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Hi-Res Tree Bark Texture Pack

By Lilshadow
Hi-Res Tree Bark Texture Pack. 14 textures at 4272 x 2848

Available through my website -> The file is 150 MB and DA wont accept anything over 80mb. I'll split the file later on into 2 smaller downloads so I can post them up here for you guys.

This pack is free to use in your art on and off dA

Commercial use
No permission is necessary to use it in commercial products as long as you don't repackage and sell the texture as it is. If its being used for commercial purposes is must be part of a piece of art or commercial product. If you need any additional details contact me.

I always like to see what people create. Send me a note or message showing me what you used it for.

Just in case anyone missed it Download Here
Image details
Image size
1200x800px 1.3 MB
Shutter Speed
1/64 second
Focal Length
27 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jun 27, 2008, 5:08:51 AM
© 2010 - 2021 Lilshadow
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I can't load your textures
Good!! I love it
I used your cool stock here :[link]
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Most excellent work! Thank you much for this!
Thanks for this pack. These textures are extremely useful for photographic edition. I'm currently preparing a similar pack based on castle stone and will be sharing it soon (as my first contribution to this community).
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You're very welcome. I'm looking to put some time together to get more resources together. I've currently been slammed with work, hence the super late response
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awesome. im glad you found use for them. Great piece :D
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Woah!! Thank you so much for sharing, this is awesome! :+fav:
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Thanks for these textures man! :+fav:

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you're very welcome :)
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Very nice dude...thanks a lot!!! :D
Lilshadow's avatar
Your very welcome bro. If you have any suggestion on a group of texture that you would like let me know ok. I'm trying to get some things up that artist really want and need
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ok cool...

a leaf set would be nice...small foliage etc. if i get any other idea Ill let you know. :)
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These are obviously very high quality images and no doubt useful to artists generally.

To be really useful for game purposes there are a few changes I'd suggest. The textures could be seamless and they possibly have associated specular or normal maps. Some of them have an uneven color distribution that might look obvious in a game level.

Another thing that would help is making them power of two sized, 4096x2048 would be very close to their current resolution.

It's likely any game artist who uses these textures would have to edit them as I have described. Before using them in a game. They could still be used as source material for creating other textures from.

Nobiax has produced a few textures sets for the GameArt group which are a very good example of ready to use game textures.
Lilshadow's avatar
Thanks Steve and I completely agree but I released more to be a source for a texture. I know everyone has different tastes and all and I just wanted to provide some high quality images for each individual to take what they need and create what they will.

The textures do follow the power of 2 for game safe textures. I use the Unreal development Kit and it can take this with no problem as long as it follow a game safe power of two. But I do understand what you are saying and wanting them in perfect squares (ie 1024x1024 or 2048x2048)

Right now Im trying to get take some images for artist to source from that are usually not as easy to fine or just give a higher quality than what is normally offered for free. I really appreciate all the feedback and will take that into consideration for future packs.

Also if you have any suggestion for any subject matter that you would like to see in a texture pack please let me know
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Thank you for being so understanding. Sometimes I think I sound like a picky fucker. Hmm, maybe I should write a little tutuorial on game textures instead of commenting on them.

We seem to be thinking differently over the the power of two thing. 4272 and 2848 are both a combination of powers of two (4272 = 4096 + 128 + 32 + 16, 2848 = 2048 + 512 + 256 + 32). Neither is actually a power of two. Unreal might load them and divide them into power of two sized parts, or it might resize them to the nearest power of two.

Some hardware will only use power of two sized textures (they don't have to be square). There is even a Direct3D flag to indicate this. Often non power of two textures are handled by loading them into a power of two sized space and wasting the unused part. Power of two is important for mip-mapping.

I'd like to see a group a textures, with a theme that you could apply to a level. With detail textures as well as space filling stuff. I'd like normal maps, specular maps and glow maps. Also effects and sky boxes. I WANT THE MOON ON A STICK!!!
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