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About Me

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Hello all! You can call me LiL Moon. I'm a lover of all crafts and am currently self employed, living off of my art. Though I love to experiment with all crafts, my specialty is sewing. I love to make plushies of characters from my favorite tv shows and anime. I travel to different conventions each year to sell my handmade wares. The greatest joy in my life is seeing how happy my creations make people. ^w^ I have a BA in Art and am thinking of going back to school to get a MA. I would like to get a real job someday, but for now I'm working hard to perfect my craft and perhaps branch off as an original creator all my own.

Commission List

Currently Working On

foolyourself - 16" Zecora
Twitter commissioner - 12" OC Buzzkill
Twitter commissioner - 12" OC pegasus
Etsy commissioner - 12" OC Tama
warcrafter12 - 16" OC Spellbound
vcm1824 - 12" OC unicorn with hat
Etsy commissioner - 7" Ocellus
Etsy commissioner - 16" OC Watcher M. Helper with vest
Sea-Gnash - 16" OC Blood Moon
Twitter commissioner - 12" OC Stubby
sponzo815 - 16" OC red
x3racer - 16" floppy alicorn Twilight Sparkle
Etsy commissioner - 16" alicorn OC
Twitter commissioner - 16" OC Ira
Etsy commissioner - 12" OC black stallion

Paid Commissions

Reiviyoruka - 12" OC Honey Dew
Etsy commissioner - 12" OC purple pegasus with scarf & socks
Etsy commissioner - 12" OC Compass Rose
ty77111 - 16" cuddle OC pegasus with hoodie
Etsy commissioner - 16" OC unicorn stallion w/cowboy hat
Etsy commissioner - 12" Colgate
Ribonchan59 - 16" OC Caramel Breeze
Etsy commissioner - 12" OC pegasus w/magnetic heart
CommissarDerpyHooves - 16" Princess Twilight Sparkle
Etsy commissioner - 16" OC Azura
SlyPai - 16" floppy OC Sly
Etsy commissioner - 12" OC changeling
TaionaFan369 - 12" Nyx
Etsy commissioner - 16" floppy Starlight Glimmer
Etsy commissioner - 16" OC pegasus stallion
JKIamNotJustKidding 12" OC bat pony
Etsy commissioner - 7" OC pegasus
Etsy commissioner - 7" OC Sivi
PVCF commissioner - 16" Pacific Glow
Etsy commissioner - 16" OC Doc with clothes
Etsy commissioner - 12" Apple Bloom in a jar
Twitter commissioner - 12" filly Tempest


Awaiting Shipment

sponzo815 - 16" OC green
Etsy commissioner - 16" OC yellow stallion alicorn
TheAmoryWarsSoldier9 - 16" cuddle OC Pixel Grip

Follow Me

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My Other Sites

Convention List

2018 Convention Plans

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:bulletpink: -secured table :bulletwhite: -awaiting confirmation

:bulletpink:Babs Con | Burlingame, CA | April 14-16
:bulletpink:Anime Expo | Los Angeles, CA | July 1-4
:bulletpink:Ponyville Ciderfest | Milwaukee, WI | October 26-28


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Alicorn05 Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  New Deviant
I know the information for commission said to go to your DeviantArt account but how do submit a commision 
Katz656 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2018
Saw your stuff at Ciderfest!
It was so cool to see all of your plushies in person :3
(1 Reply)
Navyivizer47 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018
Met you at Ponyville Ciderfest, your plushies are amazing!
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FuzzyPones Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I tried to find commission information for about 5 minutes and giving up now. Am i blind?
(1 Reply)
matt24ski Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2018
Can’t wait to see you at Ciderfest this year
(1 Reply)
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