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I Love You, Ironically | Romano X Reader | Chp. 2
    I close my laptop lid with an angry slam as I heave a frustrated sigh. I drop my head down on my laptop and squeeze my eyes shut.
    I swear, if I write one more disgusting, incoherent sentence I will seriously not hesitate to throw my laptop out of my apartment window, out onto the street and then attempt to salvage it from pedestrians passing by on the pavement.
    It’s been five whole months since a disease aptly-named Writer’s Block somehow managed to infiltrate my mind. Ever since, I’ve been struck down with symptoms such as being unable to form sentences that even vaguely make sense, seeing the words on the page I’ve written look and sound like absolute trash, feeling glum once I’ve read those words, and then deleting and re-starting everything I’ve written because of the absolute horribleness of the language I’ve used. It’s an almost-incurable disease that one
:iconmizukinakamura24:MizukiNakamura24 29 12
Dreamweaver | Romano x Plus size! Reader 5

    Dreamweaver 5
    ✖ Romano  Reader
    After a year of this being on hold it’s back! For now!
    “Why do you always do this?” The female in tail questioned, her fists were tightly grasping onto her dress shirt, tears threatening to fall from her enraged (e/c) iris’. “Do you hate me that much? Do I have to be punished simply for worrying about you—us?” She continued, the built up tension in her fists causing her nails to pierce the skin. “Huh? What is this? Is this more punishment for speaking out of term?” The other woman only opened her mouth to say something only for it to come out as air. Her sunglasses covered mu
:iconmiabia100:Miabia100 40 33
Romano x Reader The Curl
Bang Bang Bang
"What the hell is that?"
Romano slowly got up from the couch he was having his siesta on and walked to the door. He was just about to open it when-
Bang Bang Bang
"Lovino! Let me in! I know you took it! Give me my tomato seeds back!"
The Italian stopped himself from opening the door and frowned. It was [Name]. Shit. He really didn't want to deal with this right now. He was missing his siesta because of you. Screw it. He would just tell you he didn't know what he was talking about. Hopefully you would buy it and go bug someone else.
Lovino sighed and turned the knob, opening the door. 'Lets get this over with.'
"What the hell are you going on about, idiota?"
He barely had time to react before you tackled him to the ground, straddling his hips with hands on either side of his head.
"Don't bullshit me, Lovino! I know you took them! I'm not stupid!"
"Don't get your panties all in a wad! I don't know anything about any damn tomato seeds!"
You suddenly became very aware that h
:iconvampsandghosts:vampsandghosts 1,555 807
Hetaloid!S.ItalyXModel!Reader part 4
"Make yourself at home, Romano. It's a little plain but I'll get some new furniture if you want." You said as you enter your home.
Romano glances around, a little surprised. "It's so plain inside compared to the outside..." He said, starting to walk around."
You giggle a little as you entered the kitchen. "Yeah, we'll I lived alone so I didn't feel like there was a need to decorate. What are you hungry for?" You poke your head out of the kitchen and smile at the exploring Romano. "Let me guess, something with tomatoes?"
He blushes and folds his arms over his chest, defensively. "Y-yeah, what's wrong with tomatoes?" He grumbled, sitting down on the couch.
"Nothing." You giggled, going to the refrigerator. "I just find it cute."
"S-s-s-shut up..!" You heard him say fairly quietly. You giggled to yourself as you start digging through the fridge for something you could cook. As you began to cook, you noticed Romano periodically peaking his head into the kitchen to check on you and the food
:iconmikavocaloid:Mikavocaloid 170 88
Cloned to die: Clone x Romano x reader part 2
Lovino said to be ready by 8:00. You had plenty of time. You went down the stairs examining all the portraits along the walls. Most of the pictures were of Damian and Nico. You decided to make your way to the kitchen. When you got to the kitchen you saw Nico. He was a beautiful little boy. His eyes were a beautiful shade of hazel just like Lovino's. He had sort of a bed head type of hair. It fit perfectly.
''Good morning Nico.'' You said as you grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge.
''Ciao Mrs. Isabella,'' He said going back to his game.
''Nico call me Bella. Mrs. Isabella sounds too formal, don't you think?'''' You didn't know if the real Isabella would say that but the little boy's beauty was irresistible.
''Si.'' He walked over and sat in the chair next to you.
''You look very pretty today Bella.'' He said as he took a tomato from the basket on the counter and sat next to you leaving his game behind.
''Thank you Nico, You look very handsome yourself.'' He smiled and then took a
:iconxdjapan:XDJAPAN 72 45
Hetalia X Amnesia!Reader Forgotten Chapter 8
Hetalia X Amnesia!Reader
Ch.  8
“H-hey (Name)?”
“Yeah Kiku?”
“I was wondering if you would rike to go to an anime store with me rater today?
“Do I like anime?”
“Hai. You are what the Americans carr a fangirr.”
“Okay, I guess I’ll go than.”
“Hey Kiku? Can I come too? Anime stores sell Hello Kitty and I want some new items.”
“Sure Yao. You can come, as rong as that’s okay with you (name).”
“I don’t mind. The more the merrier!”
“Good. We will leave in an hour than.”
An Hour Later~
“Hey where’s (Name)?” Alfred asked.
“She went out with Kiku and Yao today. They said they would be back in a few hours.” Arthur said.
“Aww man. I wanted to watch horror movies with her.” Alfred whined. “Hey Iggy… do yo-“
“No way in bloody hell you git.”
At The Mall
“Kitty!” Yao shoute
:iconthecomicgal-moved:TheComicGal-Moved 247 335
Romano x Reader - Cafes, Bonding, and Flirting
"And there he goes again…" you sighed, watching as your best friend Lovino chatted up some girls across the Café.
You two come here for a drink with each other once a week to catch up with each other, with the two of you being in different schools and all. However, recently all he does is chat with you for five minutes and then flirt with girls for mostly the rest of the time.
You did have a crush on him, I mean, how could you not? But just like every other love situation, you didn't dare to confess, so as not to destroy the already dwindling friendship you have with him.
"Sorry ragazza," said Lovino, sitting back down at his seat across from you.
"It's ok, Lovi, just please don't do it so often. I just wanna have same time to talk to you," you told him.
"I understand (Na-), un momento," he said, before immediately getting up and chatting to another girl.
"Just forget we were ever friends Lovi!" you screamed at him, walking out of the store in a huff.
~~~~~Time skip~~~
:iconfairytailrox98:fairytailrox98 142 18
Hetalia x Reader: Earth Orphanage (part 3)
Getting your purse out from your room you then ran downstairs.
Today you planned on exploring the town a little. After all, it was your last day of freedom before starting school again tomorrow. You figured you might as well do something productive. Also, you passed a comic book store when you were in the car on the way to the Orphanage when you arrived, and you were wondering if they sold manga, specifically (manga).
Heading to the front door, you took hold of the handle. But before you could turn it, a firm hand rested on your shoulder.
"Vhere are jou going?"
You turned around to see Ludwig, eyeing you with curiosity.
"I'm gonna go check out the town."
"Sorry, but jou can't really go out alone. You might get lost or hurt, und you should really tell Earzh."
You shrugged, your reckless side not really caring. But then you got an idea. Taking hold of Ludwig's hand, (ignoring his blushing) you opened the door, and dragged him outside with you in one quick motion. "In that case you'll jus
:iconginjaninja2d:GinjaNinja2D 156 62
Mafia!Romano X Tomboy!Reader. Only One. Epilogue.
    A twenty four year old (Name) stared back at you in the mirror. You wiped the glass of the fog and looked at yourself. You didn't change a bit. 
    Four years ago, you would have hated looking into the mirror. Four years ago, you became the girlfriend of a Mafia don. Four years ago, you had you family back. 
    'Things have changed, haven't they?'  
    The relationship between you and Lovino never changed either. You had graduated college and now worked as Lovino's personal unofficial assistant. You two tried to spend as much time with each other because with Lovino being the next head of the mafia, he was constantly busy with 'duties.' You were either busy helping your sister out with the company or managing the mafia's  finances. Uncle Roma had trusted you enough to let you manage that. 
    A white dress was hanging on a hanger in your bathroom. You grimaced at the dress. Pro
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 226 113
Mafia!Romano X Mafia!Reader. A Mafia Tale. Final.

Part....I forgot again. Oh Yeah! Final Part.
    "How much more time? I'm hungry!" Priya complained.
    "Shut up!" you three yelled.
    "We're almost there, love." Arthur said. He looked up at the cliff face. 
    You guys were scaling it. You weren't the only ones. You had a birds eye view of everything. You could see the flashlights of Selene and her men. Right now, you guys were ahead. You wanted to keep it that way.
    "This is the most ridiculous thing I have done in my life." You said. You jumped onto another ledge. You griped on tight as you began to ascend. The cliff was a estimated five hundred feet. You guys were dangling at four hundred. 
    "Yeah, well at least we're not down there." Lovino looked down at the jagged rocks sticking of of the water. 
    "Shut up and move it! We have a hundred feet more to go." 
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 90 71
Mafia!reader x mafia!Romano. A Mafia Tale.
    Part 6
    *Lovino's point of view*
    'Where are you, miteriosa ragazza?' Lovino thought.
    He flipped furiously through the old, smelling books. So far he had been through thirty different volumes of the Brandiski family's archives.
    Journals, Diary's, Journals, various legal documents. and family books were in here. In total there was more than Lovino could handle and he only started an hour ago.
    He just had read the previous year and was reading the Brandiski's family tree. He read off the names casually.
    "Nikoli Brandiski wedded Mai Zhu Wang. Offspring were Nikita and Arlov Brandiski." he stopped and reread the names. "Wang?" he asked himself.
    So the Brandiski's were were related to the Wangs before the whole alliance. No wonder why Yao Wang appeared at the party last night. The secrets you can uncover.
    "Arlov Bra
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 78 14
A different friend (Child!Romano X Child!Reader)
(Third Pov) 
You're name is (F/N) (L/N), a only and first heiress to the (family name) corporation. Despite all the wealth and fame you weren't happy... 
You migrated with your father in England due to your parents were divorced not because they don't love each other anymore or they had a terrible fight, it's because your mother had cancer and your mother begged your father a divorce contract since she could not be of use to him and may get in the way not to mention she wanted to be single until she dies of course your father didn't want this at first but then he gave in because of your mother's persistent so now here you are. 
You're in a different country meaning different people, different lifestyle, and more. You didn't like it here because it rains and the rain reminded you of a friend who died during that time. You were just 6...and you were experiencing this. 
But you have to move on because you still have a dream to achieve and goals to complete. 
:iconzhequietsayu:ZheQuietSayu 240 52
Hetalia x Reader: First Day (Introduction)
1. Introduction
Your first day in your new high school was an interesting one.
First Period
“You must be new here.” Your head snapped up from the book you were reading. It had to be a few minutes before class would start. You tried to fight off a blush. He was really cute. He was blonde – his hair hanging down to his chin – with blue eyes that had a slight tinge of… was that violet or indigo? The cutest part was the little curl bobbing from the top of his head. He blushed at your stunned silence.
“I-I mean,” he stammered quickly, “I-I’ve never seen y-you before s-so I just assumed….” The more he talked, the redder he got, and you thought he was too adorable. You giggled.
“It’s okay. I’m ____, and I am new here.” He stuck his hand out for you to shake. You shook it gently.
“My name is Matthew Williams,” he smiled, his blush finally starting to fade.
“It’s nice
:iconmagixfire:MagixFire 309 55
APH | Soulmates [Romano x Reader]
APH | Soul mates [Romano x Reader]
[Name] was told by her parents that the sky was blue, the grass was green, and the sun was yellow.
Not that she’d know, though.
She always wondered what it was like to live in a world that wasn’t in monochrome – she wondered what [h/c] was or what [e/c] was ever since her parents told her she had those for her hair and her eyes – the idea of seeing such a complex and ‘colorful’ world scared her. Black, white and grey was simple enough. She’d rather have that than anything else.
But every time [Name] looked upon her parents – the way they always seemed to be so in love – she grew curious and, amazingly, desperate. She never had a boyfriend before – not even a blind date set up by her friends. Everyone wanted to avoid that any patiently wait for their soulmate to come into their lives and give them color. [Name] remembered that one show she watched on the television a few years back.
:iconterrahilgard:terrahilgard 205 28
Mafia!Romano x Tomboy!Reader. Only One. Ch 3.
Chapter 3.  (The first or third dress.)
    "Fat chance." you said to yourself. You placed the dress back in the box and put it on your vanity. You changed into your night clothes. A simple large tee shirt and sweatpants. Then brushed your teeth, finished your homework and finally get everything ready for tomorrow.
    It was ten and you were about to crawl into bed until somebody knocked onto your door. You opened it to see Kiku outside. 
    "Oh! My lady. Perhaps I shourd come back rater." Kiku said as he blushed. He was an..odd butler but he had his shy and polite side. 
    "It's okay, Kiku. What is it that you need?" You asked.
    "Right. I wirr be adding fencing ressons and dancing to tomorrow as werr." he said. "And here are the invites to the party tomorrow." he handed the list. 
    "Why do I need these lessons. Th
:icontheredgarnet:TheRedGarnet 268 133
RomanoxReader: Hetalia High 12
When most people think of Walmart, their first thought is probably, "Oh! I'm just going to go shopping and then leave. Nothing fun or crazy is going to happen."
…How wrong they are.
After Prussia ran off with Spain trailing behind him and shouting about how they shouldn't do anything stupid, Romano and I had to follow them to make sure they stick to that rule. As of that moment, we're not doing a very good job at enforcing that rule at all.
"Kesese~! Take that!"
"Ow~! That hurt!"
I let out a loud sigh and ducked my head a bit to avoid a large, plastic ball being thrown in my direction. My (e/c) eyes narrowed in the albino teen's direction as he snickered loudly. Why the hell did he just throw that at me? Spain grabbed one out of the large basket as well and threw one back in Prussia's direction, hitting him square in the face. I watched as the ball bounced off of his nose and roll down the aisle in no hope of returning to the basket unless an unfortunate employee shows up to cle
:iconmaster-of-ninjas21:Master-Of-Ninjas21 80 38


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