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Type:TRAINER Chapter 1 Page 38

By lilmarisa
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What could possibly spoil this moment?

Well, for starters, if Ash were to suddenly become Deadpool for some inexplicable reason, he might notice something wrong...
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You did a good job i never seen anything like this before, keep up the good work. You should keep working on the comics so nobody is just hanging around. I understand it's a lot of hard work to make the comics. You also make it like it's happening like it's on tv to me. I love to watch pokemon and it's like a new season with oliver as the main character. Some times the work doesn't come out the way you want it, right, so you should always try, try again and it may just come out the way you want it to be.
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Finally! I was getting sick of paying Oliver's medical bills.
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cute, I appreciate your patience while this continues, it would be nice to know what happened then? and if it is allowed to propose?  Ash could help Oliver to get along with other Pokémon.
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Awww, Happy Oliver...Freak out session much!!! XDDD

I wonder if he'll notice the resemblance between the Pikachu and Ash...:iconthinkingplz:
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some how i had a feeling ash will be the first pokemon who doesnt attack him :D
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AW SO CUTE IT BURNS AHHH why do you force me to keep reading at 11:00????
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I want to steal Ashchu and make him my plushie.:3
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D: You wanna kill and stuff him?
Pinksneasel's avatar
When when you say it that way it makes me sound evil.XD
Naw, Just constantly hug him all the time like a little girl with a brand new puppy.X3
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Hehehe, get in line~
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you realize that if you do then all of the other times ash has become ashchu will come barreling at you.
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squeeee! last pane so cute!!
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*rapes the favourite button*

You've somehow managed to made the back of my nose tingle. *sniff* I'm such it's sinuses, but... *sniff* GAH. Between this and page 39, I shed a single tear for the beginnings of this bromance. It's so beautiful.
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Aww, thank you. I hope it continues to evoke emotion in you. ♥ It's always nice when something you're reading gives you that tingle, huh? x3

It will be... a rad bromance! 8D
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Im reading all of your comics!!!!! Ash is a pikachu now, adrenaline shot.
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Glad you like it!
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I could just imagine a mad scientist doing this to Ash just for the laughs
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So. Much. LOVE for that last panel. It's the kind of image I'd love to use as an icon (not going to, don't worry). The panel with Pikachu (or Ashachu as it were) climbing up onto the couch is a close second favourite. I love Oliver's expression and body movement.
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Thanks! 83 I love coming up with new poses, so I'm glad it's working.
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and befre anyone asks why, I`ll explain.
1: There will be an aproximate of 325 bad guys on his back due to him screaming so much everywhere, Probably attracting attention, as well as those people out there who cant keep their mouth shut.
2:also, He'll wack-up everyone within 50 feet of his mouth, therefore attracting even MORE attention(which by the way, he may not need too much of right now)
3: finally, He shall cause various other seeds of unhappiness to be planted and grown.
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