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ATLA - Fire Nation Family II

Various Atla Fire Nation portraits I've done over the years. Thought it'd be fun to put them all in one pic.

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How is that so real???!!!

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Azulon and Sozin?
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you're incredibly gifted and must have put a lot of work into your talent. Awesome!
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Ozai looks way too nice :D Love all of them though ^^
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This is so good!
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Really nice :) You captured them well
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You really captured the essence of each member of the royal family.

Azula is perfectly captured here with her cold and murderous smile that would make even the most hardened of Dai Li agents shit themselves in fear! Like a successful monster, she is calculating, making subtle moves that are contrasted by her overwhelming infernal powers. 

Ozai is the portrait (no pun intended) of a confident, arrogant, but imperiously strong man who is convinced of his own divinity as ruler of his nation. His expression also conveys his ruthlessness and callous attitude as he burns away his enemies with plumes of fire and torrents of lightning. 

Ursa's expression shows her despair at how she is trapped by a man she hates in a situation that she tried to make the best of. She is the definition of a concerned mother; worried for her son growing up under a tyrant of a father; worried for a daughter whose mind is building up to collapse. 

Iroh is shown as his sage and cheerful self, but also has the eyes of a man who has made the choice to live a life of peace and tranquility despite all of the violence and pain he has seen. 

And let's not forget the dragon prince himself, Zuko. Well, what can I say about this conflicted firebender that hasn't been said a thousand times before? His expression shows the face of a man who struggles on the razor's edge between humanity and savagery, indicating the balance that he eventually achieves within himself. 
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I love these portraits, they look so much like the characters in a more realistic style! All of them are great!
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Awesome characterdesign for them!
And also the shift of their heads is also a nice touch!
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I remember these! It's great to see them lined up. You do an excellent job of blending their cartoon appearances with a more realistic style.
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OMg Iroh is so cool !!!! I love him !! He loos so adorable and funny !
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man...iroh looks like a jolly santa! xD
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I should've toned down his red checks. Lol
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r u kidding me he's awesome!!!
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Love it! The style is so cool! ^-^ :heart:
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Ooh, very nice!  And I find it interesting, in some cases, how little you even needed to change about them to put them into a more realistic style.  Especially looking at Ozai and Zuko and Azula's mother. They still look very much like they did in the show, which says a lot about the differences in facial detail in the show itself, despite having a simplified style.
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Woooow! Stunning style! :)
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