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ATLA: Portraits

Some old sketches I had forgotten about until now and decided to quickly finish/update. Plus, I haven't been drawing anything but still life lately and needed a break from it. I used my brother as reference for Aang because I can't draw kids. Also used Mako as a reference for Iroh.

Didn't include Zuko or Toph because I have drawn them plenty of times already. [link]

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FeatherQuilt88's avatar
These are incredibly beautiful! :clap: And the fact that you based Iroh on Mako, oh gosh, excuse me while I go cry into my pillow for a few moments.... Pikachu Crying Plz 
Kaigaazuko's avatar
Now, that is Jet
eli-lili's avatar
Wow, such a great translation from the anime style.
daraen1986's avatar
They're really well done.
3V3NT-H0R1Z0N's avatar
This is how the movie should have looked like!!!!
eli-lili's avatar
The M Night movie was so terrible!
ASnowyDay's avatar
I love Jet's hair. La la la la It's so light and fluffy looking!
tokkashipper2's avatar
This looks great! - but where's zuzu?
AlexandraAlex's avatar
they look truly Asians!! especially aang, iroh & jet!! o.o
Moon-Flower4022's avatar
Wow! :O These portraits are not sketches! These are MASTERPIECES! They are so beautiful and accurate to the characters! I love the way you have posed them and that you made them all look so freaking amazing. <3 I'm in love.
chillinchikjw's avatar
Beautiful renditions of the characters <3 so amazing and beautiful
CitrineG's avatar
Jet you so sexy.
flying-katana's avatar
Oh my god, Jet is perfect...!
Real-Live-Fishlegs's avatar
Okay, the movie doesn't exist- THESE are what the characters should look like! OMGOSH they're amazing! Great job! :D
ayame18's avatar
I love how realistic they look. :clap: Excellent job here!
SupergeekGr33n's avatar
Aang is definitely the standout here. Azula, Sokka, and Ozai are also really great. Jet's portrait is a pretty unique interpretation of his design, I'd say.
Kyokushin-Chan's avatar
wow hat guy in the middle on the top looks.... hehehe :chew: yummy ;D
zodiacbunnyrabbit's avatar
gorgeous and amazing at the same time!:)
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