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Toko: Offspring

By lilsuika
A quick little drawing for the Toko week prompt: offspring. 
When I found out that Grey DeLisle (Azula) voices young Lin Beifong in Korra I just had to draw this. XD

But I also immediately thought of this too, ha!

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handsomelad69's avatar
what happened to all your other Toko pics? Thank god i can still find them on google or pinterest
LightningDraco's avatar
I find it surprisingly funny how this the first time I've seen this ship!  I never knew that this ship existed until now! XD
TIffytan's avatar
LE tear I thought I was the only one on the TOKO shipp
Karinta's avatar
Adorable...... I swear I'm just going to :squee: for the rest of my life.
kujyoRiskachiehaloho's avatar
you made my life completed QwQ
PurpleRose101's avatar
So, so, so, so, so, so, so, SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO adorable :)
mk456's avatar
Man you gotta stop with the toko stoff Lil you make me addicted D:
farie-insignias's avatar
Oh my god. I started watching you because of all your stuff on historical fashion timelines (which I really love, by the way), but now I discover that you make gorgeous Toko art too! Can you be any cooler?
lilsuika's avatar
Awww, thank you for the very kind words! It's always great to meet another Toko fan. :D
Riixinkuu's avatar
At first I was like "How dare you ship this" then it makes more sense! ^ v ^
lilsuika's avatar
Truth be told, I ship Toph x Harem. :P
I totally thought I was the only one who thought those same two things. Anyhow this absolutely beautiful!Love I am a dummy! 
lilsuika's avatar
Glad to know I'm not the only one! 
I wonder what else Bryke will come up with in Book 4. They must have a ton of fun coming up with these things. Lol. 
PurpleRainShowers's avatar
I love the soft colors and lighting here. Such a sweet image <3
lilsuika's avatar
Yonetee's avatar
Thats sweet. :"3
(But I prefer Toph + Sokka)
Nice painting. Clap 
lilsuika's avatar
Thank you. :)
I happen to like both pairings actually.
If I had my way, I'd give Toph a harem and make it canon. :P
Yonetee's avatar
Yeah, You are definitelly my person. In this. :D That sound cool!
cartoonking1's avatar
Always had a feeling it was like that ;p
cartoonking1's avatar
You know that Toph wears the pants in the relationship ;p
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