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Sea Bento



Ironically enough, no seafood in this bento. Go figure.

STuFF in the box:

Lettuce borders the bento box. The handcut crab, octopus, penguin, and sea shell are made from hot dogs. The sun, sand dollar, and sea turtle are made from hard boiled egg, with the turtle shell and body parts being made from choy sum. The starfish is made from baby carrots. The sky is made of short grained white rice while the sandy beach is made from brown rice. Nori is used to create the seagulls in the sky as well as the face and eyes of the sun, octopus, and penguin.

The seastar sucks and I'm sorry about that but baby carrots are tiny. I made do with what I had. I was gonna make the seashell from SPAM but I didn't quite realize that I wouldn't have that much room to decorate the box like crazy so I didn't want to open the can up for a single shell.( Shall postoriginal and pencil sketchs) So I used more hotdog. I really like the sand dollar though i kinda messed it up. and the happy sun. I was really temped to have the rice blue for teh sea/sky but that is just not natural. Yay for brown rice for sand~ I hate cutting octopus legs. Gimme that cutter. My crabs look sooo cute. I should have worked on the penguins eyes more, it could have been cuter ><

Vote for me? (Bento #2 - Anne) [link]
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Opps forgot sketchbook at my bf's house. Will have to post bento sketches not tonight.