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Scholarly Resources for Historical Asian Fashion

Scholarly Resources for Historical Asian Fashion

Here’s a list of Scholarly Resources focusing on Historical Asian Fashions that is also available to English readers. Web sources are denoted as (WEB), public domain books available online as (ONLINE BOOK) , while the rest are printed books. Those with previews available on Google books are (PREVIEW ON GOOGLE BOOKS). I have read most of these books/sources or have had them recommended to me. Some of these books may be out of print, but you may be able to find them at your local library (try Interloan). More sources will be added as time goes by. Please let me know if you have a recommended source! ASIA / WORLD Hair: Its Power and Mea

Pinterest for Historical Fashion reference?

Pinterest for Historical Fashion reference?

Hi Everyone! My back has been improving a great deal these past weeks, feeling quite good in fact! Anyways, I've been using Pinterest ( ) to organize an archive of historical art (paintings, sculptures, etc) featuring Asian clothing (East, South, Southeast, Central). However, nowadays I don't have much time to search/scan pictures for reference, though there's still so much more to be added. If I could have an extra pair of helper or two, it would free up a lot of time (which also means more time for future fashion timelines). If you're interested in pinning, please give me a holler in this journal and I'll in



Meant to write this in the last entry - I've been wanting to do some tutorials but I don't know what topics to write about. What you guys like to see me do a tutorial of? Topics I was thinking about: -Creating and using textures -Creating patterns -Painting eyes,lips, or hair -Creating comic pages -Inking -Digital Sumi-e / Digital Ink Brush Suggestion are very much welcome. :)



Sooooo... I made it as one the semi-finalists for Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga 8 contest! My 3rd attempt at RSOM no less... My entry is called "The Nightingale's Sorrow" and it's a short story featuring characters from Fallen Moon  It's set a year or so after the events of the current storyline and uh, hints at certain things to come. It's also sorta, kinda, somewhat based on the Vietnamese folktale "Tam and Cam". I worked on it 2 weeks before the deadline and so it's rushed in many places. So many things I wished I could correct! >_<
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Favorite fairytale, folktale, legend, or myth? Write ab...

  |  224 votes
  • Fairy Tale: always/usually has a happy ending
  • Folktale: tale passed in spoken form to generations
  • Legend: semi-true tale based on real people and their actions
  • Myth: based on a legend/tradition with a symbolic meaning
  • Fable: short stories with animals/inanimate objects that teach morals
  • Other?

In reality this would be out of a creator's control. Bu...

  |  266 votes
  • A financial and critical success but it becomes your only success.
  • A financial flop, but loved by critics and an extremely small but devoted fanbase.
  • Grossly ignored in its time but worshiped as a classic decades or centuries later after the author is long gone.
  • Extremely popular + huge moneymaker but critically backlashed. Becomes a target people love to hate on.
  • A moderate success that eventually becomes forgotten in a few years time.
  • Mainstream obscurity: a work that is famous and critically loved but mainstream audiences don't bother to read or see it.
  • A cash cow that outlives the creator. Numerous sequels, spinoffs, and prequels are created which goes through recons and/or derail character development.

When watching a historical/period movie or show, which ...

  |  420 votes
  • Inaccurate/wrong time period historical clothing
  • Modernizing historical clothing to make them look more sexy
  • The costumes look cheap and tacky
  • Making a historical character older or younger than they should be
  • Changing or ignoring historical events to increase drama
  • Villainizing or flanderizing historical characters
  • Inventing a romance that never happen just so there will be a love story
  • Modern slang that doesn't exist yet in the dialogue
  • All the characters are historical except for the protagonist
  • When someone thinks a movie is completely and historically accurate

Which decade had the WORST Fashion?

  |  339 votes
  • 1920s
  • 1930s
  • 1940s
  • 1950s
  • 1960s
  • 1970s
  • 1980s
  • 1990s
  • 2000s
  • 2010s

How important is it for an artist to have a Facebook pa...

  |  328 votes
  • Extremely necessary
  • Somewhat needed
  • Not needed
  • I avoid Facebook like the plague
  • Other (please explain)

Favorite Korean period/dynasty?

  |  132 votes
  • Prehistory - Jeulmun, Mumun
  • Gojoseon, Proto-3 Kingdoms
  • 3 Kingdoms - Goguryeo, Baekje, Silla
  • North and South States - Unified Silla (668-935), Balhae (698-926)
  • Later 3 Kingdoms - Hubaekje, Taebong, Silla (9th to 10th c.)
  • Goryeo (918-1392)
  • Joseon (1392-1897)
  • Korean Empire/Daehan Jeguk (1897-1910)
  • Modern (20th-21st century)
  • All

Favorite Chinese Dynasty? Or dynasty/era you'd like to ...

  |  169 votes
  • Shang Dynasty (1600-c. 1046 BC)
  • Zhou Dynasty (1045-256 BC)
  • Qin (221-206 BC) and Han Dynasty (206 BC -220 AD)
  • Jin Dynasty (265-420)
  • Three Kingdoms (220-280)
  • Sui (581-618) and Tang Dynasty (618-907)
  • Song Dynasty (960-1279)
  • Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368)
  • Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
  • Qing Dynasty (1644-1912)

As a reader what is your preferred way to read long for...

  |  174 votes
  • Standard print size/format (like traditional manga, comics)
  • Single frame/single panel (i.e. Ava's Demon)
  • One long scrolling page per strip/chapter (i.e Korean webtoons)
  • As long as it fits the screen and I don't have to scroll horizontally or vertically
  • As a printed book
  • Anything goes

Favorite Japanese Historical Period? This may or may no...

  |  213 votes
  • Jomon, Yayoi, Kofun (Everything before 538AD)
  • Asuka and Nara (6th to 8th centuries)
  • Heian (8th-12th centuries)
  • Kamakura to Azuchi-Momoyama (12th-early 17th centuries)
  • Edo (17th to mid 19th century)
  • Meiji (1868-1912)
  • Taisho (1912-1926)
  • Showa (1926-1989)

Which topics do you find most helpful about the Histori...

  |  236 votes
  • One culture/one class (e.g. upper or working class) throughout history
  • One period/era/dynasty showing all genders and different social classes
  • More narrowed topic: hair, hats, shoes, lingerie, styles of mustaches of a culture/gender/class
  • One narrowed topic showing many cultures (e.g. 19th c. Men's Hairstyles from all over the world or continent)
  • Anything is fine

I am currently working on a "History of the Kimono" fas...

  |  279 votes
  • Korean Women's clothing
  • Chinese Male Hanfu and Changshan
  • Male Vietnamese ancient clothing and ao dai
  • Japanese Men's Clothing
  • Ancient Persian/Modern Iran Women's Clothing
  • Southeast Asia or Pacific Islands (Siam/Thailand, Philippines, please specify)
  • Korean Men's clothing
  • Historical Mongolian clothing (men or women)
  • A certain era in Western History (Victorian, 1920s, etc)
  • Other, please specify

For my next historical fashion timeline, which country ...

  |  297 votes
  • China
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Khmer Empire
  • Southeast Asia (please specify)
  • Mongolia or Central Asia
  • India
  • Middle East (i.e. Persia)
  • Other (European, African, Latin American, etc, please specify)