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Rainmeter - Ribbits v1.0



(( I realize that navigating through all the options can be a bit overwhelming, so I'll be adding "Mouse Actions" to make things a lot simpler. ))

# More examples of Ribbits in use: [link] [link] #

First of all the name Ribbits is the combination of Ribbons & Bitmap (font)... hey atleast it's not "Wii U" :stupidme:

Lots of colors and shapes to choose from. Snap them into any position & combination, let your imagination run wild.

All meters have a 'Left' and 'Right' option, so they're useful on any part of your desktop.

The combinations can be as minimal or as elaborate as you so desire.

Current meters included are...

-Time & Date
-CPU Usage
-RAM Usage
-Network (upload/download)
-Trash bin
...and many more to come.

If you have any suggestions for new meters, shapes, or colors by all means leave feedback. :wave:

This being only my second Rainmeter skin, I hope you all enjoy! :D

***Note: You may need to turn off "Snap to edges" on certain meters for more accurate positioning.
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This is rad good work!