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Moon and Swallow II

Playing around with some panels from my webcomic.
I'm actually up to page 31 [link] now, whoo-hoo!
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This so amazing! You're style seems to refined and perfect for wuxia and the ancient Chinese culture that its mindboggling! X3 Keep up the sweet, sweet work! ^^
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hoa bỉ ngạn đẹp quá
like your comic. lovely picture. :)
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I read through all of your comics in the past hour or so... They're really good because I've never been so immersed. They are also very well organized.

For this comic, what medium did you use? It seems like you used sumi-e for the characters and background inking, I am not sure about the colors... What about the panels? It also seems like you toggled between traditional and digital for the dialog bubbles. One thing I do like is that you colored it, I feel more inclined to color my work if I were to make a comic (even though I'm not such a good colorer).
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This is gorgeous! :heart: :heart:
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So pretty and lovely *u* <3
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Lovely as usual. I adore your use of pastel colors, brush-like lines and semi-realistic drawing. It's rather a distinctive style and somehow resemble oriental wash paintings. Looking at your art inspired me to draw, really.

I've been a silent reader for a while and wistfully waiting for romantic sparks between Yến Nhi and Nguyệt (if there is romance at all). I hope you'll soon get the inspiration back; art block could be a real pain.
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Nguyet's face is looking a lot better in comparison other realistic drawings of him =D

Your attention to detail is always remarkable. I love the flowers there. As for Yen Nghi, her nose doesn't seem to quite "fit" in her face and her eyes seem rather close imo. Sorry if this offends you, I just know you can do much better. Maybe take a break for a while and study real humans. But it is beautiful nonetheless and I hope my comment does not bother you.
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Your style is amazing!^^
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gorgeous as usual. Its so classic. I can almost hear the wind blowing!
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MightyJonE's avatar the way you handled the background - love the muted colours and the colour palette
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