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Divine Pulse for cheaters



What? It was annonying when somebody didn't past their test (EVEN WITH A HIGH CHANCE) and you had to restart the game.
Again and again. Sothis time is fleeting, we need your power :c

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Mmmm this comic feels familiar...

Also why shouldn't I, why should I be forced to use my exam seals if I'm just gonna fail and waste it? =u=

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To be fair that's what i would do...

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Byleth: I'm going to become a Swordmaster with a B- if it's the last thing I do!

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hahaha, nice job 🙂👍

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Ok this is pretty funny because I can relate. I had to reopen the game several times because of failing the exam. But it's even more ridiculous in the timeskip when you have to reopen the game multiple times just to get the gathering resources quest with materials you can either buy, get from the courtyard, the holy tomb, obtain from the greenhouse, or around the monastery, it also applies to battles where you get resources after winning a auxiliary battle, but the biggest example is when rerolling monsters from the rare monster sighting just to get a rare weapon that can be refined from rusty weapons from the kings of fangs, wings, and beasts.