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Type:TRAINER - Chapter 1 Cover

By lilmarisa
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Yeah. It's a Pokemon comic. More specifically, it's an Ashachu comic. ^___^;;

My art skills are very rusty, and I never properly learned to use my tablet and photoshop. Both are PLAINLY evident in this picture, haha. So...

I've decided that I want to learn to draw again. It's been a long time since I've spent a lot of time on something, and even longer since I've really FINISHED something and been super proud of it. So I've decided to draw a comic. Consistently drawing pages will, hopefully, sharpen my skills and force me to learn new techniques.

Type:TRAINER was originally going to be a fanfic, but I've decided that this would make a good comic instead. The overarching plot is very long and episodic, and the images in my head are very... visual, not poetic. It's the sort of thing I really want to draw on paper instead of write.

I've actually been planning the comic for... gosh, over two years now. Feels good to have SOMETHING up XD;

Chapter 1 is 39 pages long, and they're all sketched, and are being inked/colored whenever I get some free time and will be posted as they're completed. So be sure to check back if you're interested <3
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Cool! Looks interesting! Looks like it'll be good. :)
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Are you going to finish this story?
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Yes, eventually. I've hit a bit of an artist block as of late, unfortunately. :c
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Pardon for probably opening a wound that everyone was too polite to not say,but...
Has Ash's hair always been green?
And on that note: "Screw the rules, I HAVE GREEN HAIR!"
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Highlights were always a greenish tint, so I took some artistic license. :P it's toned down in later pages, though!
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looks to be an interesting story
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Thank you, I hope it lives up to that :)
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My pleasure! I might as well do something with this premium membership. :dance:
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Hehe ♥♥♥
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im sending your series to a bunch of nintendo fan groups
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okay? you suppose to thank me -.-
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Okay, have you seen the Plinkett Review of Avatar? At the very end when he finds out there's a sequel planned he says "Oh! Oh . . ." the first being one of shocked realization, the other of horrified dismay.
Yeah, that was my initial reaction when I saw this cover.
But after giving it a second thought, I've decided to give the comic a look and see where it goes before passing judgment. After all, Ash is still Ash by page 28, so you're clearly not rushing it just to get to the self-indulgence.
Also, Ash is in traction. That's always a good thing. :thumbsup:
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Yeah, we've got all the makings of a bad comic right here: Shaky art, floating heads cover, sloppy coloring, obvious and prominent OC... but I do appreciate you giving it a second look regardless. I hope I go way beyond your expectations, because I feel like the plot I've got planned is well worth it. :3 But I won't be offended if it's not your thing. ^_^
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Well, it's definitely not that standard Ashchu fanfic.

. . .

I'm so ashamed that I have enough experience with this subject to to *know* that.

Anyway, while the majority of people who would write a fic like this would produce crap, there's nothing inherently wrong with the idea. It was my experience with Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis" that showed me a story that's about nothing more than someone undergoing an unexpected transformation can be good. With this in mind, I'm willing to give it a try.
I've got nothing better to do right now. My big assignment for class is to use the library. I missed a couple of gen-ed classes in my freshman year that I now have to go back and take. God this semester is going to be so boring.
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Haha, I'm a little depressed that there is a 'standard' Ashachu fanfic to know about. xD I wish this little sect of the fandom had a little more creativity, but it seems like once ~colb-a-nater wrote his fic, people tried to replicate his popularity by... replicating his entire story.

I've seen a few gems here and there. The best Ashachu fic I've read in a while is ~maximaxx's fic, "Poke-Genetics". The plot goes way beyond "Ash is a pikachu, LOL".

Ah, it's been so long since I read "Metamorphosis"! One thing that I really loved about Kafka that I don't really see in Ashachu fics is the idea of clinging to the role you played before the transformation, and the positive/negative reactions of the people close to you. Generally things just go so... smoothly for Ash in these stories, that it's really nothing but thinly-veiled wish fulfillment. Not that there's anything wrong with expressing your desires in writing & writing for yourself, I just kinda wish they had more... plot xD
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Really, it's more a standard self-indulgence story that I'm thinking of. There's something the writer personally wants, so they contrive a story around that with no thought to pacing, story structure or characterization. Mary Sue stories, slash-fics, fetish-fiction and the like all follow this basic format.
But this does not seem like that. There are some who would dismiss this as an "Ashchu" fic, but I'm not one of those elitist fools. My attitude about writing is that you can make a good story out of any idea if you just find the right way to present it, even the ones with extremely ridiculous premises (See Pixar's Up, or Will Vinton's Adventures of Mark Twain). So yeah, I'm always on the look out for stories written by people on the internet that are about unusual ideas that most people would be ashamed to admit being into that could be good. This may be one of them. This conversation gives me hope, which is something I'm not really used to in this private quest of mine.
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Ah, well, I must admit to indulging in those self-indulgent stories from time to time. ^^; But mostly to myself. I rarely write them down and post them where they can be seen... I doubt anyone else wants to read my over-the-top angst xD

Still, I agree that for the story to be of any actual merit, there should be reason & plot behind the angst -- and I also agree that any idea can be written well, regardless of how self-indulgent or ridiculous the premise sounds. :3

I'd be delighted to know what you think whenever you're done reading ^^
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Rest assured, you will hear about it. Probably at length. I possess an unpleasant condition known as diarrhea of the word processor. Once the words start flowing, they tend to keep flowing.
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