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Commission for :icongossymer:

"The concept is a quiet evening in the Fire Nation with Zuko playing the liquin/chinese lute that belonged to Uncle Iroh while Toph fishes. Its an opportunity for them to unwind and relax, loosely reminiscent of the campfire nights of old during the series (which at this point would be about a decade ago).

Something to note is that since Toph refuses to spend any length of time in a boat, she ended up earth bending a path to a good fishing spot.

Also, Zuko has a few sets of clothing for going incognito - including an Earth Kingdom outfit so he can sneak out amidst dignitaries/diplomats when leaving palace grounds."


Concept Art and Progress shots here: [link]

I really adore this pairing and had loads of fun with this piece. It was also a personal goal for me to challenge myself more since I tend to be pretty lazy when it comes to backgrounds. Lol. Many thanks for gossymer for her amazing feedback!

Tools: A great majority was done in Paint Tool Sai, while the rest in Photoshop, Painter, and Sumi Brushes w/ India Ink
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i love the colors
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They are so pretteeeh together. <3 I love the atmosphere in this picture. 
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I did not imagine that pairing, but your pic has totally persuaded me in that direction (of shipping Toph and Zuko) La la la la 

moonflower Not to mention the pic it self is very nicely made Clap :w00t: revamp of sorts A Flower for You 
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Wow... Zuko can be that talented... That's impressive.
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This is so different from most of the avatar fanart, and it is absolutely stunning! I'm certain that the person who commissioned this is very happy!
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This is great! I love it! Especially Toph's outfit. It's feminine, yet it's still...Toph-ish. I can't describe it.
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Isn't the instrument a pipa? :)
Her outfit it so pretty. You capture Toph femininity very well. I'm going through all your artwork now XD How could I miss such talent before? hahaha
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Amazing job. I love the outfits and the ambiance is just perfect. =D
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lolwut? love the couple x3
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*3* this is stunning! The both of them just look amazing! You are so good! :)
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Really beautiful... Thumbs up !
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I love this pairing!! and I love your art! Good job!! :clap: :love:
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This is so lovely. :)
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zuko toph? hmmm its a very cute picture
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This is an amazingly well done piece of art. I can imagine the owner of that pond that Toph is fishing at throwing a fit over her earthbending path to traverse.

The coloring is very nicely done. It is very strongly reminiscent of a high quality watercolor painting. I also like the realistic look of the characters. Even though it is a departure from the style of art on the cartoon series, Toph and Zuko are still easily recognizable.
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aww you draw beautifully! I wish you did some taang.
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omg <3 <3 <3 3
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