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Fashionable Lady of Heian/Fujiwara Japan

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I have a question-- I sometimes see women in ancient japanese paintings depicted with a little white ribbon-thing in their hair. What is that thing? What is it called?

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   Heian Japan is my favorite era. In fact, it's the only era I seem to know best about the place.
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this is so educational! you are seriously  amazing i love this collection !
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Truly astonishing work here
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you are a godsend, thank you so much for these illustrated references, i've been having the hardest time find stuff like this, thank you so much
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Great guide, informative and well illustrated. Thank you for the references as well!
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Thanks for making this,i really enjoyed reading this. :D (Big Grin) 
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What is up with the black teeth, I still can't get over that...
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I'm not sure if you'd like us to find some writing errors, as I found 2.

"A woman's her fashion ability.." --- you can remove "her"
"Powered white skin.." --- I think you meant "powdered"?

Anyways, thank you again for another informative piece :D
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Up to 40 layers for jūnihitoe? My goodness, beauty must suffer indeed. I know it's silk, but still, those summers must have been hellish. Very informative, thanks! :) Also that tidbit about dyeing the hakama and kosode was enlightening
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Thats true about the hair and they are so sexy that are super extremely uncuttable  and can be usefull as a tool or weapon.Soryy i just like anime women with super extreme uncuttable hair that touch the floor!Can you make a art that talk and show how their hair grow faster and many things about their hair?
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Very useful and well-made. Thanks for posting. (:
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Very helpful! I love these!
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because i mean all the history i need is in ur art and i mean wow its super interesting im always excited to see when you've uploaded a new one
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How educational and fascinating.
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Very informative.  Thanks for sharing!  As always, your drawings are very nice as well
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