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Remember my Light
I don't know why you think your words would affect me.
I've heard it all.
Your insults are baseless opinions that only stir ignorance;like a whirlpool really.
But I am the moon, I have created your tides.
I light the night with my brilliance, and light the path for those who surpass the daydreamers.
:iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 5 2
A Spoopy Spoof
Fall. A wonderful time of year symbolizing the shedding of vibrant life in preparation for another harsh, but beautiful, winter. A time that reminds you of the smell of cinnamon, cozy knit sweaters, and generations spent lovelingly cultivating the perfect pie.
Not much goes on now that you've got a place of your own. Small children beaming for treats, scented cinnamon candles, and watching old reruns of Halloween movies in your pj's has been the norm for the past three years because really, who knows how to adult at your age?
Right now the howling wind coax branches to creak and tap against your window while you scroll on your phone; television glowing softly on painted walls and a lukewarm cup of cocoa wrapped up in your hand.
On this particular night you flew through miles of Tumblr pages ever since hearing the dismal news of Vine being extinct. It become a sort of rehab during your mourning, but also an addiction as flicking fingers become your hope of salvation. Hope of finding mor
:iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 2 9
Around the Bend I I Kurooxreader
Rough—was the best word to describe your state of being.
This week had taken a toll on you. From questioning your sense of happiness to struggling with your dream job, everything was bleak. Colors slowly dulled, the little curiosities within you were quieted, and you began to normalize the monotony in your life. You accepted the cage you feared. It was breaking you.
Your eyes glazed over from lack of sleep, you felt your heart aiming for normalcy but would slip into cardiac arrhythmia; too slow, too fast, and never just right.  Between no rest and being medicated with sugar and caffeine, your brain could barely process the workload you went through earlier today. You had to get home. You needed release.
Just as luck would have had it, reaching home wasn’t as satisfying as you hoped. When you entered you slipped out of your shoes, into cozy pajamas, and lounged on the couch. Your mind constantly zoomed from one thought to the next despite your body’s desperate ple
:iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 50 15
my heart is an open book.
I'll tell you where to find my heart. This is how it starts.
You'll remember us with more clarity as you seek out the places our memories live on. You'll be drawn to the syrupy puppy love and sweet first kisses. You'll crave those innocent beginnings so deeply that you could go mad. Shoving your hands into your pocket you'll venture in search of our own.
I'll drop one last cutesy hint for you, my beloved, for you know how much I love to see you smile in gleaming triumph once you finally find what you were looking for. It was the same way you always looked at me.
Your scuff marks will pepper the grass as you tread onwards up the rolling hill as a tree greets you upon arriving. A bittersweet smile melts onto your features as you see the old friend of ours. Of course, I would ask you to come here.
You'll take it nice and slow for old times sake. Gently pressing your palm to beautiful umber bark, you'll press your forehead to it. You'll breathe with it, and you'll breathe out with it. Only
:iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 1 6
Rascals I I Nishinoyaxreader
Bang! The rolling sound of smooth urethane on a polished lane hummed in your ears. Crash!
‘How could Noya be so good at bowling? Probably because it has to do with rolling.’ You mused, and then chortled at the libero.
“I wouldn’t be laughing if I were you! I already have a hundred points!”
“Bleh! You know I can’t bowl.”
“[f/n] you have eighty-six points. You’re not as bad as you make yourself out to be.” You waved him off nonchalantly and snickered.
“It’s been a while. That’s the only reason why you have a shot, Noya.” Nishinoya had just finished his eighth frame. You both knew you were terrible at bowling, but what else could you randomly decide to do at nine at night? Not expecting him to break a hundred first you stared at the scoreboard. Shit. Not wanting to lose you picked up your bowling ball and walked towards the lane. About to perform your last ditch effort you breathed in, then out. You
:iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 23 8
A Special Day I I Kurooxreader
Slowly your consciousness broke through the depths of slumber. A fluffy comforter encased your warm body as you moved your head side trying to fight off the morning rays. Grumbling, you reluctantly open your eyes. It was brighter than you anticipated. Now there was no way you could go back to sleep. You gradually sat up in bed, yawned, and scratched you back. Rubbing your sand filled eyes you made your way to the bathroom to wash up.
Feeling refreshed with a clean face and brushed teeth you went back to your room to change. In the midst of finding a comfy shirt your phone rung. Putting aside your indecision you pick your favorite lounge shirt and threw it on. You grabbed your phone and found a text message from Kuroo.
Kuroo Tetsurou
Hey u awake?
L/n F/n
Yup just woke up
You were about to leave the room to get breakfast until Kuroo’s picture appeared on your screen.
“Kuroo why a phone call?”
“It’s faster this way!” What a cheeseball.
:iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 43 26
Mature content
No More I I cheater!Kurooxreader :iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 56 38
welcome home.
Give me another kiss before you leave. I know you just gave me one. Let me hold your hand every time we go out. I know I'm feeling vulnerable right now.
Hold me tightly when we go to bed. I know how much you already do. Tell me you love me one more time. I know I could never get enough.
Never stop loving me. I know you never will. But I'm scared that this is too good to be true.
I'll wait with watery eyes for you to get home. I'll open the door happy you made it back safely. I'll bury my face in your chest to feel nostalgia as I smell your cologne.
My heart will beat slow and hard and throb as I know you're with me. My nails dig deeper as you hug me back.
My voice unsteady and cracking I'll welcome you home one more time.
:iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 3 2
Short Shorts and Bad Boys - Asahi
The kitchen swelled with heat. A liquid of light yellow brown mimicking slightly aged paper simmers in front of you. Wiping your sweat away you blew breath as if you were moving a pinwheel. Your shoulders lax as you took a moment of reprieve. The steam flushed your skin with its warmth as the scent wavered through corridors. Ladle in hand, you dipped your tool into the pot and tasted the soup base. You lick the sticky collagen that latched onto your lips and hummed with satisfaction. With a small smile that only revealed a fraction of your happiness, you gazed at the little creamy bits of floating pork fat. It was perfect.
Soft thunder patters curiously as his nose guides him through the house. Tantalizing and light, the fragrance of pork and ginger leap and pirouette through the air. Asahi had been ensnared by the artisan’s craft as he, in a trance, wandered towards the kitchen. Rounding the corner he saw your back. The plain white tee you wore was sticking to your figure, no do
:iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 141 19
grim couture.
Sew me anew so that I may finally be beautiful.
Ensnare me in that sweet web of deceit and make haste for I can't wait to slumber soundly.
Sharp shears make way for one so pitiful and cut for me the perfect pattern. Measure me with yellow tape until I suffocate. Scrutinize me from all angles and have the dress wear me.
Needle I know I make you dull. I will bear the burden I place on you, but don't stop piercing--for once you're finished, my smile will be of the highest echelon of fine embroidery. I will exuberate a joy only known through pain. Every smile plucks the thread of piano wire and creates an orgasmic orchestra. They will lax with age, so please dear shears won't you pull tighter?
Enough to slice through me please.
I want to smile forever with that brilliant red I saw in the mirror. Dye my lips with my blood. Slice for me one more smile. I'm indebted to you for making me lovelier than I could have ever been alone.
Take more. Choke me more. Make me bleed more. Pattern me more.
:iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 2 2
what's left.
I have no words for you.
I'm sitting up at three in the morning dutifully writing my last goodbyes to my loved ones.
I'm crying and I feel the burning in my throat and seizing pain when I swallow. I won't be selfish and ask for you to smile or anything like that, because life goes on and you will carry on. You will live on. I know you will. So, as my final message to you (name), please forgive me.
I'm really sorry.
I just feel awful and I don't know why.
Why is it that as a person I feel as if I have this duty to live a fulfilling life for those around me? Now I will die before I could take flight. I'm sorry that you had the misfortune of knowing me. I'm sorry for falling in love with you. I'm sorry for confessing to you on paper, and now saying goodbye on one. I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm almost sorry for being born, but that would mean I would never have had the chance to write these words for you.
I'm a coward. I've known for a while, but (name), if it means you'll hear my words I
:iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 3 2
Bae~ I I Bokutoxreader
Hey [f/n]
What happens when you cross a horse with a goat?
Not sure
Shut up.
Why are you my boyfriend
Because you love me!
Consider yourself unloved
[f/n]!!! (;*△*)
Open the door already and let me in that joke was too fucking good I can't lie
"Bokuto you have to change my name on your phone."
"Eh? What's wrong with it?"
"Because now I'm a goat horse hybrid in your eyes."
"Joke! It's only a joke!"
:iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 41 9
Do the Thing! I I Akaashixreader
How troubling
“Hey, Akaashi.” Overflowing with glee, you look at Akaashi with wide eyes and were dancing with anticipation.
“Can you do the thing?” Akaashi seemed to gaze through you, but you just had to have him do the thing! It was your birthday after all!
“Please, Akaashi?” Moving closer to him made him move back one step.
“[l/n]-san.” His brows furrowed as he broke into a light sweat. He was always uncomfortable when you asked him to do the thing, but he knew that you couldn’t ask anyone else except him. How troubling.
“Akaashi, I know I always ask jokingly but please? Just this once? It is a special day for me.” Sincerely telling him your feelings you become quite sheepish in front of the second year setter. Seeing you so reserved in front of him was rare. So rare that he can’t remember a time when you looked so small and child-like. Twiddling thumbs, head down, shifting your weig
:iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 83 35
Short Shorts and Bad Boys - Sugawara
Sweet and Salty
Donning a white tank drenched in perspiration you stared down your most formidable ally: the fan. Whirling and oscillating it continued to spread its cooled air throughout the room. It kept you from overheating as you flipped through your shojo manga with one hand and dripping popsicle in the other. You sighed.
The heat wave was incredible. After the fan moved in one direction the wall of heat took the opportunity and slammed itself down. Always moving where the cool air wasn’t present. The fleeting moments of release were constantly thwarted by an aggressive assailant.
Part deep exhale and part whine you could feel yourself trying to resign from the situation. You were trying everything you could think of to beat back this monster. Fan on high, popsicle in hand, manga for distraction, exposed belly on a hardwood floor, white tank and red shorts, and despite your tactics the beast was winning with sheer brute force.
Detecting a disturbance you perked yourse
:iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 183 19
Short Shorts and Bad Boys - Tendou
Rocky Road and Smooth Sailing
“You’re a smug little shit.”
“What makes me different from any of the other guys you’ve dated?” A vein popped. ‘OK, breath [f/n] breath. This is not how a date is supposed to start. Just do your breathing.’
“Aw, your face is all scrunched up. How adorable.” You started to make a strangling motion with your hands. 'Damn this boy.'
“Are we playing charades now? OK, how about-“
“How ‘bout no. Come on, let’s go.” Ugh, the worst part of this whole thing has got to be that annoying face of his. How can he have the most normal interests for a boy his age and have the most ridiculous facial expressions? Mentally trying to sync the two in your head was always exhausting.
Wanting to finally go on your first date with your new boyfriend Tendou, the two of you went to a local boardwalk. The sun was setting putting an end to the humid hot day and welcoming the warm su
:iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 146 12
Twizzlers I I Kurooxreader
Straight Garbage
Thank God it’s Monday.
Said no one ever.
You came home savoring the idea that you were going to get some much-needed TLC. Except that didn’t happen.
Kuroo’s long figure took up the entire coach. Just seeing his face at times was enough to annoy you. As he welcomed you home you went to shower. After you came out his ass was still parked on the couch, but now he was eating Twizzlers.
“Do you want some?” A twizzler was hanging from his mouth, and despite the candy floppily dangling from his mouth only Kuroo could make it look as cool as a cigarette.
“I hate Twizzlers.”
“You hate Twizzlers?”
“No. They taste like cardboard. The only thing that’s worse is wafers.”
“You don’t like wafers!?” You paused.
“You’re definitely a trash king. Shameless salty hoe.”
“What’d you say!?”
“Ugh Kuroo.” He kept poking you mouth with a twizzler
:iconlilmissfanfic:LilMissFanfic 30 17

✧ Check It Out!! ✧

Bunting Divider by Kezzi-Rose

I love favorites, but comments rock my world! :heart:


Haikyuu!! Suga mom vs little crows by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Suga mom vs little crows :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 815 75 Haikyuu!! How to get a toy by Suncelia Haikyuu!! How to get a toy :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 914 63 Akashic Re:cord by empew Akashic Re:cord :iconempew:empew 850 10 Victor .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Victor .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 11,514 269
Iwaizumi X Reader | It was never on purpose
"Yes, Hajime visited me yesterday..." (f/n) said to her long-distance friend over the phone.
She was absently gazing at the sky through the window, ignoring the discreet looks that her classmates were giving her.
"Yes, that happened." She murmured, slightly giggling.
The nearest high-school boys shot her a chocked glare. She was talking about... that, right? And this blushing.
"He came inside..." She added, still innnocently enjoying the chitchat.
This time, the ones who could hear her choked on they drinks, food, words... whatever they had.
"(l/n) is bolder that she looks like." A girl chuckled although her cheeks were flushed.
One of his friend cleared his throat.
"Iwaizumi is one lucky bastard for sure."
Their gossiping was interrupted by a tall student with great looks, but not so great personality as he approached the talking girl. He was obviously refraining from bursting out laughing.
"Oh, I must hang up, Oikawa wants to talk to me. The pause's almost over any
:icongreenwolves:Greenwolves 107 25
Haikyuu!! Taiko Drums by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Taiko Drums :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 422 19 Haikyuu!! New Uniform by Suncelia Haikyuu!! New Uniform :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 559 30 [Comm] Victoria by biblyoteka [Comm] Victoria :iconbiblyoteka:biblyoteka 399 9 Rem by sakimichan Rem :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 16,180 294 Moana by sakimichan Moana :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 24,044 608 Haikyuu!! Orchestra AU Akaashi by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Orchestra AU Akaashi :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 177 12 Haikyuu!! Orchestra AU Miya Atsumu by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Orchestra AU Miya Atsumu :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 207 4 Haikyuu!! Orchestra AU Iwaoi by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Orchestra AU Iwaoi :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 792 61 Haikyuu!! Orchestra AU: The Most Important Player by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Orchestra AU: The Most Important Player :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 784 67 Haikyuu!! Orchestra AU by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Orchestra AU :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 446 12 Haikyuu!! Ushijima's Drawings by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Ushijima's Drawings :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 709 87




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Hello my lovelies!!Yato Tounge Icon 
It's been AGES since I've been on! I'M SO SORRY!Romano (Cries) [V4] I NEVER WANTED TO LEAVE SO MANY BROSKIS HANGINGSayu Crying Icon College has been taking a little more of a toll than I expected sigh and it seems trying to juggle everything I want to do in a day is stretching to the realm of impossibility. BUT!! this is only because this isn't even my final form Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] I still believe that I will accomplish everything I want to do but it's a struggle. A struggle that made me take an unintended hiatus from DACrying Mako The good news is that I'm trying hard to become more organized not only for myself but my lovely broskis who are oh so supportive and loving :heart: I won't go into details about describing my day but generally I have 5 classes (including a lab), 4 hours of studying a day (not incl hw), daily workout that takes AT LEAST 2 hours mon thru friday. After all this it's hard to go home and be productive with school much less do stuff I want to do like writing Rin Matsuoka [Scratch Head] and then some! But it's ok cuz I ain't a whiny little bitchLaugh 

I will overcome myself for. My. BROSKIS. the end.

Now that that's over with I'm planning on participating in April's (hopefully) flood of Terushima fics. I really like the idea I'm going for and I hope you enjoy it too!!!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] I'll stay on the up and up Edward Elric (I got this) [V1] AND THANK YOU LOVELY BROSKIS. 

I hope you have the best day! :heart:


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