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Age Progression of an Asian Eye

Some eye studies of Asian double lid eyes from young child to elderly. Eyes are referenced from myself, family and relatives. Thought it might be useful to upload. ;)
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Elderly is not Asians since as on ages teleomeres or ends of chromosomes are consumed until Elderly are European.

Both Hottentots or Kung and Hungarians or Magyars have East Asian faces.

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This is really interesting... o-o

Also, kind of terrified for my future since I also have double eye-lids.
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what country are you from?
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Whoa :) this is fascinating.
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The last one is scary
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Probably would be monolid in real life (I'm asian, I know this guys).
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LOLOL AHAHA XDD This comment made my day.
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I wish I can stay young adult forever.. :(
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I like the way the wrinkles fold on the Senior! Your tutorial was featured here with credit, thats how I found it :…
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I like how Young Adult - Adult has such heavy eyebags/panda eyes. Accurate reflection. :D
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Thanks for making this!
It's really helpful
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it's awesome but...

Russioans Indian Iraqy and a part of Turks are also Asians it's so frustrating

sorry random rant 
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Cheeck ur speeling dudee
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Very useful, thank you :)
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I love it! I don't even know what to say, this piece is so excellent.
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What a great transition. :)
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I simply love asian eyes, so graceful
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I really like this, well done
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Nice work! :D

And I can't help wondering just wtf that spam down there by nightworkinggirls is supposed to even BE?  (The link is a dead end)  :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:
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very useful,thanks for the share :)
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