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About Me

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Hello all! You can call me LiL Moon. I'm a lover of all crafts and am currently self employed, living off of my art. Though I love to experiment with all crafts, my specialty is sewing. I love to make plushies of characters from my favorite tv shows and anime. I travel to different conventions each year to sell my handmade wares. The greatest joy in my life is seeing how happy my creations make people. ^w^ I have a BA in Art and am thinking of going back to school to get a MA. I would like to get a real job someday, but for now I'm working hard to perfect my craft and perhaps branch off as an original creator all my own.

Commission List

Currently Working On

Etsy commissioner - 12" Human plush of Miss Fortune
Etsy commissioner - 24" Fidget plush
foolyourself - 16" Zecora
Twitter commissioner - 12" OC Buzzkill
Twitter commissioner - 12" OC pegasus
Etsy commissioner - 12" OC Tama
Whobawhats - 16" floppy Starlight Glimmer
screagle - 16" Thunderlane
screagle - 16" Party Favor
Etsy commissioner - 16" floppy Tempest Shadow
Etsy commissioner - Fancy Pikachu
Etsy commissioner - 7" Anon filly
warcrafter12 - 16" OC Spellbound

Paid Commissions

vcm1824 - 12" OC unicorn with hat
RaydenKent - 12" OC Rayden
Etsy commissioner - 7" Ocellus
TheAmoryWarsSoldier9 - 16" cuddle OC Pixel Grip
Etsy commissioner - 16" OC Watcher M. Helper with vest
Sea-Gnash - 16" OC Blood Moon
Twitter commissioner - 12" OC Stubby
sponzo815 - 2 16" OC ponies
x3racer - 16" floppy alicorn Twilight Sparkle
Etsy commissioner - 16" alicorn OC
Twitter commissioner - 16" OC Ira
Etsy commissioner - 16" OC yellow stallion alicorn
Etsy commissioner - 12" OC black stallion
Reiviyoruka - 12" OC Honey Dew
Etsy commissioner - 12" OC purple pegasus with scarf & socks
Pipernguyen - Sasuke Maru Cat
Etsy commissioner - 12" OC Compass Rose
ty77111 - 16" cuddle OC pegasus with hoodie
Etsy commissioner - 16" OC unicorn stallion w/cowboy hat
Etsy commissioner - 12" Colgate
Ribonchan59 - 16" OC Caramel Breeze
Etsy commissioner - 12" OC pegasus w/magnetic heart
CommissarDerpyHooves - 16" Princess Twilight Sparkle
Etsy commissioner - 16" OC Azura


Awaiting Shipment

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My Other Sites

Convention List

2018 Convention Plans

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:bulletpink: -secured table :bulletwhite: -awaiting confirmation

:bulletpink:Babs Con | Burlingame, CA | April 14-16
:bulletpink:Anime Expo | Los Angeles, CA | July 1-4


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matt24ski Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2018
I know how hard it is to make a Rainbow Dash plush so I would like to know would you ever consider doing a rainbow Dash plush in her wonder bolts suit that is removable? And if so how much would you estimate that costing around as I am looking to have one made in time for Whinny city pony con next year.
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MyLittleAppleBloom Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018
Going to EverfreeNW?
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BlueRav3Pony Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018
yppaH yadhtriB
XaldinWolfgang Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018
Happy Birthday.
AlexKuro Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018
Happy Birthday!!!
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