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May 29, 2011
Toph the Vagabond: Walkthrough a piece by ~lilsuika
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by shadowmanwkp
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Toph the Vagabond: Walkthrough

Bits and pieces of my working methods.

Finished piece here:
 Toph the Vagabond by lilsuika

Edit: Thank you so much for the DD! That was very unexpected. Looking back, I really wished I had been more through with the walkthrough. I hope I was of some help. :)
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OrigamiPromise's avatar
Oh this is nice! good work, I have a question: when you print out the picture to colour with your inks, do you print out different layers? or do you print the entire picture in one piece?
Chidorihy's avatar
Do you draw the person first or the background?
lilsuika's avatar
I usually try to draw the background first. But sometimes it's the other way around.  
For this painting, I drew the character first, but when I started coloring/painting I worked on the background first. 
Chidorihy's avatar
I see. Thanks for the reply!
stephboney's avatar
ohhhhh my god :O 
casually scroll
majorly double take
*how is this even possible*
beautiful and amazing and incredible and merrno words
SoLoretta's avatar
so beautiful! looks like a very complicated process
Peng-Cubi's avatar
TheDevilReborn's avatar
I know what you maen! :)
I my-self loves jsut to sit down with a design and go with it!
This is jsut as beautiful as your other!
I love all the designs you hand for Toph werdorp! :D
lilsuika's avatar
Thank you! I get so get carried away when I'm having fun with a particular piece of art. :)
TheDevilReborn's avatar
The best ideas are the ones that carry us away!
xEmoMuffinx's avatar
How are there no comments on this O_O
Your art is amazing 8D
Yami-jo's avatar
thanks for sharing your work method. It's something that i've heard of, but couldn't figure out how to put it on work. You've put it in clear state. Thanks a lot!
Anomalies13's avatar
My god, you draw a lot, lol. This is cool though. I kinda wish it was bigger though. :(
Well deserved DD, your work is amazing!
Hallowrook's avatar
This is brilliant. Thanks for making this!
pigsterlover's avatar
oh my gosh this is sooo good O.o
BlueFoxJutsu's avatar
:wow: I wish I was as dedicated as you :heart:
calgarc's avatar
wow i love all the steps
aimee5's avatar
Hmm ... that's a cool idea with the color thumbs
dani0001's avatar
XMauri001's avatar
Lovely work ^__^ ~!
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