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Qing Official's Attire


Btw, this is also the attire of hopping vampires (jiangshi). XD 
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Is there any signifance for the beads? Their lenght, colors, how many strings one Mandarin could display at once?

Erm, jiangshi actually means zombie. Vampire os xixuegui, 吸血鬼
For some reason, the chinese characters won't show up

That's what the author says lol

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Damn,remind me the Chinese zombies 030 Chinese Zombie is powerful than the zombie Europe (maybe),just one kick you could fly away about a few meters, they even could break the wall or anything by hitting their body on it (cause they only could hop)they could destroy anything,the only thing to stop them without using DaoJiao amulet (symbol) is read the recantation,bite your finger than spread your blood on their forehead and it will stop them. If you've bitten by the zombie you need to cover the wound with the glutinous rice to clean the poison inside your body, but mostly just stop the poison,the only why to clean the toxic inside your body is find the zombie who bite you,there are 2-3 kind of zombies,or just cut off the part that was being bitten,if you were bitten on the arm you need to chop of your arm, if it was of the chest,head, face or stomach then—God bless you. The only way to kill them is crushing them or burn them (or bomb them).

How a dead people turning into the zombie :

- Before the person was dead their mind was full with something bad like hate,revenge etc.
- A black cat jump over the coffin (which has corpse inside) if the black cat is pregnant it'll be more dangerous
- Being bite by zombie (it takes time to turn into a zombie,sometimes even day)

That's all I know ●ω● Actually I know the way to attack and kill the zombie but I don't know what should I call those weapons in English XD
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Zombie's are from Africa/North America not Europe.
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is rank 1 higher than rank 9?
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I love this! The Qing Dynasty officials and military had the best uniforms in my opinion. Though I am a Han Dynasty studies graduate student, I still think the Qing had them beat in fashion sense lol. Thank you for the explanation on the parts of the clothing. I had the hats mixed up. I thought the Winter one was actually the Summer one. 

The winter hat is so dope though, I actually own two cheap ones. 
not ture though... chinese zombies & vampires are all wearing the same costume  of the qing dynasty (couldn't tell which)  both are hopping forward and have stickers on their heads to seal the evil ( there're lots of references of dead qing dynasty officials in horror movies produced in hong kong)
But anyway, the explanations and drawing are good.
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Wow! Great details and explanation. Thank you!
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I am speechless!
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Very interesting, as always =) I love your deviantions
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Please do Ming official attire next!
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Amazing! I always loved this dressing :clap:
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This is wonderful, thank you :) Are there any rules to how the necklace is supposed to look depending on rank? I've never been able to find any info on it beyond what materials were used to make them.
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A lot of things can make the necklace:ivory,quartz,lapis lazuli,jade,jadeite,turquoise,tourmaline,pearl,agate,amber.....
In necklace,the materials is not so important,the color is.Only the emperor,queen and empress dowager can wear bright yellow necklace.The royal highness can wear gold color.Others are cyan.
I dont know if you can read chinese,but there is no english page on wikipedia,you can check here:…
have fun!
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Thank you so much! I've been wondering about this for ages.
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You are welcome!Glad I could help.
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an amazing amount of detail...very informative and helpful 
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Oh my word XD I remember watching movies with hopping vampires when I was a kid, it was so funny watching them hop non-stop XD
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Thank you for the research!
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WOW these details are so helpful! Thank you for doing these references!
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