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Gem costumes for Pop

Just a little something I've been working on for a while. Gem costumes for Poptropica, and they're all ASGable!

The usernames for them are:
Peridot: Peridot-5XG
Lapis Lazuli: theLapisLazuli
Jasper: Jasperthegem
Rose Quartz: RoseQuartzCG
Ruby: EternalFlameRuby
Sapphire: LaughySapphygem
Aquamarine: AquamarineHW
Topaz: YellowTopaz
Sardonyx: Sardonyxgem
Opal: GiantWomanOpal
Sugilite: Sugilitegem

I'm planning on doing more gem-costumes like these. Now that I've got a hang of it, they're fun to do! I decided, tho, to not make Steven, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl since they were already made in the Pop-over special. Also, how convenient that this month's Community Creations theme is crossover.
I hope you like these costumes!

Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar
Poptropica belongs to StoryArc Media
The images above are taken from the Avatar Studio in Poptropica
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Oooh! Super cool!
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OMG. That's amazing!