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The Wrong Fairy

Everyone wants to be a Disney Princess. Aliens included.

This came about because I was thoroughly tired of seeing said Princesses EVERYWHERE.

Pleakley and Stitch are copyright Disney. This is merely a parody.
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couldn't you imagine pleakley dating, lounging or cheerleading?
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Pleakley is the best Disney princess.
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I did not expect Stitch xD
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JA JA , Stich as Tinker Bell i like that.
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This is the best thing I've seen all year 
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this is just adorable omg <3
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This is so cute , Pleakley is my favorite Disney Princess
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Haha! So adorable!
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shake your thing Stitch,put Tink in shame with your hips
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Looks like Pleakley isn't the only cross dresser in Disney lol
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OOoohhh! this is totally cute!!
love your concept!

totally going in my faves.
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Aurora and Jasmin suits him very well, I must say :D
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i love it. Pleakley is so pretty! <3
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And with this in mind I'm off to make a petition to get Pleakley in the Disney Princesses line (JK but if he got in there that'd be AMAZINGG~ XD and I'd total save money to buy the dolls. <3 )
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Mouahahaha ! Just Priceless !! XD
This is sooo Peakley. I'm sure is dream is to be a female alien to wear gorgeous dresses all the time XD
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Aww, he looks really cute as Snow White *O*
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Hahahah this made me laugh :D
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I'm just wondering something is that your website at the very bottom of the picture on the corner....??
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Yes, that is my website.
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