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Scarlet Moon

A Vampire Hunter from my Song of the Frost Moon story/comic. I've been having a terrible art block and haven't been doing much except for costume designs and whatnot. So I decided to do something Ukiyo-e inspired... at least that was the original intent. ORZ.

Just to be on the safe side, I'm putting this under mature for the scary head. ^^;

Sword Inspiration [link]
Hat Inspiration: [link]
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I'm impressed!
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
What a splendid piece done here^^ Hope you'll consider makin' some action like scenes!
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DUDE this is so cool the lighting and color contrast is killing me. I love your style so much please never stop
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I don't know whether you're Vietnamese, but this design reminds me of Hai Ba Trung, the famous female generals.
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Wow that's crazy cool and I wish to see her in a movie
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WOW! its a very amazing work! CONGRATS!
athenagodofwisdom's avatar
pretty, the snow is nicely done to
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This is really cool!
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I asked for this outfit is Vietnam
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Beautiful! The hat she's wearing looks alike Quai Thao hat of Vietnam. ^^
Btw, i'm Vietnamese.
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Great art! The hat that she's wearing looks alike Quai Thao hat of Vietnam. 
Btw, i'm Vietnamese.
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hope you've progressed on this one.


i love it but it actually has a 'Chinese pirate" feel to it

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Thanks. Though basically I was just trying to go for badass. ^^; 
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no she's totally badass!! other than the hat and her facial features/hair, her design (clothing) gives me the an impression of a Chinese pirate.
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The character is extremely formidable, awesome, pride! I always wanted to say I can't get it out of my head, it rocks!
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A very dynamic compositon, and I love the character you are able to embue your characters. The strong stance and her direct gaze make us know she is a confident character more so than the sword or the evil head she is holding. The glow is kind of throwing me off a little bit, but I'm hard pressed to describe how. I feel like there should be more darkness in the pic somewhere, but I'm not sure if that would be realistic given the reflecting abilities of snow. Awesome pic though, I would love to be able to draw as well as you do.
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This is wicked! Her clothing looks nice, and I like how the sword leads the eye right to that freaky head! XD This is wonderful! :D I want to know the story behind it!
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This is simply amazing!
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This is inherently awesome.
Also, you're really good at drawing clothes.
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The background evokes the japanese flag. Maybe not so Ukiyo-e but very japanese.
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