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Zuko's Scar

Originally started out as a practice for painting faces while I was working on "Serenade" [link] but then morphed into a storyboard/comic/I don't know what the heck happened thing. ORZ.

Well anyways, the idea is an Older/Grown Up Toph "seeing" Zuko for the first time (possibly a further continuation of the Adventure Time piece [link] ). What their conversation is, I'll leave it up to your imagination.

Bonus pic to counter the sappiness: [link]

Tools: Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, India Ink, Sumi-e brushes, Gouache
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And I love Zuko x Toph and Zuko x Yue
Kaigaazuko's avatar
It's been a long time since I see this from years ago. I'm coming to see this. Still looks awesome.
SaiyukiMarie39's avatar
This is gorgeous! I love the way you draw their faces!
Ehsol-namu's avatar
This is surprisingly touching even though she's just "seeing" him. 
Bloody-Valentine666's avatar
This is really beautiful. <3 
Twisted-Shipper's avatar
Oh no, I'm starting to ship them ;7;
Anystart01's avatar
woow!! creo que imagine esta imagen en mi mente miles de veces y  hoy la veo ilustrada!!.  
es hermosa!!! gracias!!!
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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!Heart - Free Heart - Free Heart - Free Heart - Free Heart - Free  Heart - Free 
empressofmelnibone's avatar
I Love this image!!!!! It's awe inspiring!!!!!!!!!!
wirewitch01's avatar
This is beautiful!
LadyofAzzaroth's avatar
Sooooooo beautiful<3
PurpleRose101's avatar
My favorite of the two of these :)
KTKokaQ's avatar
They both look wonderful, this is a great piece
jacob134's avatar
I don't ship these two but i'll admit that's very cute. They both look so happy it makes smile:) Good job.
Blue-marin's avatar
Kesys's avatar
fantastic *-*
TenoreRobusto's avatar
This is adorable.  I don't ship these two and never did, but this is beautiful. :)
AndreasArtLand's avatar
I like this, but I would like it more if she was looking at his eyes not his chin...
ZakuraTheFungi's avatar
Well, she's blind so I doubt she would know where his eyes are :/
AndreasArtLand's avatar
Oh... Opps! I didn't know. lol
ZakuraTheFungi's avatar
Haha, that's okay :) If you haven't ever seen Avatar: The Last Airbender though, I highly recommend it. That's where these two characters are from~
AMAZING!!! I :heart: IT!!!!
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