea how much this saved me right now I am on the verge of a break down I don't know how much more of everything I can take
lilwinry121's avatar
I love you and you are amazing 
if you have kik message me: lilhotaru121
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Thank you things have been getting alot better lately I'm glad a few people are still trying to help people because the world needs more happiness.
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not all of us are free (including me) so it is a really good thing thing that you could stop , it is a really hard thing to do.
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It is good that you are free of it. some of use arent...
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I'm still not free, just the other night I relapsed again.. I still want to help people if they want to be helped
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Its hard. Right now Ive only gone a week and am still having major wants to do self harm
lilwinry121's avatar
take it in little steps at a time, nice and slow. if you slip up it's fine. start again and then keep moving forward, it can only get better if you keep trying hunny ^^
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yeah i had a relapse this week
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sorry for the late reply. i'm again sorry to hear that hun *hugs* but as I've said baby steps and we can get through this together
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