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Noble Manchurian Women of Qing Dynasty (Hair)


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A short illustration showing different styles of the Manchurian women's wing-like headdress through early, mid and late Qing dynasty. When time allows, I'd like to create a much more in-depth version with many more drawings/styles. 


“Manchu women of position generally decorated their hair with a small comb whose frame was formed with wire or thin rattan strips and covered with black gauze, on which were embroidered green feathers. The commoners mostly wore ‘fork-shape’ buns. Later under the influence of the Han women, they came to wear flat buns. However, the bun became higher and higher towards the end of the dynasty until it was an ornaments of fixed shaped in the form of an ‘archway’, capable of being put on the head at will after putting a few flowers into it, hence the name of ‘big wings’.” (5,000 Years of Chinese Costume, pg. 173)

“Manchu women combed their hair into a flat chignon at the back with horns supported by a hair board, which was also called ‘double horns hair style.’ Very beautiful and unique, they often decorated hair with big flowers of vivid color or tassels.” (Chinese Clothing, 81)

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Nation of Manchuria from 1932 to 1945 was called "Manchouquo" or "Manchukuo" and was well documented by Japanese sources such as a photo periodical "Manchuria Graph" often designated as "Showa" or by Tohosha .

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The evolution of strong necks
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The largest headdress is the most beautiful to me but I heard they're surprisingly heavy, 10-30 pounds. ouch
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Water your headdress to make it bloom and grow large enough to become alpha over all other headdresses
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Too sad now there's no much Manchurian people today :(
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Hello, I just wanted to comment that I've enjoyed all of your history of Asian fashion pieces, they are all extremely well done, thank you for sharing them with us.
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is that al hair?
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Reminds me of the empress in Sagwa
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It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It's fascinating and beautiful the way they do this. Haha~ :iconaartplz: <-- yes it is. 
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My people are creative
And my heritage was awesome.
I am born Chinese so I don't have to worry.
I live in Malaysia cuz many many years ago my race immigrated there just to work like servants towards the Malayans(what Malaysians are called back then)when they were still under the British rule.
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That's very cool! 
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Yep that is very cool
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who HAS that much hair!?
Wow. Looking at the picture on the far right, at first I thought that big "thing" on her head was some kind of head piece. All of that is actually her hair?!?
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that's not actually hair... (lol look at my avatar :D )
that's kind of decoration made of kind of hard cloth or something like that
the real hair will be in back side of the head...
like this
but i guess the left first one might be real hair...
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How heavy are those hair boards?
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it's up to the place she is.
the higher place she is in the palace, the heavier of the hair boards she has
like queen or "GuiFei" is up to 5kg, decorate with gems and gold
this is queen
this is GuiFei
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Yikes! How were they able to not fall?
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balance... so much balance!
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My head aches just thinking about attempting those hairstyles
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yep... just like you put a baby (3kg) on your head for the whole day....
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oh my it keeps getting bigger. I never really looked into these changes even though I grew up with it. Thanks for organizing. ^^
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I'll be honest, I think the Qing Dynasty was one of my absolute favorite among China's history. Anyway, enough of my fangirl-ing, you've done an amazing job on their hair, so far! Love is in the air 
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