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Created by Elliedrawz08
Tagged by: FuRi9N 

- If you get tag, you must answer these questions below. 

- Make a journal, copy the rules and the questions and answer it!

- Tag Elliedrawz08, the original person that make the game.

- Tag 10 person to answer!

- Have fun! Well...
1. What's your real name?
Simona, I just prefer ti be called Suzy sometimes

2. How old are you?
14 and edge lord

3. Your nicknames?
Sim, Lil, Simmu, Mona, Simon- (You bet your ass this is going to be here)

4. What food do you like?
All the sweets till I die from sugar overdose

5. What kind of music do you like?
Everything, I seriously dont care as long as I like it

6. What's your favourite idol/band?
Uhh Lil Peep counts right- ;v,

7. What program do you use for drawing?
FireAlpaca for sketch and lineart (sometimes I do the full thing there or I just make shitposts)
And PTS for coloring, shading and lighting, background etc because there are better
brushes and I also can make the drawing better <3

8. Show your first art and your last art!
First I could find here -  Miesha by LilSimona
And last -  Rosey ~AT by LilSimona (I put this because the last two ones are just sorta "shitposts" and I didnt really put any effort into them)

9. What's your main OC and their name?
I dont really have a main oc but I guess I can count my sonas as my mains.

10. You are single or taken?
Single like a pringle

11. Why you choose this username for DA?
Because it randomly popped up to my head and I felt like I will be using it for a long time
And noo, I didnt get the Lil from rappers, I didnt even known they existed back then!
But, Im happy with my username I have and I dont feel like changing it anytime soon <3

12. What's your nationality? And your country?
Estonian and Estonia, pls dont hate on my little boy estonia : (

13. What's your favorite song right now?
Well, Lil Peep - Toxic City  and  grandson - Bury Me Face Down

WELL, We All know I had to tag someone some day so,
elskaan XFantasyCreatureX marbleach iM SORRY 
i dont know anyone else to tag sORRy
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I just wanted to tell yall that I will be going on a trip to Norway for 10 days!
And I wont be online much //even though im dead 24/7
I will be in internet at hotels and places where is free wifi
I said internet because I mean like all the social platforms Im on and using
Anyway, if you have anything to talk with me or smth /which I doubt-/ just know
that I wont be able to answer right away and you might need to wait for some time ;;,
There is one day when I wont be online because the place where Im staying, doesnt have internet
I will be leaving on 13th July morning
UhMm, I will be sharing pictures but i think i will post them in my instagram story or smth, im not sure yet aa ;;;,
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Mon Jun 18, 2018, 7:01 PM

tagge by my fam :iconfuri9n:

1) You have to post the rules.
2) Answer the questions and make 12 new ones.
3) Choose 12 people.
4) Tag those people.
5) Tags back are allowed.


1. What is your worst fear?
I have many but Im honestly scared to sleep alone,
like all alone without anyone. It makes me feel completely isolated from humans. But now I have a kitten so its okay ;;

2. When you are scared, do you escape from the problem, paralize, or do something about it?
Im not sure? I havent been in a situation like this so I dont want to assume things-

3. Favorite childhood show of all times!
*inhALES* BOi i loved CatDog

4. Who is your favorite OC? (Don't worry, they won't listen c; )
idk if sonas count but I really love my catsona but if sonas dont count then Yaki

5. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Probs read/see peoples minds and/or be invisible

6. Favorite ship! : D

7. Have you had any paranormal experiences or something you can't explain?
Sorta? I dont really know eh

8. If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?
oHOHO, car because I really want to travel around, that my mom could live a normal life again //she has problem walking iif you ask aa// and uh that I could visit my internet friends ;;

9. Would you travel to the past to fix a mistake you made?
yeah I would, but my mistakes make me who I am today so no.  there really isnt any way to fix anything but you can learn from them and make yourself a better person c:

10. If you swapped bodies for one day with your best friend or boyfriend/girlfriend, what would you do? xD
i UHM, iM NOT SURE- I would problably go outside lmAo because my best friend doESNT EVEN MOVE HIS ASS SMH

11. If you were a Viking in the HTTYD world, which dragon would you train? c: (Make it based on your personality)
i dont knoww?? its been a long time since I watched HTTYD ;v,

12. Show me art you've made that you're proud of! c: (If you have a lot, put them all! : D)
Im Praying To The Sky And I Dont Even Know Why by LilSimona my corgi kid Yaki by LilSimona Some pons and some horrible art skills //CE by LilSimona


okay tbh i dont know anyone who to tag so im sorry but i wont do it ;;

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eeeh everyone does it so why not share my thoughts about it too?

whether it was a good or bad year for you, 
I hope you have a wonderful 2018 !

for me, there were ups and downs in this year, my 2017 started in Sweden
sometimes I felt like I wont make it through another day, and sometimes I felt incredibly inspired and happy
I met some of absolutely brilliant people here, who I hope to speak to much more this year 
and I guess I also made a few good friends 
I did go out a lot more than I did last year, so Im pretty proud of myself

uhm art wise, I think Ive improved a little?
Im still switching between styles and stuff ;;
my first time having art thief too haha
eeh my mental state has been in a constant fragile state
and there were a couple of times over the year
that I really did crumble under all of the weight my troubles put on me
but I somehow got through it, and hope to get through it in the future.
I just want to say thank you for all the people who have been in my life and still are <3

sorry for tagging but I think yall deserve a mention c:

huge thank you for making my 2017 better and worth remembering
Im so sorry for tagging you, but I never had the change to thank you properly
You were so supportive, cared and helped me,
Im really sorry from deep of my heart and soul for everything Ive done
Youre such a kind soul and I really hope to talk to you more this year
You have become a important person in my life
Please take a good care of yourself <3 (Also the last promise we made, hO bOi)

aaah sorry for tagging you too
but you really are just amazing and talented?? And also a kind person (and really mature :0)
I really hope you have a wonderful year and stay healthy <3

why you deactive so much :c

I just- The voice record you sent me in Messenger, it was perfect
Im always happy to see a new message from you <3
and also tysm for letting me call you ron :" )

gosh sorry for all the comments on your status updates
but im really glad i started talking with you more <3
and that i also sent you a note once (I think I forgot to answer-)

no but really, youre just awesome friend and im still concerned : ))
ugh about the skype thing, really ill try to use it more/ill also try to finish our AT soon asgf
have a noice day and never give up on that holye diet <3

when were roast joking each other and then you hit my insecurities (I forgive-) <3
lmao ily and no homo but sometimes you just sound so gay
when we have these pointless conversations about life and death
i seriously wonder how did we end up like this :>

Im really sorry, but I really would like to say more but I just dont want to make this journal too long,
even if someone reads it- maybe- maybe not-- idkk
so thanks to people who gave even a little bit of support to me and just made my 2017 a little better <3
I hope we can talk more this year and wont lose contact
Tordiecat FoxyStash niokuni CreativeCocoaCookie Shadow-Nights
MelodySweetheart Riressa xXaldabutterXx whydoyoulookatme
navnlos-chan (god our duets/ gucci gang) XFantasyCreatureX 
Im really sorry if I didnt mention anyone or smth, dont take this in a wrong way
I really am grateful for everything but I just cant keep in track with so many people asdfgh


Sincerely, Simona/ Suzy Heart
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nu blin

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 1, 2018, 12:08 PM
Thanks for tagging me elskaan :'>

1) whats your sexually orentation
shovels and forks

2) whatcha doing now :")
Stealing memes and trynna find people to tag-

3) are you taken or no
Wh- dafuq- Im problably going to die as lonely as I am rn : )

4) do you like your real name
egh, i used to hate it but now im okay with it (i still prefer Suzy more than Simona)

5) did you ever want to change your gender
eeh only when i was younger and i was getting bullied, right now im ok with my gender :>

6) what type chocolate do you like 
every type, expect for dark chocolate-

7) do you want to have an older brother
bish i have 2 older brothers who are huge assholes sometimes

8) do you sleep with your plushies
i used to but i cant take any on trips so i just have a extra pillow now :" )

9) are you eating children on breakfast
wh- what did you smoke-

10) which is better elskaan or ohwishu
i like both, but tbh i like elskaan more

11) cyka blyat or kurwa

12) are you using gt or mouse?
dafuq is gt

my quaaastiaanss
1)Do you like DDLC/Doki Doki Literature Club?
2)Yuri & Monika are best waifus and its a question when i put question mark in the end?
3)Any plans for future? :>
4)Do you believe 2018 is going to be better than 2017?
5)How to you call me-? :"")))
6)Name a meme you hate the most lmao
7)Sir do you like Memes??
8)Are you racist? : )))
9)Do you smoke colors?
10)Are traps gay-
11)LeTS MEET IRL? :,,)
12)Can you please forgive me for these quastians because I srsly dont have any motivation to make good questions?

i tagguu
XFantasyCreatureX marbleach OliveOiI Tordiecat CreativeCocoaCookie QueenKisara (bish i tagged you, fite me)
you dont have to do dis asdfghj <3

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Oh my gAH I got tagged wth

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 24, 2017, 5:37 PM
Oml thank :" )
tagged by triang-ulum 

1) You have to post ALL the rules
2) Answer 12 questions you have been asked then create some 12 questions for people you tagged
3) Choose 12 people
4) Legitimately tag these people
5) You can't say you don't do tags 
6) Tag backs are ALLOWED!

1. Dogs or Cats?
Cats pls
2. Do you draw a lot? Or barely at all?
Eeh- I.. I guess? :" )
3. Least favorite Animal?
I would say spiders but they arent animals-
4. What do you like to draw the most?
Flowers and butterflies pshshs
5. Do you prefer the heat? Or the cold?
Cold thank
6. Computers or Consoles?
7. When did you join DA?
4 December 2015 (woo almost  2 years)
8. How long have you been active on DA so far?
Pretty active- More like.. Im here everyday- 
9. What is the most interesting place you have been?
On the kitchen floor
10. How many pets do you have?
I would say 3 but my cat has been missing for months and I have 2 stupid guinea pigs-
11. Do you like DA?
Nye, expect for the weird people who draw- really-- fucked up stuff-
12. Favorite show?
I-- I enjoy south park tbh--


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Yes-or-No questions

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 12, 2017, 5:24 AM
Zinikmoon soRRy I fORGOT TO DO IT (´v`)

1. You may answer with 'Yes' or 'No' or '...' if too personal to answer.
2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and asks!

Now, here's what you're supposed to do... And please do not spoil the Fun or Drama. Copy and paste this into your notes , delete my answers and type in your answers. Then see what happens...

1. Taken a picture naked? No

2. Painted your room? Yes

3. Made out with a member of the same sex? No

4. Drove a car? Yes

5. Danced in front of your mirror? No

6. Have a crush? Yes

7. Been dumped? No..?

8. Stolen money from a friend? Yes :" )

9. Gotten in a car with people you just met? Yes

10. Been in a fist fight? Yes

11. Sneaked out of YOUR house? Yes

12. Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back? Yes

13. Been arrested? Yes

14. Been arrested more than once? No

15. Made out with a stranger? No jesus

16. Met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere? Yes

17. Left your house with out telling your parents? Yes

18. Had a crush on your neighbour? No

19. Ditched school to do something more fun? Yes-

20. Slept in a bed with a member of the same sex? Yes

21. Seen someone die? Yes

22. Been on a plane? No

23. Kissed a picture? Yes

24. Slept in until 3? Yes

25. Love someone or miss someone right now? Yes

26. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? Yes

27. Made a snow angel? Yes

28. Played dress up? No

29. Cheated while playing a game? Yes

30. Been lonely? Yes

31. Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes

32. Been to a club? No

33. Felt an earthquake? No

34. Touched a snake? Yes

35. Ran a red light? Yes

36. Been suspended from school? No

37. Had detention? Yes

38. Been in a car accident? ee almost (´v`)

39. Hated the way you look? Yes

40. Witnessed a crime? No

41. Pole danced? Yes, if traffic sign counts :" )

42. Been lost? Yes

43. Been to the opposite side of the country? No

44. Felt like dying? Yes

45. Cried yourself to sleep? Yes

46. Sang karaoke? Yes

47. Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Yes

48. Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Yes

50. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes

51. Kissed in the rain? No

52. Sang in the shower? Yes (´u`)

53. Made love in a park? No

54. Had a dream that you married someone? Yes

55. Glued your hand to something? Yes

56. Got your tongue stuck to a flag pole? No

57. Ever gone to school partially naked? No

58. Been a cheerleader? No

59. Sat on a roof top? Yes

60. Didn’t take a shower for a week? Yes kms

61. Ever too scared to watch scary movies alone? Lol no

62. Played hooky? Yes

63. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Yes

64. Been told you’re hot by a complete stranger? Yes :" )

65. Been told you're scary by a complete stranger? No

66. Broken a bone? Yes

67. Been easily amused? Yes

68. Laugh so hard you cry? Yes

69. Mooned/flashed someone? No

70. Cheated on a test? Yes

71. Forgotten someone’s name? Yes

72. Slept naked? No

73. Ever beat up one of your friends? No

74. Gone skinny dipping in a pool? No

75. Blacked out from drinking? No

76. Played a prank on someone? No

77. Made out with anything not human? Somewhat, cars are amazing mkay  :" )

78. Failed a class? No

79. Choked on something you’re not supposed to eat? No

80. Played an instrument for more than 10 hours? No

81. Did you celebrate the 4th of July? No

82. Thrown strange objects? Yes-?

83. Felt like killing someone? YEs

84. Felt like running away? Yes

85. Ran away? Yes

86. Did drugs? No

87. Had detention and not attend it? No

89. Made a parent cry? Yes

90. Cried over someone? Yes

91. Owned more than 5 sharpies? No

92. Dated someone more than once? No

93. Had/Have a dog? Noooo, pls Im scared of dogs (´v`)

95. Own an instrument? Yes

96. Been in a band? No

97. Drank 25 sodas in a day? No

98. Broken a CD? Yes

99. Shot a gun? Yes :>

100. Shot a bow/crossbow? Yes

101. Had feelings for one of your best/good friends? ...

102. Do you truly love your parents? Yes

103. Do you truly love your siblings? Somewhat

104. Do you regularly tell lies? ..yes (´v`)

105. Have you ever illegally used a controlled substance? No

106. Have you ever betrayed a friend? Yes

107. Where you ever betrayed by your family members? Yes

107. Where you ever betrayed by your friend(s)? Yes

108. Have you ever cheated on an important test? Yes

109. Are you living up to your parents' expectations? I don't think so but I'm trying my best (´u`)

110. Are you living up to your own expectations? ...

111. Do you think your beautiful? No

112. Have you ever had a panic attack? Yes

113. Have you ever had a nervous break down? Yes

114. Have you ever had thoughts of self harm? ...

115. Have you ever harmed yourself physically? ...

116. Have you ever went hiking/camping? Yes

117. Have you ever harmed another person? ...

118. Have you ever sent someone to the hospital? No

119. Have you ever regretted saving someone? Yes

120. Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Yes

121. Have you ever had a crush on a person you never met in real life? Yes

122. Have you ever went to heartland? Yes, I live here (´u`)

123. Have you ever went to jail? No

124. Have you ever burnt yourself while cooking? Yes

125. Have you ever went hunting? No

Tag you some people you like to know better.
lol no :" )

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1. Answer the 13 questions made by the deviant who tagged you, then make your own 13 questions!

2. It is forbidden not to tag anyone.

3. Tag 13 deviants.

4. Don't say "You're tagged if you're reading this", let's be honest no one will read this unless they were tagged.

5. And finally, don't tag the deviant who tagged you!!


1. What is a food that you like, but the majority of others don't?
Does cat food count? :')

2. Say there's a relatively high chance that the human race will end in 100 years. However, there's a switch that will guarantee the survival of the human race, but it will kill two thirds of our population. Will you flip the switch?
Uh maybe?

3. What music (genre, band, etc.) do you generally listen to?
Anything that is good UwU I really don't care as long it is good music <3

4. What sort of art do you like to see from your favourite people?
Uhhhhhh something that challenges them problably? Like drawing something they haven't drawed ?

5. Who are your inspirations?
Oml I have too many but Maethorian IS MY TOP 1 NOBODY CAN'T BEAT THAT MUHAHAHA

6. What thoughts keep you up at night?
Everything.. mostly my imagation, I love to imagine how my funeral will be or how I'm in hospital bed dying ;w, Or one of my favorites - In cafe shop, drinking hot tea and watching out of window, lost in my own mind. And outside is beautiful cold winter and it's already evening and the street lights are on an.. oh god I can't stop myself lmao sorry <3

7. If you had to change one thing about the world, what would it be?
Hm.. I really don't know.. 'v'

8. What is your opinion on your current fandom/s?
Well I'm not in any fandom actually ;w; Even thought I like something, I'm just not in the fandom.

9. Favourite chocolate? (If you actually like chocolate that is-)
EVERYTHING, expect for the dark chocolate.. my dad loves dark chocolate :')

10. Have you ever travelled outside your country? If so, where?
Okay here we go - Sweden, Finland, 15 minutes in Russia, Latvia, Poland, Lithuanian, Slovakia.. and that's it I hope?

11. Does Bruno Mars is Gay?

Wait what XD

12. How often do you go outside out of your own choice?
Hm.. not really much? 'v' I usually go with my dad or mom <3 Or with my best friend with who we walked to Saku from Nõmme on Tuesday :')

13. Favourite video on YouTube?
Hm.. probs this one


1. What do you think about my cat Sissi? UwU
Sissi by LilSimona

2. Do you have some silly goals?

3. What would you do if you were the only one in this world and nobody else was here?

4. How annoying am I? Be honest please xD

5. Would you shoot someone in the leg if you could get 1,000,000$ ?

6. These questions suck, am i right? nwn

7. If you could be me for one day, what would you do?

8. Ya like cows?

9. What makes you happy?

10. What is your favorite season?

11. Do you have any pets? If not, then what pet would you like to have?

12. Have you ever skipped class?

13. Favorite food? >:3

You don't need to do it if you don't want to or if you have done it already TwT
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