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Rainmeter - Ribbits v1.0

(( I realize that navigating through all the options can be a bit overwhelming, so I'll be adding "Mouse Actions" to make things a lot simpler. ))

# More examples of Ribbits in use: [link] [link] #

First of all the name Ribbits is the combination of Ribbons & Bitmap (font)... hey atleast it's not "Wii U" :stupidme:

Lots of colors and shapes to choose from. Snap them into any position & combination, let your imagination run wild.

All meters have a 'Left' and 'Right' option, so they're useful on any part of your desktop.

The combinations can be as minimal or as elaborate as you so desire.

Current meters included are...

-Time & Date
-CPU Usage
-RAM Usage
-Network (upload/download)
-Trash bin
...and many more to come.

If you have any suggestions for new meters, shapes, or colors by all means leave feedback. :wave:

This being only my second Rainmeter skin, I hope you all enjoy! :D

***Note: You may need to turn off "Snap to edges" on certain meters for more accurate positioning.
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can you make a version with solid colours? i mean like no shining or anything just solid colours

thanks so much

yahoo api is already dead and weather is not working anymore, so please release an update and fix it. thanks
I have a problem with the weather. The link doesn't work and the current urls don't work. Any solutions?
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its like the origami skin on steroids
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this looks cool. :)
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Nice skin, thx for sharing!
Amazing, thank you ! Drive space meter would be great and maybe the possibility to have bigger icons
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So... how do I open an .rmskin file?
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Install Rainmeter lol
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Looking at the design, I'd be more inclined to call it Origami! XD But it does look pretty sweet!
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Are there still going to be more? :|
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How do I make the weather one display the right place? I live in the Essex (UK) and it's displaying weather for LA. Also, knowing how to change it to Celsius would be nice.
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Don't worry, figured it out myself :)
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really good will be using this thks!!!
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Very unique. Just wish there were more; such as speaker volume, etc.
Pure Awesome !
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Perfect! I'll definitely be watching you for more meters, functions, etc... !!!
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Forgot to mention... a battery meter and a drive space meter would put the cherry on top!
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Really pretty skin, too bad that it's so small. ;P
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