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The Faerie by lilmisstlkalot The Faerie :iconlilmisstlkalot:lilmisstlkalot 0 0
I found my memories, where they lay,
Inside my hollow mind.
I wonder what else there is that I will come to find.
The memories may be a blessing,
I did not know were there,
Yet I know they could be frightening,
To think them I should not dare.
Perhaps they'll unlock my past,
One I don't want to see,
Though their absense makes me empty,
Keeps a hole inside of me.
Should I watch my memories,
Like the motion pictures play?
Or leave them where they've settled,
In the corner of my brain?
They could show me a new world,
Or the world I've tried to leave behind.
For now I'll let them sit there,
Inside my hollow mind.
:iconlilmisstlkalot:lilmisstlkalot 2 0
deviantID by lilmisstlkalot deviantID :iconlilmisstlkalot:lilmisstlkalot 2 0 Close up by lilmisstlkalot Close up :iconlilmisstlkalot:lilmisstlkalot 2 0 Oceans by lilmisstlkalot Oceans :iconlilmisstlkalot:lilmisstlkalot 1 0 Behind The Sun by lilmisstlkalot Behind The Sun :iconlilmisstlkalot:lilmisstlkalot 2 0 In The Palm Of Her Hand by lilmisstlkalot In The Palm Of Her Hand :iconlilmisstlkalot:lilmisstlkalot 2 0
Her face scarred, she tries to hide.
Her heart like porcelain,
Broken into so many little peices.
Screaming won't do anything.
It's just the blackness of the night sky surrounding her.
No one else is here,
But she can feel it.
Something is behind her,
Breathing on her neck,
Following her,
A presence.
Nothing can save her now.
Nothing could ever save her,
Not from her own insanity.
She tries to run, but can't escape from this burden,
That drives her insane.
And she realises that nothing can help her,
Simply because the burden is her mind.
Her heartbreak.
:iconlilmisstlkalot:lilmisstlkalot 0 0
A Dead Rose by lilmisstlkalot A Dead Rose :iconlilmisstlkalot:lilmisstlkalot 2 0
Just An Echo
I thought, just for a moment,
That maybe I heard my heart beat,
Beat once again with love and compassion,
Burn with the happiness I once lost.
I thought I heard it thud,
Like a drum, like a beat,
Like it used to whenever I saw you,
But those days are gone.
Maybe it'll beat again,
If I'm lucky, if I have hope,
But this time was just a fake,
Just an echo of the past.
Just an echo of my heart.
:iconlilmisstlkalot:lilmisstlkalot 3 4
The Lightest Feather by lilmisstlkalot The Lightest Feather :iconlilmisstlkalot:lilmisstlkalot 3 0 A Lonesome Swing by lilmisstlkalot A Lonesome Swing :iconlilmisstlkalot:lilmisstlkalot 1 5 A Single Rose by lilmisstlkalot A Single Rose :iconlilmisstlkalot:lilmisstlkalot 6 2 Sitting in the Park by lilmisstlkalot Sitting in the Park :iconlilmisstlkalot:lilmisstlkalot 2 0 Simplicity by lilmisstlkalot Simplicity :iconlilmisstlkalot:lilmisstlkalot 2 0 By the Bus Stop by lilmisstlkalot By the Bus Stop :iconlilmisstlkalot:lilmisstlkalot 1 0


Journey's End II by Fishcustard42 Journey's End II :iconfishcustard42:Fishcustard42 4 1 John Lennon by Law3208 John Lennon :iconlaw3208:Law3208 179 26 John Lennon Animation by Hen24bitch John Lennon Animation :iconhen24bitch:Hen24bitch 255 33 John Lennon by Alleycatsgarden John Lennon :iconalleycatsgarden:Alleycatsgarden 408 58 John Lennon by TerryXart John Lennon :iconterryxart:TerryXart 662 275 John Lennon by Cynthia-Blair John Lennon :iconcynthia-blair:Cynthia-Blair 835 349 John Lennon by phan-tom John Lennon :iconphan-tom:phan-tom 2,051 501
I ran through the blood chilling darkness of the night, following the sound of her screams. It was hard to see through the pouring rain, as it came down to the ground, hitting my skin like sharp razors as I ran through the forest. Her screams led me to the light house, where I'd known she would be. I ran up the endless flight of stairs.
"Jeremy," she screamed. But her voice was faint, "Don't."
That was when I heard the gunfire; I ducked down just as the bullet hit the railing by my side with an ear piercing clang. I then found myself in the open again, the strong winds blowing and the rain hitting my face like blades, making it harder to see, and there she was, standing on the edge of the thin metal railing, which surrounded the light house. She was standing there, bare foot, wearing a torn, white silk dress, flowing in the wind with her wet, dark hair, tears flowing down her cheeks. Everything seemed to move slowly, my heart dreading each beat. I knew I was too late. She'd already fal
:iconaffyz:affyz 1 0
Fallen Angel by DiegoUnspire Fallen Angel :icondiegounspire:DiegoUnspire 1,611 65
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel
Crawling in my forlorn appearance
I hide my soul behind these tattered wings
Tattered and broken as they are
Plucked of light, stained in tears and blood.
In quiet despair upon the cold earth
Smeared in dirt I crouch upon my weary knees
And clutched timidly between my fingers
Rests one last jewel of Hope.
A single unblemished plume plucked
From the silver light of dawn
A feathered ray of light from beyond
To illuminate the void that has me bound.
This precious barb of silk
Once lost as I was and forgotten
Blazes now to immerse me in radiant bliss
To wash away the pain, draw me from the abyss.
So now I fade away…
My tender flesh removed
My shattered wings released
My inner light unsheathed… escapes.
(c)2004 Joseph Palladino
:iconjphnx22:jphnx22 4,346 818
angel by DaStafiZ angel :icondastafiz:DaStafiZ 708 100 Angel eye by LimpidD Angel eye :iconlimpidd:LimpidD 2,523 530 Rose. by kle0012 Rose. :iconkle0012:kle0012 1,607 135 The Rose by lovelybat The Rose :iconlovelybat:lovelybat 1,481 97 Ghost of a Rose by wolf-minori Ghost of a Rose :iconwolf-minori:wolf-minori 1,023 160 Rose by firework Rose :iconfirework:firework 1,743 141



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Crystal ☯
My name is Crystal and I'm seventeen years old.
I have an appreciation for beautiful things such as music, culture, people, and the universe.



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