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Been having a massive art-block lately so I decided to do some portrait practice. And whaddya know, this piece just happened to be sitting half-finished in my hard-drive for nearly a year now...

Zuko and Dragon are (C) to their respective owners.
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I like it :D Great artwork!!!
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He's so beautiful here.
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Nice work how long did it take you to finish it?
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I can't really remember. I worked on it on and off, even left it half finished for a year or so before coming back to it.
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:wow: :omg:
Too awesome for words!
whitetree-nimloth's avatar
You really nailed Zuko's look without outright copying the show- it's awesome. (besides, everything's awesome with DRAGONS)
FireLordZukoXoXo's avatar
He looks so good with the dragon !!
Looks wonderful. :D
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Awesome work!
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Amazing portrait! :)
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I love the dragon! And Zuko, but that's a given. The dragon's coloring is great!
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AWESOME Zuko painting!!! I love the fact that there's a dragon too! Perfection!
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Different but can still feel his essence.
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nice work !!
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Many thanks
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