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Toph the Vagabond

Commission for :icongossymer:

"The concept behind it was Toph in her twenties and traveling about - in this case, she's in the Earth Kingdom and just left a branch of Iroh's tea shop (notice the red lanterns at the doorway with the pai sho symbols emblazened on them XD).

Toph's bo-stick was an older idea; a gift from Iroh (with dragons!) she uses it to pretend she's really blind, in communication (bopping Aang on the head or knees never lost its charm to Toph haha) or as a makeshift weapon (Toph's metal-bending)"


I had so much fun with this piece, and got to really challenge myself. :)

This piece is finished, please no critiques unless you are the commissioner.

Walkthrough/mini tut here: 
Toph the Vagabond: Walkthrough by lilsuika
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Toph is proof that life is easier when you're the greatest(and the prettiest) earthbender in the world next to the badgermoles(no offense, Toph).

It's so gorgeous! I've never sean anything like that before!

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Awesome job on this!
Such beautiful clothing...
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Very well made, lovely concept.
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Oh, she'd have more musculature than that. :-)
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Such a well illustrated work of art from the background silhouettes up to the facial expression!! Beautiful and incredibly detailed design!! :D
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I think you're really talented both with backgrounds and characters, but what I like the most is how you've designed the clothes. They really suit Toph as a character - having pants instead of a skirt - and looks authentic (at least for someone who hasn't researched asian traditional clothing) =)
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Is so beautiful.
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This whole gallery is amazing...
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Love the outfit
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I love all of your Avatar art, especially Toph and Zuko!:heart: A mini-series of older Toph travelling through the world would be so nice...*sigh* And I absolutely adore that you added hints about her friendship with Iroh here, they're my brotp!:D
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That is just GORGEOUS!!! Wow!! Toph looks absolutely beautiful with her hair down. Even my brother thinks that!LOL She is beautiful either way, though. I love Toph!!!!!!! Great job.
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Omg, she looks beautiful. I love this rendition of Toph, she looks carefree, as if caught of guard. You created a wonderful background. I really am digging this piece. Awesome.
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Love the koi pond! Nice touch!!!
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I love Toph awesome picture :)
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I'm speechless...
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