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Avatar: The Fire Nation Royals

Practicing realism with the Avatar characters again.

Forgot to put up the references I loosely used for the faces/features: [link]

The texture behind Ursa is from CG Textures [link]

edit 6/4/12: Finally got around to repainting several parts of this piece. Zuko's pouty lips have been bugging me for way too long. O_O

You can see some of the changes on my tumblr.
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Wow this is gorgeous
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The three victims of Ozai:( he ruined their lives in more ways than one, and only two were able to escape his abuse and recover.
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These three has one of the most tragic and bitter family issues, as in the big scale, none of it was their fault but they couldn't do anything about it. 
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I dunno what I was trying to say 8 months ago.....
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I couldn't help of thinking that this is like a cover of a film TwT
beautifully done~ 
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Absolutely incredible!! You totally brought the characters into a new level of artistic expression and cultural beauty. Love it.
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Wow, this is so good!
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Azula looks so great! Evil 'n pretty! <333
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¡Wow esta hermoso! ¡Te felicito! :love:
Wonderful work! I adore Azula :3
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Awesome! I love Azura and you successfully caught her charater !!!
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Stunning! Absolutely beautiful! You've captured them perfectly! :D
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that creepy moment when Azula looks just like your cousin... who's sitting right next to you.... laughing her butt off.
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Agh... Got me right in the feels... This is so gorgeous. Fantastic job :iconepicclapplz:
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This is so beautiful. I enjoy how realistic they look. :clap:
Do you have one of just Zuko with said lips?
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Well you can see a previous version at my tumblr. ^^;
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