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Rainmeter - Encoded v1.2.3

By lilshizzy
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UPDATE v1.2.3 (031912)
* Minor fix: The 'M' in March and May are now fully visible, no longer getting cut off.
UPDATE v1.2.2 (071211)
* Hard drive meters added
* More backgrounds - Windows 7 Aero Blur
UPDATE v1.2 (070611)
* NowPlaying music player added. Use Winamp, Foobar, WMP... whatever you want. Yay! :D
* RAM meter now includes mouse-over function listing used, free, and total RAM usage.
* Fixed Weather description getting cut off on mouse-over.
UPDATE v1.1.5 (070511)
* Network meter now includes mouse-over function listing total network usage
* Trash bin & meters now includes mouse-over function listing total disk space usage
* An alternate Trash Bin icon (box) was added
* Date now has a Left-Justified option
* The iTunes player (with Hide options) has an alternate cover art background... if it's well received (or not) will determine the remaining player backgrounds.
UPDATE v1.1 (070211)
* GMail support
* Added bigger bolder clock
* More Weather options
* Mouse-over effects added to certain meters (will expand upon this in the future)
* iTunes player now has a 'Hide' option making it more compact but fully functional
* New categories & sub-categories for better organization
* Backgrounds & Dividers for extra customization

Encoded... Simplicity, elegance & variety.


~ 4 Colors (Black/White/Grey/Red)
~ Mouse Actions: Middle-click to switch between colors

- Time
- Date
- Hard Drive
- Network/Bandwidth
- Weather
- Gmail
- NowPlaying player
- iTunes player
- Uptime
- Power
- Recycle bin + meter

See this skin in use... [link] [link] [link]

Please enjoy. :wave:

Wallpapers used in preview...
1: [link]
2: [link] (original)
3: [link]
4: [link]

Check out my other Rainmeter skins...

Elegance 2: [link]
Elegance 1.0: [link]
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Andydinh's avatar

thank you so much

Fat-Beard's avatar

Cant change the X drive to me C drive in the 2HDD square for the life of me. What am i doing wrong?

ShyshenZord's avatar

cpu gpu hdd temp doesnt work

retr003's avatar

how to download this skin ?

Morphodite17's avatar
The 'O' in October is cut off a bit.
Anhtaii's avatar
unable to display art cover on music player with spotify 
SomeDerpyPineapple's avatar
I can't get my gmail square to work, has anyone gotten it to work yet?

won't show how many new emails i have 
nassim-deco's avatar
oneprogamer14's avatar
Mine doesn't show the weather
gardenia-penn's avatar
Everything works fine, but unfortunately the weather code is sorely outdated on all sides. Updating it via rainmeter threads isn't proven to be working, either.

If a small update can be made to the code for the weather widgets, that'd be fantastic.
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The music player doesn't completely work with Spotify. The pause and next/previous buttons work, but it doesn't show anything, no artist name, no track name, no album cover, nothing.
patton-is-god's avatar
ive been fiddling with the gmail box, ive managed to get it to open up my gmail inbox in chrome when i click on the messages, but its not registering when i get new emails, it just says "0 new" despite the amount of emails ive sent myself to try and get it to start counting. does anyone now how to get it to register new emails? its bugging the shit out of me. thanks in advance, besides that, wicked skin.
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I cannot see the download link. Where is it ?
H2OUnicorn's avatar
The top right??
tatersandeggs's avatar
Here's a video that shows how to fix the weather skin.
TheADHDNinja's avatar
I've tried all the solutions below and my weather is still not working. Help?
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Hi, great skin!
The weather doesn't seem to be working anymore...It was working fine (with the xml fix) until about 3 days ago. Any suggested fixes?
000exo000's avatar
Same issue. I've messed around with the .txt files trying to get something to work, but nothing seems to fix it as of right now. Hopefully there will be a fix in the next few days.
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Replace the current section with this. Change the woeid and F in the URL as necessary.
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